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Learn to Have Faith That All Is Well

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In life, we have been conditioned to worry about things, to expect that things will fail. Therefore, we developed the idea that we must stress over things, and that “worrying means caring”.

When we believe or expect something to fail, it is often because the pieces of the puzzle are still forming. Instead of seeing the full picture, we base our frustrations on small pieces of information that dictate our feelings, often resulting in anxiety.

In life, you may encounter temporary obstructions on the road, but in the end, everything that follows is perfectly orchestrated, and there’s meaning contained in each event.

So instead of resisting short-term setbacks and succumbing to anxiety about perfection, learn to see the opportunity events bring and the lessons they can teach you.

As a matter of fact – things can work out smoothly, without pressure or any forced action. If you learn to surrender and be at peace with what is, it can serve you so much better than focusing on the negative in life situations.

Developing the belief that all is well doesn’t mean you become oblivious to things. On the contrary, this mindset will take away the pressure and put you in relief mode, which will enable you to take inspired actions that stem from ease, not fear or stress.

Listen to this subliminal meditation whenever you feel overwhelmed by life, or when you believe that things aren’t going well for you.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + Binaural Beats Theta waves.

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I have faith in myself and in life
It is easy for me to look at the good in things
I always find a reason for things to work out.
I always look for things to appreciate
I am in love with life
Everything always works out for me
I am joyfully surrendering to the Universe and allowing things to happen naturally
I am exactly where I am supposed to be
I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.
Today will be what it is, and I accept it openly with love
I am happily focusing on what is possible
I choose to perceive things with a loving, positive outlook
The positive stories I tell myself are way more beneficial to me
I believe that things can always work out
I deeply believe that things are always going to be ok
I am easily channeling worry into hope and appreciation for what is
I have deep faith that all is well and will always be just fine
I peacefully see challenges in life as lessons that provide inner wisdom and personal growth
I am trusting life
I trust that what needs to happen will do so
I am peacefully allowing life to lead me to solutions
Surrendering to the Universe is the greatest step forward

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