How To Program The Subconscious Mind

This page was created in order to provide you a collection of the best techniques to program your subconscious mind and harness it’s power effectively and easily.

subconscious mind programming

Subconscious Mind Programming

It’s extremely important to understand this fact: in order to make a deep long-term change in the patterns you have, ideas, perceptions, worldviews, customs, and beliefs – you must change the paradigms you have in your subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind programming sounds threatening, but It’s utterly possible to do. The techniques presented below will teach you step by step how to harness the power of the subconscious mind with only a few minutes a day.

Applying theses subconscious mind techniques takes time, practice and persistence. Of course, those three key success elements are relevant only if you know what you’re doing.

The Importance Of Repetition

It’s very similar to the gym – work out time after time after time until the muscles become strong and firm and your body gets in good, healthy shape.

Same thing with the mental muscles – work out your mental muscles repetitively and consistently. This is the only way to ensure a long lasting subconscious mind shifting.

In this article, I will explain exactly how to communicate with the most powerful asset you have – your subconscious mind. The techniques that are listed in this article, are on-subliminal messages methods.

Subliminal messages are an intense technique to communicate with the subconscious. Click here to find out how to program your subconscious with subliminal messages and achieve your goals and dreams.

Before revealing the secrets of communicating with your subconscious mind, there are a few rules you need to follow:

The Rules Of The Subconscious Mind Programming Process

Rule #1: Know what you want

When it comes to making a change in the subconscious mind level, you MUST decide what exactly you want to improve.

You have to be specific, yet not too specific, you have to be rational in your request (willing yourself to fly like a bird is not rational, but you can make it rational if you want to take a skydiving course) and you MUST focus on that, and that only!

Focusing on different subjects simultaneously can only confuse your subconscious mind; you’ll be scattered and that is the opposite of being goal-oriented.

For example, if you wish to find your soul mate, focus on that, and don’t stretch it into other areas like making more money, losing weight, and overcoming anxiety.

It’s great to have different goals, but you have to put your focus on one at a time.

However, some goals don’t require subconscious mind reprogramming at all so you can still have your main goal plus other goals that require nothing but practice (like getting a driver’s license.)

If you have several goals that demand subconscious mind changing, choose one that is your main priority.

Rule #2: Reveal the subconscious patterns that stop you

When you choose your main goal, you need to have a dialog with yourself and find related subconscious mind obstacles that are part of the whole picture.

For instance, a woman who wants to find her perfect partner: she needs to talk to herself, honestly, without masks, without excuses about what is stopping her from meeting the right person.

Maybe she is too dependent and that makes potential partners go away, so she needs to take care of that issue too, along with her main goal.

When you are having a dialog with yourselves, you must ask yourself:
what is preventing me from getting x? what possible subconscious mind blockages do I hold?

Sometimes you won’t be able to find the answer yourself, so you will need to get help in order to find it. The help can be a therapist or even close friends who know you the best. You must be willing to be exposed to the answer they give you.

remove limiting beliefs

The Reason That You Are Subconsciously Blocked Must Be Revealed

Let’s examine another example to make this point clearer: a man is struggling to make more money, but he can’t make it; something is pushing him back and it happens all the time.

He decides to communicate with his subconscious mind, but he must find the reason or reasons that he is being stopped from reaching his goal.

This could be subconscious limiting beliefs such as, “Money will make me lose my family time”, or it could be a behavior pattern such as a lack of perseverance and starting new projects over and over again.

He must find the cause(s), and accordingly, build a communication system with the subconscious mind.

Rule #3: Apply the subconscious shifting methods before sleep

When using those techniques that are presented below to program your subconscious mind, it must be before sleeping time or right when you wake up in the morning.

About 15 minutes before falling asleep, the mind and body begin to calm down, the muscles loosen up, the breathing becomes more at ease, the heartbeats start to slow down and the whole system gets into a deeper relaxation mode. At this point, the brain produces alpha waves.

Researcher’s EEG studies show that in this 15-minute window between wakefulness and sleep, the brain waves slow down and there are between 7-14 electrical waves each second – those are Alpha waves.

In this stage, according to research, The subconscious mind’s tunnel is “open” to receive messages.

The Ways To Convey Messages To Your Subconscious Mind

Besides using Subliminal Messages (a complete technique that is extensively detailed here), there are 4 powerful ways to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind and input positive and affirmative new beliefs.

By talking directly to your unconscious brain, you will accomplish the goals you set, experience good feelings, become emotionally balanced, feel more relaxed and at ease.

Practice today and start getting results!

Method #1 – Using Metaphors to Program Your Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind reprogrammingMetaphors have been proven to be extremely effective. Metaphors have a huge impact on your subconscious mind. No wonder so many books, plays, movies and even commercials have been using metaphors to convey the messages.

For example, the metaphors can be a field and seeds, or a world with endless possibilities, powerful like planes in the sky, a stable, big tree planted on a riverside, a certain home that makes you feel comfortable, etc.

How to use metaphors to re-wire your subconscious mind?

First step – use music

Relaxing, calm, soft and pleasant music helps the brain let go and relax. The music must be heard repetitively (every night) and it must relax you.
Avoid using music that keeps you awake and alert.

We recommend using alpha brainwave music. Here are some great FREE tones that will make your brain sync with alpha waves. Once the brain is in its alpha waves state, it becomes very simple to program the subconscious mind.

The alpha brain waves tune your brain into its receptive mode. That is the reason the biggest meditation gurus around the world get into alpha state in order to meditate.

The second step -plant the seeds

After getting in the position of deep relaxation, this is the time to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Begin to plant new messages – messages that push you toward success and progression.

At first, it might be strange and feel unnatural to you, but don’t worry. This takes time and practice. Remember that your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination.

When the alpha waves open the gate for affirmative suggestions, powerful metaphors will do the work.

Some people tend to be more rational and the imaginative, metaphorical method doesn’t really apply to them.

How Can I Know If This Subconscious Mind Programming Technique Fits Me?

The method is right for you if you tend to daydream;
If you like art and have an artistic personality;
If you use metaphors in your daily life when you tell stories or talk to friends;
If you think about life as a parable and a moral;
And if you read this paragraph and liked the sound of the metaphor method.

Method #2 – Final Result

CorvetteThis method to shift your subconscious mind requires a few steps.

Before starting to apply the steps below, you need to get into a comforting relaxation mode.

There are two effective ways to dive into an immediate calming position

  1. As mentioned in method #1 – produce alpha brain waves. You can enter into alpha brain waves easily by listening to Brainwave Entrainment Technology.
  2. The second way to enter into the relaxation zone is breathing. Yeah sure, everybody knows how to do it, but only a few know how to do it right. The correct way to breathe is very simple and it requires only awareness.

How can I breathe right and relax immediately:

  • Inhale through your nose and take a deep breath for 3 seconds Let the air go deeper than your lungs – feel it in your stomach (if you do it right, you can actually see and feel your stomach expands.)  Fill your lower stomach with lots of oxygen.
  • Feel the air in your stomach, then feel it go up to your lungs.
  • After you feel the air in your lungs, blow it out for 5 seconds through your mouth.

Repeat the breathing process until you feel relaxed and calm.
For experienced people, it might take only 3 sessions of breathing, while for others it might take a few more.

Remember that no matter how long it takes you, breathing correctly is extremely healthy and a natural remedy for stress relief.

You can also combine the relaxing breathing process with the alpha brainwave music that was mentioned above.

The Five Steps To Program The Subconscious Mind According To Method #2

Choose a goal

The goal can be big or small – it doesn’t matter, as long as you deeply desire it.

Imagine the result

Create the desired image in your mind and imagine how your life is going to look when it happens; visualize the final result AFTER you fulfill your wish.

Focus on how it feels

Pay attention to all different angles – how it makes you feel, what colors you see, sounds you hear, people who are around you, where you’re at, what the view is around you, and how it feels to realize you accomplished your aspiration. Step three is video visualization and it’s very effective in the subconscious mind programming process.

Static picture

You’re looking at YOUR picture in the future after you achieved what you wanted – the way you want it to be. This step is static visualization – look at your life after the goal was accomplished. What’s in the picture, is it framed, who are you with, does this picture have colors, and where are you? Get as detailed as possible.

Mix and match

Mix the video and static images back and forth as quickly as possible. Imagine yourself in a framed picture exactly the way you desire, then immediately switch it to motion images. Do it for 2-3 minutes. If you can last longer, feel free to do so to maximize your results and shift your subconscious mind settings faster.

* Repeat this process each night right before falling asleep for at least 21 days. It should take only a few minutes *
relaxation meditation in nature

Guided Meditation For Subconscious Mind Programming

Many people feel that guided meditation is way more effective for them to create subconscious mind changes because they can really drift into it without the need to focus all the time.

BUT, if you feel you don’t need assistance, do it yourself. Either way works excellently as long as you practice on a daily basis (or should we say nightly basis)…

Practice Your Breathing Skills

During the day, find time at least once a day to breathe deeply.
It will help you greatly in two ways:

  1. Your body will become acquainted with the right way of breathing,
  2. You’ll feel so relaxed and serene for the whole day, or part of it.

All it takes is 2-3 minutes. When you practice during the day as well, it will be very easy to get into an immediate relaxation at night when you apply this breathing technique.

Method #3 – Using Past Memories to Unleash the Power of The Subconscious Mind

subconscious programmingLike the other methods, this one also requires a calm state of mind.
Take deep breaths as explained in method number 2 and get into a relaxed state of mind.

Step one: Bring to the surface a past memory

Ask your subconscious mind to bring up a good memory from the past.
Most likely many memories will pop up. Skip and release easily the negative ones, don’t stress out about them and just focus on the good ones.

Choose only one memory

and get into it. Relive this memory all over again.
If you feel this is impossible, just think about eating a lemon right now. If you can imagine yourself eating a lemon and experience the taste in your mouth, it goes the same with a past memory.

Reminiscing a positive past memory will create a good feeling instantly and will make you connect with your subconscious mind.

Every night is a gift

So many people go to sleep when they think about what’s wrong in their lives, who made them angry or sad… before sleep, they’re reviewing all the bad things happened that day, that week, or in the long past. These patterns have damaging influences on the subconscious mind if repeated regularly.

Instead of taking advantage of this great time frame opportunity to access their unconscious mind to create a profound change, they’re drawn into darkness and negativity. Then they keep wondering why nothing is changing or why things turn out to be even worse.

program the subconscious mind

Don’t waste your precious sleeping time feeling anxious and fearful. See it as a window to make things better.

Imagine when you turn this practice to a routine. Night after night you bombard your subconscious mind with positive past images and memories. Do you think you’ll be more or less anxious?

Step two: countdown

After focusing on a good memory and living this memory again, Count back slowly from 100.

After every few numbers you’re counting back, tell yourself “I feel good about myself”, “I love myself”, “I become more and more relaxed”.
You can choose different suggestions, as long as you relate to them and they are formulated correctly.

For instance, if your goal is to guide your subconscious mind to find your soul mate, tell yourself after every few moments of counting back messages such as “I am attracting the perfect relationship into my life”, “Love is all around me”, “The universe is sending me the love of my life”, “my life is full and I choose to share it with a person I love”.

If you have a challenge or dilemma, just ask your subconscious ideas of how to deal with it and tell yourself you trust in you completely.

Take advantage of the night time to make a change

You are given an amazing opportunity for something great to happen,
And it’s happening every night before you go to sleep.

Every night it’s your chance to plant positive ideas.
It doesn’t matter if you have to wake up in 4 hours. Avoid falling into excuses. Just do it!

Remember that true winners don’t always do what they want. They do what’s needed.

If you don’t have 10 minutes to imagine the desired picture of you, using metaphors or breath, the least you can do is sync your brain with alpha waves to encourage your mind to calm down.

Listening to music does not require any effort, so you can easily make it every night, even if you have only several hours to sleep.

Method #4 – Peak Moment As An Anchor to Harness the Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind memoryHere’s a powerful technique to program your subconscious mind that will create new long-lasting neuronal wiring if you use it correctly for at least 30 days in a row every night (no exceptions.)
Studies have found that it takes between 4 weeks – 90 days to create a new neural pathway in the brain.

First, choose one affirmation that fits you most

Take your list of affirmations and choose a positive one that you want to have in your life. It could be money, a personal trait you currently don’t have right now and you wish to implement it in your personality, or ANYTHING you wish.

If you don’t have a list, it’s time to make one. It is necessary because you need to know what you want for yourself, your life, where you are going, what your direction is, and what your goal is.

The affirmations need to be formulated in a specific way in order for them to be effective. If you don’t know how to do it, click here to read the free guide.

After you choose a thought you relate to the most and determine that you desire to implement it in your subconscious mind, you can now move forward to the second step.

Remember an event that made you feel an extreme amount of excitement

Focus on an event or situation that made you feel that you were on the top of the world.

It could be anything – your first date, your first sale in your business, when you asked out someone you had a crush on for a while and this person said yes, when you won a soccer game, or when you made a successful move in poker and won the whole pot.

It can be any memory that was very significant for you and that made you FEEL bursts of positive emotions.

Maybe it will be a little bit difficult to find something like that because your mind is not used to going back to happy memories. Most people’s subconscious minds are completely programmed to go back to sad memories and experience them over and over again. Take your time and remember an event you participated in that made you feel vast excitement.

Get into that event with full power

Did you choose one? Great! Now the next step it to remember it again, with all the details of how you FELT.

Try to reminisce about how happy you were, the smells, colors, sounds, your heartbeats, your smiles, the view around you, how people reacted to you, and what you were doing that caused you this enormous excitement.

Feel the sense of the flow, get deeply into this, and be there again in your subconscious mind, no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Once you dive in and are re-experiencing these powerful and positive emotions,
it is the PERFECT time to connect it to the affirmation you want to achieve the most.

An example to a powerful past event

For example, imagine yourself in college, giving a presentation in front of your whole class; 50 people are staring at you and waiting to see what you have to say;

you’re starting to talk and you’re a little bit scared; then you get into it pretty easily and the speech starts to flow and suddenly you remember all you need;

confident public speaking

You get confident on the classroom stage and feel you own the crowd; you feel you have conquered your fear of public speaking; you begin to realize you just LOVE this feeling that people are listening to you and you’re enjoying talking to them loudly and with confidence;

you FEEL so proud of yourself and the fact you’re actually doing it, standing there, looking in people’s eyes; you FEEL this is actually very easy and fun and enjoyable to be there and experience it;

You feel you just discovered a new world of comfort in front of other people and you would like to give speeches again and again and again…

THEN, at the point that you feel massive excitement,
it’s time to implant the affirmation you want the MOST to have.

Why is this subconscious mind technique is so powerful?

When an event (a real one / imaginary one) stimulates a gigantic sense of excitement within you, a protein is released along with neurotransmitters when the impulses cross the Synaptic Cleft.

This action causes this event to connect to the neurotransmission (i.e synaptic transmission) in a much more intense way than just a regular memory that doesn’t carry any emotion.

When you are reminiscing about this event and re-experiencing it and bringing back those emotions from the past, another protein releases, and when you attach the affirmation to this event, you are physically linking this affirmation to the existing neurotransmission.

Notes To Make The Most Out Of The Subconscious Mind Programming Process

  • Focus on ONE affirmation for a period of time of at least 4 weeks.

  • Do it every night before sleep or just when you wake up

  • Get into a routine – create neuronal wiring in the same place and time. If you’re used to reflecting and evoking emotions at 9 pm, do it every night at around the same time. 

  • Find 5-10 minutes during the day to repeat it. If you think you don’t have time, give up watching TV, or something else you’re used to doing that is unnecessary. Creating new neuronal pathway and shaping your new reality is more important than a reality show.

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Pick One Or Use Them All – Your Choice

Each of the four subconscious mind programming techniques listed above are great ways to communicate with your subconscious mind, to program it and to remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs you have.
Choose the one that works best for you.

It’s absolutely possible to use all three of them each time to access to the full power of the subconscious mind, but one of the most important keys to success in this process in persistence.

But remember, you must do it right in addition to being persistent: avoid getting sucked into negative thoughts, be goal oriented and focus on your desires in these exercises.

It only takes a few minutes a day.

Another different approach to get to your subconscious mind and change the limiting from the core is to use SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES. It’s effortless, extremely efficient and even fun!

Click here to discover 4 ways to program your subconscious mind easily and successfully with subliminal affirmations.

You’ll see that you will soon have more positive thoughts and feelings which will lead to more positive experiences and opportunities, which will lead you to act and behave in a way that will advance you to your goal.