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Overcome Fear of Commitment

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Want to understand the psychology behind the fear of commitment?
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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I am willing to feel vulnerable in an intimate relationship
There is power in vulnerability
I am finding the right partner for me and happily quitting the pursuit of something better
As I am finding the person I feel strongly about, I’m choosing to commit
I am joyfully letting go of my past relationships and wholeheartedly commit to the new one
I am happy to make enough time for the right person
I am overcoming the commitment issues; I am opening my heart to the right person
Being in a committed relationship makes me feel free and alive
I am ready to settle down with the person I love
Being in a committed relationship helps me understand myself and my needs
I am only growing and evolving when I’m in a loving and committed partnership
I feel free when I’m in a loving relationship
I feel I have my own space and independence when I’m in a loving relationship
I am ready to truly connect romantically with my special one
My loving relationship absolutely fulfills my desire to feel free
I am in a relationship that supports my need to have a life of my own
Committing to the person I love feels secure and safe
I am only gaining when I’m committing to a loving relationship
Committing to my partner is setting me free

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