by Darrell on Subconscious Mind Training
Vortex’s is great

This vortex by Edith taught me so much with in a good month..the brain is a powerful tool an I must say once I started to tap in with the subconscious mind more things is making its way around slowly but surely..I just gotta continue to keep going strong an more blessing will come I’m certain..Thanks Edith..keep spreading positive messages.. god universe will continue to lighten everyone peace and blessing to everyone...

 by Ugne on Achieve Your Goals
Wow powerful track

My favourite subliminal track, it has such a calming and hypnotic music that it vibes with my body. This track shocked me how changed my life, it brings that boost toward your goals with ease as it says in affirmation link. Super powerful thank you !

Solfeggio Frequencies Meditation

I am so happy and grateful that I ordered my package, these meditation programs really helping to change my brain waves. High quality mp3 downloads you can listen any time. Thank you, Edith xxx

 by Ted on Express Your Feelings
Kind service!

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to vortex success customer service for their kind support 🙂

I'm a customer and have bought subliminals before and now I felt interested to start with the victim mentality subliminal. It's available on youtube but not on purchase at the website, at the moment. I sent a mail explaining the situation and they were kind enough to help me out with it.

I'm very grateful, thank you!

Super Relaxing

It’s so soothing and relaxing I can’t thank you enough how blessed I am to find this amazing tracks. It changed my life for best ! I love it how you can get into a serenity mood while listening daily.

 by jeff westcott on Abundance Mindset

this is a great program.........after 1 listening,...felt more FEARLESS, ENERGETIC, SOCIALLY AWARE and willing to come out of my shell....VORTEX is the best self help company out there!

Subliminal - The Thing We Need to Make a Better Life

At first, I didn’t find it necessary to listen to this program. I believed I needed to go through a healing process, and that it would happen naturally for me, without the help of the subliminal programming.

But I wasn’t feeling good. I kept thinking about my ex, and why we had to break up. I kept blaming myself, and literally, took all the blame — that I had done something wrong, not him.

After the breakup, I sat down with myself and tried to decipher the despair I was feeling. You know, I was feeling bad, because I felt I needed him. He was more successful in business, and I thought subconsciously, that if I wanted to go places, too, like him, I needed him by my side. Though, it wasn’t true — he wasn’t even helping me in my career. I was only fooling myself.

It was just one of the reasons for my despair. The relationship was essentially wrong and unfixable. But even though I was aware of these problems, my feelings were in dominant, trying to cover my logic. So, obviously, I couldn’t heal myself with reasoning. It is just futile and exhausting in all the cases.

Therefore, I gave this subliminal a shot. I started listening to it at night. The very next day when I woke up, I found myself not thinking about him (before that, he was the first thing I would think of, and sometimes at night, I would even have dreams of what had happened between us). And in the following days, again I realized he wasn’t part of my thoughts anymore. The result showed exactly some hours after listening, and became stronger every time I listened to it. I started listening to it on 1st Dec, 2019, and to this day (11th Dec), I feel completely fine, although I’m going to listen for a full 2 weeks to maximize the result.

I am aware of the primary reason for attracting this relationship and all the bad feelings it brought with itself. And I’m going to work on them as well, because without beating the real issues, similar problems will keep happening for us in life.

This works!

Wow. Where to start?! I have only gone and landed my perfect job and I can only put this down to listening to this audio. I have been offered the wage I had in mind, the days I want to work and the working environment and co-workers I had hoped for. I’ve been a freelancer in design for many years but this is the first ‘in-house’ creative position I’ve been offered that’s not too far from my house. Also what was interesting, was that within a day of first listening to your audio, a friend put me forward for the job, and whilst many people applied for the position, I was the only one they have asked in for interview and immediate job offer at the interview. That’s never happened to me before. Thank you Edith and Vortex.

 by Michael on Alpha Male Mindset
Consistency gets results

Having read the extensive description of the Alpha Male and listened for the first week, I had my serious doubts about how effective this download would work, but over the 21 days, persevering with constant listening, the effects have been remarkable and are still manifesting now. Not only are women are attracted to me, I feel and look great. I don't feel desperate or needy, and I'm definitely not doing a dance to impress anybody - I'm enough as it is, if she doesn't like that, cool.

I will continue to listen as long as the results keep growing. Combine with "Attract Women without Games" for the best results.

Social anxiety

Believe it or not the first time I watched this video with the MP3 I felt like a totally different person being around crowds, something that I was totally uncomfortable with in the past, now it's like a walk in the park, I can connect with people and be myself, something I always wanted.

This is great work, congratulations!

 by Rebecca B., Chicago on Subliminal Weight Loss

As a busy accountant, I never found the time to cook, so I ate outside at restaurants all the time. And I didn’t eat salads, I’ll tell you that. Your weight loss subliminal programs are working wonders. Not only did I force myself to cook healthy food, I became obsessed with it! I watch YouTube videos about plant- based diets and finding tasty and healthy recipes. I’m truly excited about the change I’m going through. My friends tell me I became a health freak, lol. As far for exercising, I work out on the weekends and love it. I lived by the lake for years and never went out for runs there, even though I saw lots of people doing that. It just came to me one day, shortly after listening to your audios. I said to myself, “why won’t you run by the lake”? I bought running shoes and absolutely love it I keep on challenging myself every time. You are changing my life, no kidding. Thanks a million!

 by Adam & Becky, Mississippi on Subliminal Weight Loss
We love it

I love both of your weight loss subliminals. The affirmations in both videos are accurate and exactly what I need. My wife and I listen to this on a nightly basis and it’s been a wonderful tool. We both have the motivation to cook at home instead of going out and eating processed food that’s packed with sodium. We eat more vegetables and so far we don’t feel like we’re giving up anything.

 by Ashley on Subliminal Weight Loss

Wow, thanks you for releasing the ‘subliminal weight loss’! Even though this is a relatively new one, it’s been a true help. I was working out in the gym and was completely ineffective. The subliminal messages guided me to find better workouts at the gym that generated great success. I’m starting to see the definition lines, and that’s a first for me. I’m excited about it.

 by Ken G. on Tune In To Weight Loss

God bless you! I started listening to this about a year ago for, like, a month. Didn’t help at all. Now I know it’s because I didn’t want to change myself. I remember I said to myself, “sure, I’ll give it a shot”, but deep down, I didn’t want to cut out the fat food that I loved to eat on a daily basis. I knew I was going to miss pizzas, hot dogs, tacos and burgers, so I didn’t want to let go of that. When things got worse about nine months later, I said, “that’s it. Something’s gotta give”. Then your video popped up in my head. At that point, I was sick of myself, I was sick of my life. I realized it’s worth losing the greasy food and not losing my life. I didn’t want to go to the beach in the past seven years because I wouldn’t take off my shirt. I didn’t have a girlfriend for a long time… I was losing a lot. And I’ve decided I can’t live like this anymore. For anyone who’s reading this, listen to this one only if you’re ready to make a change. If you’re passive about it, it’s a waste of your time. Vortex, I lost more than 112 pounds. I still have lots of work to do, but I know I’m going to get there, it’s getting easier and easier now that I have the right mindset and know how to do it.

 by Florence, Ottawa, Canada on Tune In To Weight Loss

I’m an obese woman. I used to hate myself for that. Listening to your wonderful weight loss recording helped me accept who I am and not hate where I’m at right now. It’s something like, “okay, I’m fat now, but it’s temporary. I love myself and I’m going to change my weight situation”. So, the fact that I have disposed of this hatred and of feeling mad at myself for not putting a stop to [my weight gain] has helped me lose weight without negativity. From a place of loving who I am and accepting my current weight (because I have no choice, it is what it is), it’s easier for me to find the motivation to eat healthy foods, cook more and have lots of interest in essential nutrients. I have lost 50 pounds and keep counting. Yay!

 by Michelle on Tune In To Weight Loss
It's really working

I love it! I’ve been wanting to lose weight for years. This weight loss program led me to find the right ways to get rid of those pounds. So far, I have lost 30 pounds in two months. I’ll keep on updating.

I relate to the Solfeggio frequencies meditation the most. The vibrations are so powerful and they helped me tune into to the source energy pretty quickly. I’m much happier and more content. I’ve became a better husband, better friend, better person. The Solfeggio frequencies lead me to attract great abundance, in money and non-money terms. This is my best buddy when I sleep 🙂

 by Jack H. on Solfeggio Scale Meditation

I relate to the Solfeggio frequencies meditation the most. The vibrations are so powerful and they helped me tune into to the source energy pretty quickly. I’m much happier and more content. I’ve became a better husband, better friend, better person. The Solfeggio frequencies lead me to attract great abundance, in money and non-money terms. This is my best buddy when I sleep 🙂

I love your Solfeggio frequencies recordings. I listen to both about three times a week. This is a complementary session to the other ones you have. The depression and anxiety mp3s have been such a great help and the Solfeggio meditation is adding to that improvement. Thank you.

 by Zachary on Solfeggio Scale Meditation

I like this one better than the other one. For some reason I respond better to binaural beats than isochronic. This Solfeggio frequencies meditation is my favorite method to visualize. I listen to it at night before I sleep and I visualize. I have manifested great abundance ever since I started. I’ll definitely keep on doing it and recommend it to people who are into personal growth.

The Solfeggio frequencies meditation is absolutely amazing. There’s so much power to these vibrations, and it’s immediately synchronizing with my brain. Love it!

I love all of your videos! I didn’t know about Solfeggio frequencies until you published it. Then I was reading about here and other sources and it’s so powerful. I wish more people knew about it. I used to listen to the Solfeggio frequencies meditation and it was a huge help. But since my depression has been reduced, thanks to your other recordings, I’ve been listening to this one more often and I absolutely love it. Thank you.

 by Samuel Y. on Soothing Deep Sleep Meditation

It’s fascinating how a deep sleep can change your entire life! No more angry days because of a lack of sleep. No more being behind schedule. No more waking up at 3 a.m. and getting frustrated about not falling back to sleep despite my exhaustion. Thank you for sharing that deep sleep mp3 for free.


This is great. It took my time to get used to the whispers in the background, but then I read about it and saw how powerful subliminal messages are. Now it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m falling asleep so fast. Just putting on my headphones and diving deep into the night.

I listen to all of your videos, especially the sleep and anxiety ones. For me, they both go together. You’ve been such a great help, I cannot believe the change I’m going through. Thank you.

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