This is Why I Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies as often as I can – and Why You Should Too

Solfeggio Frequencies

I LOVE the solfeggio frequencies – they are a big help, because, well, you know, life happens.

Let’s be real for a moment. For all our drive towards self-improvement and how much we talk about it, we still have to be humble enough to agree that life can really get under your skin sometimes.

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Limiting Beliefs: What Are They and 5 Ways to Clear Them

Limiting beliefs

Whether you are aware of them or not, the life you live is a product of beliefs which lie deep within your subconscious mind. Some of them are limiting beliefs.

If you operate according to positive beliefs, you end up with the sort of life that other people dream about. Where there seem to be no boundaries to what you can accomplish and you experience an abundance of love and prosperity.

If you operate according to negative or limiting beliefs you get the opposite and struggle to accomplish what you desire.

Limiting beliefs are usually the reason why two people from similar backgrounds with similar abilities and similar opportunities may end up with totally different levels of success.
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5 Ways to Use Positive Affirmations Correctly to Manifest Your Best Life

Positive Affirmations

How many times have you had to bear somebody claiming that positive affirmations simply do not work? Probably a lot of times.

For every one success story out there, there are possibly hundreds of other people who have not changed their circumstances, despite using positive affirmations in some way or the other.

So what is the problem? Is there no power in positive thinking? Or does focusing on your goals work only for some people, a lucky few who are meant to succeed while the rest of us end in frustration?
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Isochronic Tones: All You Need to Know – How They Work, Benefits, and Safety

isochronic tones

If you have spent some time in the self-development field and poked around some of the more popular forums, you would have heard about sound therapy techniques that use isochronic tones and their many benefits on the brain.

And you may have wondered: what are isochronic tones? How do they work? What is the research behind them? And are they safe?

Here are all the facts you need to catch up on this new craze that is taking over the world by storm.
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Binaural Beats For Anxiety -Take Back Control of Your Life

Binaural Beats for Anxiety

Binaural Beats have been scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and other unpleasant emotions that cause distress in your daily experience.

But before I describe how Binaural Beats can be just the solution you’re seeking, let’s see how anxiety feels like on a day to day basis.

Anxiety is actually a fear of “what will happen.” The anxiety of what will happen can wear many different outfits, such as a fear of the rejection, making mistakes, failing and being scared that the things you have will all be gone.

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How to Attract the Right Man (Even if You Only Attracted Wrong Ones Before)

attracting men

It seems you’re always attracting the wrong guy into your life; and no matter how hard you’ve tried or hoped that the next one would be different, your social life stays the same:

You always end up in toxic relationships with emotionally unavailable men, or men who don’t follow through on their promises.

Sure, everything starts out great in the beginning. The romance is great and in your mind, you two seem made for each other; you quickly find yourself falling head over heels in love, grateful for finally attracting the right man.

But before long things go horribly wrong and you’re left with that familiar feeling of heartbreak and regret, wondering what happened and asking yourself:
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Get Rid of Thoughts Based Scarcity and Adopt an Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

Abundance is a frequently used word that’s rarely understood. An abundance mindset is a concept that encompasses so much more than a particular view regarding money, which is typically how abundance is addressed.

Scarcity, on the other hand, is the mindset that resources are finite. In this particular example, we’re not talking about petroleum or precious stones.

Rather, when we discuss a lack attitude, we’re discussing a mindset that limits our control over our destinies. We do that by believing that happiness, richness, health, gratitude, friendship, love, support, and so on, are finite resources.
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Subliminal Programming For Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Using Any Willpower

Tune into weight loss

Subliminal messages might be just the solution you’re looking for your weight loss goals if all of your previous efforts have failed. Let’s explore this a bit further.

You don’t know why it happens. You really put the effort in the last time around, but it didn’t work. And the worst part of it all is: you feel downright wretched that you failed to stay the course, even though you tried your hardest.

Maybe dieting and exercise just isn’t meant for you, you console yourself -you can’t help it!
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How To Stop Self Sabotaging And Keep Moving Forward In Life

Stop self sabotaging

It’s time to admit it: you are your own worst enemy. Nobody gets in your way, more than you do. Every time you achieve a goal or realize that you are experiencing happiness, you’re self-sabotaging it. You do something to ruin it. And this is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again! Read more ›

Why Believing In Yourself Is a Must If You Want To Achieve Anything Great In Life

Have you ever talked yourself out of what was clearly a great opportunity because you simply didn’t believe in yourself?

Perhaps you ran across the woman or man of your dreams at a party, but your feet simply wouldn’t move in that direction. Or maybe it was the job opportunity you come across last week while you were reading the morning paper, which you discarded as “too big of a commute”.

The lack of self-belief can be a funny thing when you think about it.

Let’s be honest for a second.
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