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Money Meditation: The Ultimate Package

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Money Meditation

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The Ultimate Money Meditation Package To Attract Wealth & Remove Negative Emotions Related to Money

  • Tune into the infinite energy of money
  • Release any resistance about money, wealth and success
  • Unleash your full, powerful potential
  • Acknowledge you are capable to manifest your biggest passions
  • Program your unconscious to carry a mindset of a true winner
  • Harness the Law of Attraction to attract your desires

The perfect money meditation bundle to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs about money, sufficiency of means, wealth and success. Each meditation will neutralize your blockages about money and implement empowering patterns like rich people have. This advanced program will change your inner state to FEEL worthy and deserving for prosperity and constant growth.

Money meditation

This money meditations consist of unique features that will help you sync with the energy of money, but before we explain how it works, lets explore a few questions:

Why are certain people struggling every day for each dollar they make, while others create a sea of money and abundance easily?

Why do some people work so hard, many hours every day, and at the end of the month find themselves without a penny left when others are reaping huge profits without any stress or blockages?

Different brain conditioning

Most of us cannot explain the cause of these differences and just settle for explanations such as destiny, luck or fate. But it is simply not true. If they only knew that the secret to wealth is in the brain’s wiring, they would not attribute the cause of life’s realities to external sources.

The reason that some people win in the game of life and some struggle is the way our subconscious is programmed. The money meditations is designed to deal with your negative old conditioning.

Wealthy people are neutralized of fear about money

moneymindPeople who turn their dreams into cash machines are not any closer to God or to the luck door than you are. Their brains simply work differently when it comes to money and the abundance energy.

While the average man was born into a world packed with limiting beliefs, like “money is the root of all evil,” “money doesn’t buy happiness” and “easy come, easy go,” the rich man doesn’t live these statements. The people who live the abundance approach do not carry these limiting settings. These sabotaging beliefs are not part of their mindsets, worldviews and paradigms.

Subconscious Paradigms And Money Manifestation

Subconscious settings are a million times stronger than a positive thought or motivation boost. Exposing yourself repetitively to this money meditations will profoundly transform your approach towards money.

Unconscious paradigms create your physical reality, and science is proving this time after time. The Quantum theory of Einstein, the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg, the brain plasticity field and the series of studies from world-renowned biologist Bruce Miller, who proved that the subconscious rules 97 percent of your results, are just a small part of the list.

Even if you have a deep desire to make money, so long as your internal patterns contradict this desire (for example, “money doesn’t come easy,” “you need to work hard to make money”), the reality you will experience ALWAYS reflects this programming. This money meditations will alter the inner imprinting that block you from attracting money and prosperity.

As long as you do not change the limiting imprinting at the unconscious level, your reality will remain as it is.

Resistance-Free Brain

Now imagine what your life would look like if you grew up in a supportive environment that provided you with only empowering beliefs?

What would your life be today if you absorbed, on a consistent basis, world views that encouraged money, abundance and success?

How would it feel today if you were systematically exposed to thought patterns that are free of fear and self-doubt?

The good news is that you do not have to come from this kind of background.
Negative imprinting can be changed at any stage of your life, no matter where you come from and no matter your history of successes and failures.

No matter how deep your limiting beliefs are, they can be destroyed! Instead, you can implement a whole new set of empowering patterns that will create a dramatic shift in your physical reality!

The subliminal messages of this money meditation kit are the ultimate, easiest, most effortless way to do this.

The Money Meditations Will Change Your Life Forever

The unique formula of the subliminal messages I developed has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide change their financial realities, and it will do the same for you. Every money meditation of this bundle is the solution to the financial blockages you are experiencing.

money magnet

True, you have tried many other methods, like seminars and books that sold you dreams and didn’t push you towards anything. True, you are scared that this formula will not work for you and that your life will continue to be as it is now.

It’s completely understandable; you are not alone. I was in your spot, too, and was convinced that success belonged to everyone else besides me.

The money meditations I have created will not only re-channel your neural connections to build new paradigms regarding money, wealth and prosperity, they will also push you to trust in yourself and your abilities, discover your talents and boost them to achieve your biggest passions.

The positive hidden affirmations will rewire your subconscious to acknowledge you deserve to live a good life, that you were born for this and that this is your NATURAL right.

Harness The Law Of Attraction Using The Money Meditation Training

Moreover, the money program will lead you to manifest money and wealth because it works in alignment with the law of attraction. According to the law of attraction, what determines your physical reality is not merely your thoughts, but your feelings – your vibrational energy.

The subliminal messages will make you FEEL great about your life RIGHT NOW, even BEFORE you receive any physical evidence. Once your emotional system is getting into action, your vibrational energy is increasing and you are achieving momentum.

Out of this place of enjoying, appreciating and loving the “what is,” your magnetizing ability will skyrocket!


Wait! This Is Not All

Most of the money meditations also include Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. They belong to the field of Sound Therapy, which has been highly studied throughout the past decade.

From a little-known technology it has become a real discovery, and the best healers, coaches and psychologists recommend it to their patients.

Accurate frequencies for a faster manifestation

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are healing frequencies that put you in a deep meditative state, which will vastly help the subliminal messages get easily absorbed.

The frequencies also have healthy effects as blockage removal, emotional balance, DNA repair, facilitation of change, relief of anxiety, depression and stress, release of endorphins and much more!

The formula include six full-length sessions of subliminal messages. More than seven hours of a nonstop stream of affirmative suggestions that will deeply shift your patterns and enhance your results to an extent you never imagined possible.

Each money meditation will create a deep inner transformation and eventually lead to an enormous shift in your financial experience!

The sessions that are included in the money meditations are:

Develop a winner’s mindset – become fearless and confident. 60 minutes of hidden commands and Isochronic Tones that will rewire your neural paths to think like a millionaire.

Infinite abundance – 60 minutes of multi-layer suggestions. A powerful money meditation session that will bombard your brain with the abundance consciousness mindset until your unconscious accepts it as real.

Money manifestation – Top seller money meditation. 30 minutes of Binaural Beats and audio, plus a few minutes of visual flashes for maximum impact. The visual flashes will appear quickly on the screen and your subconscious will file them as part of your actual reality when watched on a consistent basis.

Millionaire mindset – 30 minutes of empowering hidden suggestions combined with relaxing background music. Since this money meditation does not include Sound Therapy, you can play it in the background during the day over and over again.

Magnetize money, attract wealth – 30 minutes of Binaural Beats and audio, plus a few minutes of visual affirmations. This money meditation will put you in alignment with your desires. It will help you attract opportunities, people and ideas that will assist in manifesting the wealth you deserve.

Boost your career/find your dream job – this session is meant for those who want to upgrade their positions in their current jobs or who are looking for their ultimate careers. It’s 60 minutes of hypnotic recording and Binaural Beats.
Attract Money Meditation Package

You cannot lose more time on financial failures.
If you are tired of putting so much effort into each dollar you earn without saving anything at the end of the month,

If you are ready to feel worthy of money and a quality lifestyle, act now. You deserve this.

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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