Attracting Love Meditation

Attracting Love Meditation

Attract love -find your soulmate

Soothing subliminal audio to attract ideal love into your life. Experience deep happiness together. Let nothing get in the way. Not even fear.

  • Find the love of your life
  • Attract the partner that fits you most
  • Feel deserving for love
  • Become independent; Let go of neediness


Attract & KEEP the One

Maybe your heart feels like it might explode with its desire for love and connection: to daydream about him or her… to share cute texts that turn wild … and feel openness together despite past hurts.

Even though you crave love so badly, there might be some blockages in your mind that probably formed in early childhood and have solidified into unhealthy patterns.

Here are some examples that might indicate if you have unhealthy relationship conditioning:

  • You attract and are drawn to toxic people who can’t meet your needs.
  • You beg for love and demand it.
  • Completely ignore compatible types who meet most of your needs.
  • Your fears are taking over; you start to act crazy and push away good potential partners.
  • You don’t know what your actual needs are and follow what you think you need.

The painful past relationship experiences only enhanced your already existing patterns. Now that you’re finally ready to quit the games and find the one – it becomes more complex than ever.

Perhaps your previous failures transformed into a suit of armor… You wonder if love might destroy you if you dare to open up again.

Or maybe you’ve given up finding that special person, and are willing to settle for anyone that wants you.

You bang your head against the wall, asking “what’s wrong with me? Who would ever want me just the way I am”?

See, we tell ourselves a story about who we are and who we aren’t. This meditation is designed to help you shift that story.

All the while, opportunities are all around you, sometimes staring you in the face, PRAYING that you’ll pay attention to them.

But your body, spirit and mind may be too broken to accept it.

You tell yourself, “NO, that’s crap; why does he pay attention to me? It can’t be that he is actually interested in me”.
And, “I’m fine on my own!”
Or, “I’m never going to trust again!”

From my years of experience, I have repeatedly seen the same cases of clients.

They believe that if they only attract “the one”, they will be happy. Or they blame the other side for things not working out. But what they don’t realize is that they are your greatest barrier to attracting the love you want.

You Are Your Greatest Barrier to Love

Finding the one takes work, and I’m not talking about putting the effort in going out on dates, subscribing to matching sites, and telling all your friends you’re looking for someone.

I’m talking about self-work – Self-reflection, looking inwards, understanding yourself, especially your wounds from childhood, leading to dysfunctional relationships in adulthood.

Why is this important? Because if you are not mindful of your paradigms, needs, and emotional wounds, you will attract the same love experiences and behave in the same way that led to failure in previous times.

Sure, maybe you’ll be able to control yourself for the first few months, but eventually, your triggers and defense mechanism will take over.

But imagine if you learn to recognize your triggers and identify the fear as it arises – then you can mindfully process them as they happen and take different actions that will enable you to manifest that ideal loving relationship you have in your mind.

For example, identify your fear of commitment when you start looking for the exit signs – noticing your fear of abandonment when he doesn’t text right away.

Or acknowledging your feelings of unworthiness when you’re constantly worried if the woman you’re with will leave you for someone else.

The subliminal affirmations will help you put the painful past baggage behind you and make room for a new and healthy love to enter.

This program is also designed to help you recognize your self-worth, and from this state – make the choices that are right for you.

Do not be left behind!!

Every SINGLE day, people find love. And that’s good because everyone deserves love.
Everyone. So do you.

It’s Time to Move Forward

  • Remove negative self-loathing
  • Change your mindset into optimism
  • Dissolve your insecurities
  • Synchronize your conscious and subconscious to play the same open drumbeat and stir the attention of your most accurate fit
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    Love is waiting for you. Work from the inside to view the best in yourself.

    Let your soul find its match NOW. Develop healthy, nourishing, satisfying, passionate relationships, and grasp deep happiness.


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EDITH MOSCOWITZ // The Voice Of The Vortex

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people world-wide. CONTINUE READING

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This track has both 'I' and 'you' affirmations.
For example: "I am confident" and "you are confident"

  • Love is all around me; it surrounds my soul and my energetic field
  • I subconsciously know I deserve the best partner for me
  • I deserve a loving, trustworthy and caring partner who can contain me and accept me
  • My aura is spreading love and magnetizing the best partner for me like a laser beam
  • I feel completely ready for love, to receive love and give love
  • The right partner is ready for me and will be drawn into my life easily
  • I let go of my past love experiences and release negative feelings
  • I am opening my heart for the love that is coming, and I am here to accept it
  • I am making enough room for my soulmate who is entering into my life
  • It is natural and simple for me to find a true soulmate who fits me best
  • I am valuable and deserve to be loved at all times and feel warmth


Audio DetailsSubliminal Messages Subliminal messages are hidden positive affirmations that bypass your conscious resistance.
Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones belong to Brainwave Entrainment technology that presents the brain with sounds or light flashes that synchronize the brain waves with certain frequencies. The purpose of sound therapy is not creating thoughts or feelings, but to create the ideal state for the brain to absorb the subliminal messages.

Length 30 Minutes

File Details High Quality 320kbps MP3 File

Headphones Recommended

The soundtrack of this video is coded with powerful subliminal messages. For maximum results, download the original, uncompressed HQ file from our website only.


Why Pay For It If I Can Listen For Free Online?

No data loss of affirmations and frequencies

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See the difference

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Toggle to compress >>

Same for audio files

The healing frequencies, affirmations, and sounds are most beneficial straight from our studio and without any processing involved. Download the recording from our website to gain maximum results!

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Subliminal Messages Infographic Subliminal Messages Infographic

Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones:

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Here, at Vortex-Success, we use Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and pure frequencies. Binaural beats and Isochronic tones influence your state of mind, by influencing your brainwave frequency.

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Tracks with Subliminal Messages only Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones
Listening Time Listening Time
No Time Limit Up to an hour
When To Listen When To Listen
Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) At night time, while falling a sleep
Headphones Headphones
Recommended for maximum results (not required) Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones
Volume Volume
At a comfortable level At a comfortable level

Listening Time

When To Listen



Tracks with Subliminal Messages only No Time Limit Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) Recommended for maximum results (not required) At a comfortable level
Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones Up to an hour At night time, while falling a sleep Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones At a comfortable level


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Attracting Love Meditation
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Lauren

Every time I think life is too crazy, it can surprise me big time all over again. To make a long story short, I ended up marrying my best friend after listening to ‘attracting love’ Thank you, Vortex, for opening my eyes to finally realizing that the love of my life was right there the whole time.

 by Jerry

I was 36 and single when I came across ‘attracting love’. All of my life I heard from women, “you are not connected to your feelings”. I had no clue what they were talking about, and more importantly, I didn’t know how to approach this issue and fix this problem I apparently had. I was very close, and that wasn’t really attractive to women. I had only two girlfriends before, but I wasn’t in love with them. I stayed there because of convenience and fear. But then, at the age of 36, I fell deeply in love with someone. That was addictive! It has been years since I wanted someone so badly. She was all I could think about, day and night. When I finally had the guts to ask her out, she rejected me. That was such a painful heartbreak, but I suddenly felt [something]! It was great! Then I decided that I would never, ever settle for someone just to be in a relationship. I wanted to be able to attract love, the love that I deserve. I started to listen to ‘attracting love’ about a week after that woman I loved said she wasn’t interested. At first the calming sounds made me sleep better at night. Slowly, I started to forget about my crush by realizing it was not meant to be. I became stronger, I suddenly had standards, I was more emotional. I remember one night listening to ‘attracting love,’ I cried happy tears. Everyone who knows me can attest that this never happens. Now when I am dating, women are attracted to me and I can confidently say that my results were so much better. Currently, I am dating a great woman I met and I am intrigued and excited to see where this relationship will lead. Thank you! Your work is highly appreciated.

 by Marian

Wow! I can’t even begin to describe the immense effect this attracting love session had on my life. When I first started listening to this, I didn’t think I would ever find love because I struggled with abandonment from my ex-husband. This trauma left me scared and I lost trust in men and in humankind in general. After listening to this for only a week, I noticed a slight shift, but it was significant to me. I became less grumpy and suspicious. It started to take place at my work and soon after with my family and friends. For example, if my co-worker offered to help me with a certain project, I didn’t suspect he had a secretive motive, and I simply accepted it with love and gratitude. Two months later, I felt ready to date again (prior to listening to this, I wasn’t even willing to consider this) by signing up for dating sites. The funny thing is that I didn’t find anyone I was attracted to from these sites, but I have found a great guy by ‘accident’. He was a friend of a friend whom I bumped into while I was shopping at one of the grocery stores near my house. We started talking and I felt an immediate attraction, which I never felt before, towards him. (I met him only twice before and we didn’t get to talk in private.) I am positive the ‘attracting love’ program opened my heart to opportunities that were available to me and I just refused to notice them before because of fear. I am so grateful for your work, this is incredible. Oh, and by the way, we are both in love with each other and are planning on moving in together

 by Josh
Great session

I really enjoy this session. helped me a lot. Thank you

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Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.