Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

Stop self sabotaging: get out of your own way. This session contains hidden commands that will help you stop sabotaging your own progress, success, and achievements. These healing, below threshold hearing affirmations, will eliminate your self-destructive behaviors and re-wire your brain to acknowledge you are deserving, valuable and worthy.

  • Feel deserving and worthy
  • Become aligned with your goals
  • Maintain your achievements and expand them
  • Unleash your full, powerful potential
  • Start loving yourself


It’s time to admit it: you are your own worst enemy. Nobody gets in your way, more than you do. Every time you achieve a goal or realize that you are experiencing happiness, you do something to sabotage it. And this is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again!

Maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year now, but every time people compliment you on the few pounds you’ve shed, you jump back on the sugar train, thinking, “Just once wouldn’t hurt”, or you start imagining your exercise as “too much stress”.

Before long, the pounds start adding up again.

And here’s the worst part about it: The unconscious mind doesn’t only arm people with excuses for self-sabotage, it actually convinces them that self-sabotage is in their best interest.

I get it, every once in a while, everybody throws a spanner into their own works. I’ve been there, and it hurts.

But when it happens over and over again, sort of systematic force that turns on whenever something good happens to you and is targeted at destroying your progress… then something is amiss. It is a distinct pattern of self-sabotage tendency.

Unless you put an end to your self-sabotage tendencies, you will continue to destroy every good thing that comes your way, leaving yourself miserable and unfulfilled, just to rebuild everything from scratch.

Oops, I Did It Again!

You may be wondering why you are standing in your own way…What is the reason you ruined the best relationship you ever had, one that made you so happy?

Why did you ruin your chances of getting that position at work after you had worked so hard for it? Why do you work hard towards your goals only to trip yourself once you achieve success?

Here are the main reasons you ruin your progress

Fear of failure – The reactions you received for making mistakes in childhood were traumatic and made you feel worthless. So when you finally hold success in your hand, you cannot bear the pressure at maintaining it. So you self-sabotage and get rid of the stress source, which is the very goal you worked so hard to get.

Fear of success – With success comes responsibilities and side effects: more commitment, public criticism, jealousy from others, less free time, losing old friends; and so on. Many people unknowingly fear these highly possible repercussions of success and shun abundance that comes their way.

Feeling undeserving – When people destroy wonderful things that they spent much effort in acquiring, often it’s an indicator that they secretly believe they are not deserving of those things. Feelings of being undeserving can be expressed in thoughts like, “I am inadequate for that job”, “I suck at this”, “It’s too good to be true”, “who can ever love me”.

This subliminal program can help you shift your natural tendencies to sabotage anything good that happens in your life. It sure did help me and thousands of users worldwide.

These hidden commands bypass the cynical resistance of your consciousness and go straight to the source – the unconscious.

You can look at this method like a super powerful channel to transfer the data you’d like your mind to absorb. And if you use this channel daily… the shift can be phenomenal!

Imagine What It Would Feel Like to –

  • Maintain your achievements and enhance them
  • Enjoy the relationship of your dreams without screwing it up
  • Progress your career without pulling yourself down
  • Nurture your body with healthy choices

Imagine being on top of things; imagine overcoming the enemy within…


Well, you can have all that, and possibly more. Download now. You deserve it.

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EDITH MOSCOWITZ // The Voice Of The Vortex

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people world-wide. CONTINUE READING

Unleash the Full Power of Your Brain and Break Free of Every Inner Limitation

Your results in life reflect your subconscious beliefs

Does it often seem like you are surrounded by invisible walls that limit your life to mediocrity? No matter what you do, you can’t break out. You put so much conscious effort into changing your results, but nothing seems to stick. Meanwhile, other people bring wealth, health and happiness to their lives. Frustrating, isn’t it? But where you are now – is NOT your fault. It’s years of programming – predominantly the first 5 or 6 years of your life – that builds your deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs.

Don’t Change Your Circumstances – Change Your Mindset

Your faulty negative programming you absorbed as a child, limit and control your adult life. You know, the voices that say you are not worthy, less important than others, and not deserving of good things. The programming that keeps you broke and envy the rich. Most people try to change their results, but their subconscious minds simply block these efforts. In order to get rid of unwanted habits and sabotaging beliefs is to change the programming. Only then– you will rewrite your reality effortlessly.

The Ultimate Personal Development System

Imagine what it feels like if you had everything in your life you truly desired? How would it feel to be confident and self-assured? Attracting opportunities and actually act on them without being paralyzed by fear? Have the exact same mindset of successful people? If you are concerned to make that leap, ask yourself - how much longer do you want things to go on exactly as they are right now? Subliminal messages can change virtually any aspect of your life. And you can notice results, fast!

How Subliminal Messages Can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

This Is How Subliminal Messages Are Designed to Get You Fast, Long Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

Subliminal Messages Infographic Subliminal Messages Infographic


This track has both 'I' and 'you' affirmations.
For example: "I am confident" and "you are confident"

  • I deserve to have all the good things in the world
  • I am deserving to live in happiness, joy, peace and abundance
  • Everything always works out for me
  • It is my natural right to live happily
  • It is my natural right to be surrounded by abundance
  • I love myself and know I deserve the best
  • I am worthy of love, respect and appreciation
  • I am valuable; I am special
  • I am always in alignment with my goal
  • I always feel, think and behave in a way that supports my goal
  • It is safe for me to achieve my goals and maintain them
  • I deserve to achieve my goals and maintain them
  • I am my best friend and always look out for myself
  • My life is wonderful, exciting and at perfect balance
  • I always appreciate the goals I achieve
  • I always make sure to treasure the goals I achieve
  • When I obtain my desires I maintain them because I deserve it
  • I am a powerful magnet for flowing abundance
  • My mind is wired to be happy at all times
  • Every day, in every way, I feel more and more deserving of love and abundance
  • I am grateful for all that I have


Audio DetailsSubliminal Messages Subliminal messages are hidden positive affirmations that bypass your conscious resistance.
Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones belong to Brainwave Entrainment technology that presents the brain with sounds or light flashes that synchronize the brain waves with certain frequencies. The purpose of sound therapy is not creating thoughts or feelings, but to create the ideal state for the brain to absorb the subliminal messages.

Length 60 Minutes

File Details High Quality 320kbps MP3 File

Headphones Not Required

The soundtrack of this video is coded with powerful subliminal messages. For maximum results, download the original, uncompressed HQ file from our website only.

Why Pay For It If I Can Listen For Free Online?

No data loss of affirmations and frequencies

Uploading the files online goes through processing. This may result in data loss of subliminal affirmations and frequencies, which decreases the effectiveness of the recording. When you download from our website, you are guaranteed to get the full benefits of the tracks.

See the difference

For demonstration, let's take this image file. Before compressing, notice the clear details and vibrant colors in their finest quality. After the compression, the photo looks different than the original file. It loses many details that damage the overall quality.

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Same for audio files

The healing frequencies, affirmations, and sounds are most beneficial straight from our studio and without any processing involved. Download the recording from our website to gain maximum results!


Tracks with Subliminal Messages only Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones
Listening Time Listening Time
No Time Limit Up to an hour
When To Listen When To Listen
Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) At night time, while falling a sleep
Headphones Headphones
Recommended for maximum results (not required) Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones
Volume Volume
At a comfortable level At a comfortable level

Listening Time

When To Listen



Tracks with Subliminal Messages only No Time Limit Anytime, day or night (never when in a moving vehicle) Recommended for maximum results (not required) At a comfortable level
Tracks with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones Up to an hour At night time, while falling a sleep Required for Binaural Beats. Recommended for Isochronic Tones At a comfortable level


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Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All
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 3 reviews
by Dylan L on Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

‘Stop self-sabotaging’ is the best gift I could give myself. I always used to find problems. When things were peaceful, my mind had a false alarm that said, “oh no, don’t get too comfortable, you have to worry about something”. I was wired to believe that life is stressful and there was always a reason to be afraid because things were going to go wrong. This powerful audio shifted my whole thinking and I profoundly understand today that it’s okay to have a peaceful life, that it’s my right to be relaxed and enjoy things without constant fear. Thank you!

by Maria on Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

I listened to stop self-sabotaging because I had negative patterns about money I wanted to expose. I knew they were there, but I didn’t know what they were, so I gave it a try. A week later, I met my extended family for dinner at one of the downtown restaurants in San Jose, California. One of my cousins told us about this new startup he’s working at and his final goal is to be bought by a big corporation. Then, my mom told him, “Roberto, it’s nice to have dreams, but you also have to be realistic. It takes luck to make so much money and only a few people can achieve that. Money comes only with hard work and you have to save dollar to dollar”. Then it hit me! That’s it, my pattern is exposed, finally! I heard her say things like that all of my life, but I finally knew to formulate the limiting beliefs I had that were rooted deep inside – “you need to work hard for money” and “money comes slowly”. Now I absolutely know what stopped me all those years and I’m so eager to start fresh without a blocking conditioning that was chosen for me.

by Christina on Stop Self Sabotaging Once And For All

I was my worst enemy prior to listening to this. I subconsciously harmed myself because I never believed I deserved to be happy. If I knew then what I know today… but I guess these are all lessons I had to go through even if they were painful. This ‘stop self-sabotaging’ mp3 is amazing. I finally realized I deserve to be happy. I changed it at a cellular level and my results have improved significantly.

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No Data Loss of Affirmations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you purchase singular subliminal meditations without subscribing to unlimited downloads, you will receive a purchase receipt delivered to your email address within a few minutes of your purchase. If you don’t find it in your primary inbox, check your spam folder.

If you are a member, in addition to receiving the download links in your email, you have the option to log-in and receive access to all of your downloads. You can find them in the ‘download history’ tab.

How long should I listen to subliminal messages?

It is recommended to listen to subliminal messages for 4 to 12 weeks, or until you notice a clear shift. From then on, use the recordings when needed to maintain the intended change until it is well-consolidated. If you listen to subliminal messages without frequencies, there is no time limit to dictate how long should you play the tracks (under the terms of use).

If you are listening to programs that also contain Binaural Beats and/or Isochronic Tones, limit the usage to an hour per day/night. Some of the recordings for sleep aid contain 90 minutes of frequencies to induce sleep stages in the brain. Aside from these recordings, do not exceed an hour of usage per day.

What are the benefits of subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are hidden empowering affirmations that bypass your natural conscious resistance so that they can reach the deepest level in which a true change can occur – the subconscious mind.

If you expose yourself to healing suggestions frequently, they can physically re-channel your neural connections, remove destructive programming that prevents change, and establish healthy conditioning that will foster growth, happiness, success, well-being and so much more.

Can I do other things while listening to subliminal messages?

You can do other things when using our recordings, like wash dishes, surf online, or watch TV, etc. As long as the activities you take part in DO NOT require any focus on your end, and DO NOT put you and/or others at any risk – you can play subliminal messages in the background.

A few points to note:
*Never play any of our recordings when in a moving vehicle.
*While playing a recording in the background, the soothing music might make you feel numb, so take that into consideration.
*Please check out the best time to play subliminal recordings

What time of the day should I play the subliminal sessions?

The best time frame to play the recordings is right when you wake up or just before falling asleep. At these times, the brain is operating under Alpha-Theta brain waves, which make you more relaxed and receptive to the hidden suggestions.

However, you can also play the recordings during the day, in accordance with the terms of use.

Most of the recordings are at least an hour long. Can I listen to less than that? Is 15-20 minutes a day okay?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you don’t have an hour a day, don’t force yourself to “squeeze” the full length of recording into your daily activities. This can create more pressure, and you will be missing the whole point. 15-20 minutes a day is enough, as long as you are being consistent about it. Consistency is the key ingredient to succeed in this process, the amount of time per day does not necessarily matter. However, if you do have 30-60 minutes a day to listen to the programs, it’s preferable, at least in the beginning, four week period.

Please note: It’s recommended to use the recordings at night, before sleep and/or during sleep. In this case, it should be easy to listen to the whole hour.

Can I fall asleep while the track is still playing in the background?

Definitely. You can allow yourself to relax into the soothing sounds and fall asleep peacefully. If the recording that is playing in the background has subliminal messages only, without frequencies, you can let it play in a loop all night.

However, if the track has frequencies (Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones), please make sure not to put it on repeat mode.

English is not my native language. Will the subliminal programs still be effective?

Subliminals can have the same effect on you even if your native language is not English, as long as you understand the affirmations listed in the description of the meditations you wish to purchase. Your brain is so powerful it can process far more than you realize.

Even if you do not fully understand the affirmations, if you choose recordings with embedded Brainwave Entrainment, you can always benefit from the healing frequencies. Binaural Beats and/or Isochronic Tones are effective for everyone, no matter what your native language is.

Start Moving Your Life Forward!

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.