If You Get This, You Will Manifest Anything You Want

The Law Of Attraction Paradox

If I were to sum up the Law of Attraction with two concepts, they would be:
1) Focus on what you want
2) Let go

Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it’s not. These two parts work together. They belong to the same mechanism that is called the Law of Attraction.

The whole principle of the Law of Attraction is to manifest what you want to create your reality. Turn the invisible desire into a tangible thing, into a physical manifestation.

Usually, when people talk about these two concepts, they talk about them separately. But they actually work together. And if you learn to link them, then… wow! The results will be… beyond perception. Read on. This information will change everything for you.

Where Do The Problems Begin?

When people practice this concept, they work with only one part: the focus on what they want. And often enough, they don’t do this part right, either. They focus on what’s lacking instead of where they want to go.

As an extension and living expression of source energy, you are very powerful. You might not know it, but you are. You have infinite power to create your own reality. You are a deliberate creator of that reality.

You’ve been told over and over again by gurus and teachers that in order to manifest your goals, you need to focus, intend and concentrate. It’s true… Well, partially. It’s only one aspect of this mechanism, but not the whole picture.

The Missing Piece

Here’s what you haven’t been told to do, or what you forget to do, or can’t seem to do:
Let go.

The idea of letting go is often mentioned by itself, separately from the Law of Attraction fundamental rules, but as a matter of fact, letting go is part of the process.

So What Steps Have We Put In Place Here So Far?
1. An intention, focus, and concentration.
2. The idea of surrender and letting go.

They seem to be the exact opposite of each other, but actually, they work together.

In other words, the secret of this paradox is gathering your intention, focus, and concentrate on the thing you want, and THEN, AFTER THAT HAS BEEN DONE, putting yourself in a state of letting go and surrendering.

As you concentrate and focus on your desires (and not on the things that are missing), you send the message to the Universe and your mind “this is what I want”. Your laser-focused intention sends a very clear vibration, so the Universe knows exactly what you want.

After a while of letting the Universe know what you want, it is time to let go. No need to keep repeating it. When you surrender, you actually release resistance. You are getting out of your own way.

Connecting these two parts together is the only way to activate the engine of the Law of Attraction in its full power.

This is the fastest way to manifest, but it’s also the hardest one, because most people give their attention to what they don’t want, and experiencing a hard time letting go.

How To Focus Like A Pro?

Any time that you have the desire to manifest something, it must be representative of your passion.

This passion consumes your whole world. It’s always in your mind. You think about it, you feel it. You can’t go to sleep because the adrenaline takes over just by having a sense of it.

Intention and concentration are present if you’re passionate about your desire. If your desire is in alignment with your essence, with your true self, then you’re already on the right track.

When you’re passionate about your dream, you’re automatically focusing on it. You can’t force it or fake it. It just happens. It’s like falling in love. You can’t think of anything else. If it’s there, it’s there. That’s what true, genuine passion, is all about.

Remove The Blockages Associated With Your Desire

Focus on your passion first. If you have limiting beliefs about it, get rid of them. For example, if you’re an artist and art is your life, focus on the goal you want to accomplish.

It could be becoming a famous local artist or a popular wedding photographer, opening your own gallery, founding an art school, and so on.

If you carry limiting paradigms about money, abundance, and success, or if you don’t believe in yourself, deal with these subconscious blockages at the same time you build up your positive energy and focus on your passion.

If you want to know more on how to remove your mental blockages, so you can speed up your manifestation process, I write about it in detail here.

Then What?

After a period of time that you spend building your focus, intention, and concentration around your chosen manifestation – let it go. Surrender.

Live your life without attachment to the result. Attachment creates fear of failure, as in “If I don’t get it, what am I going to do? How will I be happy about it? What do I worth if I don’t accomplish my goals?”

Just know that you’ve been filling your vortex basket with lots of goodies, and now it’s time to release it. Let your higher mind do the work. Don’t think about the “how”. Attachment to the outcome is the source of suffering, and it will not get you anywhere but down.

The “How” Is None Of Your Business

The “how” is not for you to deal with. It’s not your job. Leave it to the energy of the Universe.

Your physical brain is not capable of formulating the unlimited possible scenarios of the how. And since your physical brain isn’t designed to even begin to grasp the wonders of the “how,” it’s a waste of your time to think about it.

Even the most talented and sophisticated Hollywood scriptwriters cannot think of such beautiful, magnificent, powerful scripts like those the Universe has planned for you.

Your job is over. Focus with full passion and release your attachments. Allow the infinite energy of the Universe to bring you the best of all possible scripts that are out there.

I met someone who had to be in jail to experience spiritual enlightenment. That experience led him to attend a retreat after his release, where he met his multi-millionaire wife through another participant.

One client told me she got fired at the age of 43, without any savings or retirement plan. She got on a bus a few days later and overheard two people talking about renting lighting equipment for a wedding. Since she was a DJ in her 20’s, she knew people from the industry, got in touch with an old mate and they both became partners of a national lighting rental company.

Now you tell me: do you think your mind would ever have come up with a “how” like that?

How To Get Things Faster?

As I mentioned above, it’s important that you get rid of resistance.

You know, it’s those annoying inner critic voices that tell you that you can’t make it, that you’re not good enough, that the market is going to tank, that finding a good relationship is hard, and that you need money to make money.

Those voices are interfering with your passion. It’s like driving with the hand-break engaged.

Here are my favorite subliminal meditations that will help you eliminate those voices or, at least, reduce their volume –
Believe in yourself
Overcome the programming you are not good enough
Be confident and unstoppable
Money meditations
Surrender to the Universe

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Take An Active Role

If you’re serious about manifesting, I highly recommend using visualization. You can do it at night WITH my subliminal recordings or WITHOUT them.

The most important thing about visualization is to feel it.

Take about 15 minutes each night, get into a meditative state and call up the image of what you’d most like to manifest. Feel the passion, the excitement, the joy of receiving it; involve your other senses, like smelling, hearing, seeing and touching.

Repeat this for a certain amount of time; I suggest between 4 weeks to 90 days nights.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you can’t get into a meditative state right away, that’s ok. You’re not in competition with anyone.

Then, when you’re finally relaxed, get into it. Build it up. Let the energy explode! Remember, you’re filling your vortex basket with pure intentions that are based on genuine passion.

Practice this process for a while, and then just let it go. Release it from your system. The source energy of the Universe will take care of the rest.

Here are three brainwave entrainment meditations with binaural beats/isochronic tones (without subliminals) that will help you reach that calm state easier and faster:

Schumann Resonance – tune into earth’s vibration
Solfeggio Frequencies
Full Chakras Activation

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Oh, And Quick Insight About The End

If you do this right, if you really learn to surrender, you will experience the magnitude of the Law of Attraction in all its glory. Manifesting your biggest goals will be easier than you can imagine.

Remember, it will bring your desire into actual existence, but NEVER EVER in exactly the way you expect it. This is because your expectations belong to your mind, and your mind can never fathom the greatness of what can really happen.

Until next time,