Meditation For HeartBreak

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Meditation For Heartbreak

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Meditation For Heartbreak – Surviving a Breakup

The heartbreak meditation will help you get through this excruciating pain. The recovery is enormously painful, especially if you have been with your ex-partner a long time and built a deep emotional connection together.

  • Heal your heart
  • Get through the darkness
  • Let go of your ex
  • Feel the sun shining on you
  • Move on peacefully
  • Smile again

Breakup, separation, and divorce are highly similar to a grieving process. Surviving a break up takes time to heal, but also, requires a mindful practice to approach your new reality. The heartbreak meditation can help set you on the path of healing from the pain of the breakup.

Let Yourself Wallow In The Pain

There is no way around it, only straight through it. You cannot detour around the pain, because it will always be there, one way or another. Divorce and breakups are devastating and heartbreaking. You just lost the person you truly loved.

Not only that, you lost all of your dreams, hopes, and future expectations from this relationship. When you both went your separate ways, your hopes shattered. The meditation for heartbreak will help you realize you still have a bright future ahead of you, despite the loss of your mutual dreams.

When surviving a breakup, it is necessary to deal with the pain, agony, and sorrow. When you are in the midst of these sensations, it seems like it will never end and you will always feel that pain.

At the beginning of the breakup process, nothing satisfies you; there is not even one position that comforts and gives you peace; you have no desire to do the things you like, such as riding your bike or going out to your favorite restaurant. You find yourself all alone and depressed.

heartbreak meditation

Every funny or interesting moment that happens, you want to share with your ex, but this person is no longer there. And you are just… lost. Not only you miss your ex and what you had, but you also miss the way you felt when you were together.

You miss the security and stability that were a huge part of your life when you were in that relationship.

Feel Those Good Emotions Again

The meditation for heartbreak will connect you to yourself and what is good for you. It will bring back the joy you used to have and will guide you to focus on your healing while doing the things you enjoy that raise a smile on your face.

The program will disconnect you from the passive thought of “time heals all wounds” so you will feel encouraged to take an active role in your well-being journey.

Moreover, you will find it easier to reconnect with that sense of safety, security, and stability you need, but this time – from within. The meditation can help you profoundly understand you do not need anyone to be confident or safe, and you can tune into that, even without a relationship.

Analyze What Went Wrong

“We broke up because he didn’t listen to me.”
“He didn’t complete me.”
“She was always busy, and didn’t find the time to invest in the relationship.”
“She was cheating on me with my best friend.”

The easiest thing to do after a breakup is to blame the other side for everything that has happened, without taking responsibility for your own actions. Part of the process of thriving after a breakup is to put the ego to the side and see where you have been mistaken; what was your part in the failure?

breakup meditationA mature reflection and a true acknowledgment of your mistakes will take you to a personal development path and to healthier future relationships.
If you resist taking any responsibility and instead blame everything on your ex, you will probably make the same mistakes in your next relationship, and never understand why nothing ever changes.

Your history will repeat itself, rather than being directed towards balanced states of harmony, vulnerability, and unconditional love.

The meditation for heartbreak will open your mind to acknowledge the things you did wrong and will encourage you to improve yourself and understand your triggers. The meditation is, in fact, a great tool for self-work and for exploring your automatic patterns that sabotage your love life.

Beyond that, the meditation for heartbreak will deepen the understanding that the pain is an extremely important lesson you have to go through, in order to evolve to a higher level. Even though it feels unbearable, it is worth it. You will see.

Through this meditation, you will step out of the victim role and realize this breakup and the lessons you learned will serve you much better in the future.

Let Go Of The Harsh Feelings Towards Your Ex

Do you find yourself secretly hoping your ex will be miserable and regrets the way he or she treated you?

Do you hope to find a rebound and “accidentally” bump into your ex and try to make them jealous?

If your ego is taking over, your answer to these questions is probably yes. We have all been there at one point or another.

Meditation for heartbreak

The meditation for heartbreak can help you let go of the need to gain revenge on the ex or hoping he or she will feel bad without you. Instead, you will learn to put the emphasis on you, your progress, and healing.

The aspiration for revenge does not do you any good and keeps you in a whirlpool of negative energy, which you radiate out to those around you.

Over time, while using this program, you will direct your undivided awareness to YOUR healing. Not only you will neglect the negative preoccupation with your ex, you will also begin to hope for the best for him or her.

Accepting It’s Over

The meditation for heartbreak can help you release your relationship by internalizing it is truly over, and learning to be ok with it. As you make the shift, you will find yourself focusing more on appreciating the good you both have shared; and the bad, because it taught you a lot about yourself, your triggers and unsolved childhood traumas, boundaries, and values.

Letting go of the relationship is the key to surviving a breakup. That is the only way to move on in a healthy manner. You don’t necessarily have to move on to a relationship with someone else, but continue to establish a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself.

The meditation for heartbreak will program your subconscious mind to release the dependency of happiness from someone else, and find your inner comfort and strength from within. 

You will understand that you are the only source of happiness. From this place of wholeness and completion, you will open your heart to your next partner (and not from a place of neediness, codependency, and fear).

Turn This Heartbreak To Be The Best Thing That Has Happened To You

Breaking up or divorce could be the best thing that has ever happened to you or your biggest nightmare. It depends on how you look at it.

breakupYou might be in the stage of wallowing in pain, and thus it can be hard to see how this deep sadness can be a transformative experience.

You may become stronger, self-assured, and connected to your higher self. Or maybe the heartbreak helped you have more clarity for what you look for in a relationship. It is possible that the breakup leads you to meet people you would never have gotten to meet if you were still in that relationship.

Give yourself time to feel the loss and grief. It is healthy and important to go through this. But when you reach the more advanced stages, when your heart is not bleeding as it used to, try to see how this breakup can shift your life for the best.

Most importantly, the breakup taught you to get to know yourself better to an extent that would not have happened if you were still together.

George, a 42 years old man, who divorced his wife two years ago, told me he finally had the courage and confidence to open his own business.

“My ex-wife was always afraid I will lose our money over the business investment, so I gave up my dream to have my own business. Now that she is out of the picture, I gave myself the time to heal and trust myself. I can do whatever I want to do in this life, and I am feeling fulfilled than ever before!”

A Bright Future Ahead of You

The meditation for heartbreak can train your brain to embrace a positive approach towards situations, people, and life in general. It can broaden your mindset that everything happens for the best, even if you can’t see it now through the tears.

Just because your plan of a mutual future with your partner did not succeed, does not mean you are not about to have an amazing future with rich experiences.

healing from breakup

You might even end up with a much better future than the one you planned.

Think about all of the times things haven’t worked out exactly as you wished, and when those doors got slammed in your face, new windows opened. Try to remember how many times things have worked out for the best, even when it didn’t seem like it at first.

The Meditation For Heartbreak Will Program Your Mind To Release The Pain

The meditation for breakup contains two separate recordings. One set is a combination of subliminal messages and Isochronic tones, and the other set includes multi-layered spoken affirmations.

Meditation for heartbreak with hidden affirmations

Subliminal messages are hidden commands that bypass your awareness level since you cannot hear it. This method has been scientifically proven to be the most effective to reshape your brain conditioning because it bypasses your resistance.

Since the commands of the meditation for heartbreak bypass your hearing threshold, they reach right to your subconscious mind, which carries your automatic patterns and paradigms.

If, for example, you have a paradigm such as “who could ever love me”, the breakup is much more devastating for you compared to others.

With a limiting subconscious belief like that, not only you are aching following the breakup, but also experience enormous anxiety regarding your romantic future.

The meditation for heartbreak is powerful in its ability to neutralize your limiting patterns that sabotage your life. In addition, the meditation for heartbreak will implant empowering beliefs of self-love and supreme confidence.

divorce meditation

The suggestions will lead you to build a mentality of positive thinking, which will make it easier on you to steer the breakup towards constructive channels.

The Isochronic tones are taken from the spectacular field of Sound Therapy. Those are, in fact, healing frequencies that align with your brain cells and bring you to a healing state. The frequencies that are chosen here are related to emotional healing and resonating self-love.

Spoken commands to heal your broken heart

The other session contains spoken words that will also bypass your consciousness. We recorded them in a sophisticated platform of multi-layers that are intertwined in one another.

Your awareness will not be able to get the full sentences, and that will enable the affirmations to penetrate your subconscious easily and generate changes. Do not worry, even if you do not understand the sentences, your subconscious will absorb everything easily.

This is the control panel of your life that is able to process forty million bits of data per second!

Your Powerful Inner Force

This mechanism enables you to breathe without thinking about it, digest food without paying attention, and do all the intricate operations you do on a regular basis. Your subconscious will not question these suggestions, it will just accept them as real and obey accordingly.

The meditation for heartbreak is exclusive to this website and you cannot find it anywhere else. It is recorded with the best audio software and consists of special effects to maximize the receptiveness of the brain.

Moreover, the suggestions are formulated in a way that can reshape your sabotaging conditioning, that stems from unaddressed past traumas.

We are offering to you the best paradigm shifting sessions available today.

Surviving a Breakup The Healthy Way

With time, you will heal the pain and the sun will smile again through the clouds, even if it difficult to see it now, it will be okay. The meditation for heartbreak will help you get there the easy way. It has helped thousands of people worldwide, and there is no reason it will not do the same for you.

This is the most efficient method to train your brain to lead you in the directions you choose, and with our knowledge and experience, you are on the right track.

From a person who is heartbroken, hopeless, and depressed, you will leverage the breakup experience towards the most important lesson of your life! You will grow from it and find the confidence you need within yourself.

The meditation for heartbreak will assist you to let go of neediness and will magnify the happiness that exists within. Beyond that, thanks to this meditation, you will develop a positive interpretation of events; see the good in people instead of focusing on their flaws.

You will connect to a giant source of divine love that stems from your soul, and not from external factors.

Download now. Heal your heart.

How To Use

When to listen?

First set: listen at night only, before you go to sleep, for up to an hour. Do not play it on repeat mode.

Second set: Listen freely day and night, there is no time limit. Safe to put it on replay mode. Since this meditation for heartbreak has an upbeat background music, you might feel more comfortable listen during the day.

Should I use headphones?

Headphones are not a requirement, but you can definitely use them to block outside noise and maximize results.
How often to listen?

As much as you can. According to research, it takes the brain between 4 weeks and 90 days to form new thinking habits. If for any reason, the Isochronic tones make you feel uncomfortable, stop listening immediately and get back to it another time.

How long each day?

Listen to the session with Isochronic tones up to an hour at night before you go to sleep. The second set has no time limit.

The affirmations of the meditation for heartbreak

I peacefully let go of my past relationship
I have a high emotional strength
I am fully capable of dealing with anything
I am on my way to a wonderful future full of love
It is okay to let go of my ex from my heart, mind, and soul
It is safe to let go of my ex
It is completely secure to untie the ex from my heart
I can easily feel the emotions I felt in the relationship – by myself
I can easily connect to the same beautiful feelings I had in the relationship
I am always safe, protected, stable, and at peace
I am always confident and strong, both when I am single and when I’m in a relationship
Everything is fine with me, things always work out for me
I choose to cleanse my soul of the past and look forward
My life is unfolding perfectly
Everything always happens for my highest good
Everything that happens to me, happens for my best. Always.
I learned from my relationship and am growing to be an evolved person
My past relationship has taught me a lot about myself
I am becoming an enlightened human being
A divine white light always keeps me protected and safe
It is ok for me to be single now and heal my heart
I am allowed to be single now to get stronger
I am whole
I feel complete

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).