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Express Your Feelings

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Many people often feel blocked when expressing their emotions and communicating their feelings freely and clearly. It’s not that they don’t feel those feelings, but it’s hard for them to show outward emotion.

Whether you have difficulty expressing joy, laughter, warmth, and affection, or even unpleasant feelings like sadness or anger – you are hurting yourself and others.

Digest Your Emotions, Then- Learn to Express Them

Here’s the thing – when those feelings remain undigested, they fester inside your system, and that can lead to physical illnesses along mental and emotional issues.

It’s no wonder that those who can easily express their emotions are happier and healthier. They feel liberated, light and at peace. By expressing their feelings, they allow the healthy flow of energy, so nothing remains stuck.

Expressing your feeling makes others really see you, relate to you, and get to know the real you. You become more accessible and that gives you an abundance of opportunities to establish deep connections.

You can express your feelings respectfully and effectively only when you start to process your emotions properly and mindfully.

When you get to know yourself, your patterns, and why you feel the way you feel, it gets much easier to communicate your feelings and needs with others in a compassionate, mature, and considerate manner.

This subliminal recording can help you in both of these aspects – learn to process your emotions within yourself first, and then, train your mind to feel comfortable and at ease sharing them with others, because… why wouldn’t you? Your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard.

The base frequency is 384 Hz, which is related to the throat chakra. The Alpha waves Isochronic Tones in this recording range from 10 Hz to 8 Hz.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + Binaural Beats Theta waves.

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

It is easy for me to verbally express my feelings
I am good at expressing my feelings clearly
I feel comfortable being warm and affectionate
I feel comfortable laughing, lightening up, and expressing happiness
I feel comfortable talking about my emotions
I know how to express my emotions effectively while still being respectful
I am open to being vulnerable with the people I love
Opening my heart brings me peace and joy
I am filled with light when I share my feelings openly
It is safe for me to be vulnerable and express my emotions
I am good enough just the way I am
I am worthy of love and respect
My emotions are valid and deserve to be heard
My feelings matter and deserve to be expressed
I process my emotions mindfully
I get to know myself and my feelings at the deepest level
I treat myself and my emotions with self-compassion and kindness
I communicate my feelings with others in a compassionate way
I communicate my feelings with others in a respectful, mature, way
I am becoming more and more open with my feelings

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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