4 Ways To Step Into Your Power And Reclaim Your Life

4 Ways To Step Into Your Power And Reclaim Your Life

Step Into Your Power

Everyone has a personal power inside them, including you. Unfortunately, many of us, from a very young age, learned to disown our power and dim its light. Keep reading and I’ll share with you actual ways to step into your power and reclaim your strength with pride.

The further we step away from our power, the more depressed, anxious, and fearful we feel. Why? Because in our core, we are capable. We were put into this world to survive, to handle obstacles, and to overcome difficulties. Through these experiences, we become more resilient and strong-minded.

But over time, others’ voices became our identity. Their limitation of thought took over our natural born right to be deliberate creators.

Gradually, we got stripped from our emotional and mental strength. Eventually, we internalized the false ideas that we are incapable, weak, and powerless to influence our results.

Your Lost Power

If you are dealing with any type of CPTSD that stems from childhood trauma, then you probably learned to be ashamed of your own natural power. No one ever taught you to step into your power.

Here are a few examples that illustrate how growing up in dysfunctional households make you lose your power:

  • If you grew up in controlling families of any type, you got the message that you have to always put others first. You might have got rewarded (with love, warmth, affection, gifts) every time you pushed your needs aside and stepped in to take care of other people at your own expense. As an adult, you turned into a people pleaser, always feeling less than others, terrified of conflicts, and fearing advocating for yourself.
  • Many times when you tried to meet your needs to be heard and seen you got yelled at, were ridiculed, got punished, or completely ignored. Whether you tried to take up space through self-expression, creativity, or sharing your feelings and opinions. The responses you witnessed were debilitating.

Therefore, in order to avoid the pain, you kept yourself under the radar because it wasn’t safe for you to be seen.

In other words, expressing your power caused you trouble. So your protective mechanism kicked in to help you go through the rejection you experienced.  But that unconscious decision to play it small made eventually made you shrink down parts of yourself to fit in, be liked, and accepted.

If you didn’t have chores growing up, you didn’t practice taking responsibility and contributing. So that might have caused you to feel unable to face life and become easily overwhelmed with challenges.

Embrace Your Strength and Step Into Your Power

As you can see, there are many possible ways in which you might have lost your natural, built-in power.

You learned to be ashamed of your power. Fear it. Neglect it.

You ended up “choosing” the safe side by playing it small. But are you really safe?

Are you really safe when you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries and when you let others walk over you? How secure and confident you feel when you hide your authenticity from others? Are you really safe when you are emotionally reactive to little stressors?

Who do you want to be when there’s a crisis? Do you want to be the person that everyone can turn to for strength?

Making yourself appear small and shunning your power, in the long run, is not going to make you feel safe. Yes, you will be under everyone’s radar, but you’d feel weak and fragile inside.

That’s not why you’re here. You are here to shine, to live your truth, and express your uniqueness. And you can do it only if you allow yourself to fully step into your power.

You are here to deal with challenges with wisdom and strength so that nothing can break you. When there’s a crisis, it won’t be so bad because you know you have got the power to deal with it.

The first move to reclaim your power and step right into it, is to embrace the powerful self. Then, remind yourself that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a powerful individual.

You don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed for connecting with your inner power. You have every right to take up space and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Being powerful doesn’t make you rude, selfish, or bad. It makes you a person who acknowledges their worth and being their own anchor.

Stepping into your power means that you accept that you are an autonomous being. As such, you have needs and wants, and that it is your right to meet them, while you’re still respectful to others.

Reclaim your power

Stepping Into Your Power: Become The Limitless You

As I mentioned earlier, the power is within you. You were born powerful, all you need to do is take the steps to align with it.

Follow the methods below on a regular basis to build solid ground so you can become that strong, awesome, persistent, and resilient person that you have to potential to be.

Practice self-care daily

Every day, dedicate about an hour to practice a self-care routine. That could be exercising, yoga, breathe work, taking hot relaxing baths, or the opposite – get into cold showers to build your mental strength and etc.

Choose the right ways that resonate with your preferences to step into the power within. Expand your inner and outer resources and find as many ways as possible to reach the state of wholeness. In this blog post, I elaborate in detail on my favorite self-care methods that I practice every single day, with no exceptions.

Find support

In order to step into your power and become mentally and emotionally strong, you need supportive connections. That includes finding healthy-minded people who genuinely care about you and saying goodbye to toxic people who add zero value to your life.

If you are surrounded by any type of energy-draining people, it won’t take much for you to lose your power and sink along with them. We thrive when we’re in good company and wilt when in a negative environment. If you don’t have the option to physically disconnect from these people, work on setting healthy boundaries.

Learn Martial Arts to feel powerful and capable

Martial arts can definitely build your physical strength. But it can also benefit your mental health. Knowing how to defend and protect yourself can do wonders for your confidence.

As you keep practicing, you will calm down your emotional reactivity, focus your energy, beat self-doubt, learn to trust yourself more, and develop a great deal of mental toughness. This is because you will face all kinds of training obstacles that will be difficult to overcome.

Find Inner Balance and soothe your nerves

The more centered you remain in your daily life, especially in the face of challenges, the more powerful you get. It’s easy to keep your cool when everything is flowing smoothly. It’s much harder to step into your power when you’re triggered or when things don’t go as expected.

In these times, it’s important that you won’t let your anxiety take over and try to handle events with ease and calmness.

My favorite technique to train your brain to keep calm is through these negative beliefs removal tools. The hidden suggestions, along with the healing frequencies, are designed to help you remain at peace, welcome your power and boost your self-belief.

Check out this specific formula. It is specially formed to help you reclaim your personal power and stay zen and resilient when dealing with life’s unexpected hurdles.

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