5 Simple Methods To Retrain The Brain

5 Simple Methods To Retrain The Brain

retrain the brain
If you want to transform your reality, you need to first retrain the brain.  You’ve decided it’s time to make a change and create the life that you want and deserve.  But in order to delete all the fears, shame, and core limiting beliefs, it is necessary that you take an active role in the rewiring process.

Retraining your brain means releasing and let go of the subconscious blockages that hinder you from self-actualization.

Over the years, especially in childhood, you absorbed some toxic thoughts about yourself and the world. These false perceptions, later on, appeared as draining emotions, such as fear, depression, and anxiety, and also as patterns of self-sabotage behaviors.

The Importance Of Retraining The Brain

Let’s face it – our problems in life won’t solve themselves. It is our job to take responsibility for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

When we refuse to acknowledge the root cause of our issues, we give them room to expand and dominate us.

If we don’t take the necessary actions and invest our time and energy into changing our paradigms, we will continue to suffer. We will continue to repeat the same mistakes, “choose” the same toxic people that are not good for us, and be chained to our past.

Here are a few examples –

  • Are you anxious to face the dating world because deep down you are afraid that no one will truly love you?
  • Are you the quiet one during work meetings? Putting yourself under the radar so others won’t think you’re not as smart as them, because you view yourself this way?
  • Do you avoid standing up for yourself, terrified of starting a conflict and upsetting others?
  • Do you let others walk all over you without setting personal boundaries that meet your needs for respect, consideration, and choice?

Rewiring Your Brain With The Right Tools

As you can see, if you don’t make a conscious decision to end the cycle of pain and retrain your brain, the problems will not disappear on their own.

You most likely carry the limiting conditioning since an early age, so it has gained enough momentum. Now, these perceptions of reality have been fixated in your brain long enough so you believe they are the ultimate truth.

But that can’t be further from the truth.

You can influence your automated, deep-seated thoughts and rewire your brain.

There are ways to do it and these require your conscious effort and commitment on your end. A commitment to a better future.

You don’t have to keep telling yourself the same old script that inflicts sadness and emotional pain. You can choose to change your story.

I gathered for you my favorite 5 ways to reshape your mind and change the course of your life.

Tap Into Happy Memories When You Get Triggered

Getting triggered can turn a peaceful day into an ongoing nightmare if you don’t stop it on time. You can get stuck in a loop of shame, fear, anger, or hurt that feeds itself until the storm passes.

The trigger usually appears all of the sudden. It could be imagined, meaning, based on your false interpretation of the event, or real, based on what really happened.

For example, you could be talking to a colleague that said something and you blew it out of proportion. You probably didn’t do it because you’re deriving pleasure out of dramas, but that naïve remark might have brought to the surface unprocessed memories from the past.

One of the best ways to retrain the brain is to remembering pleasant memories. Why? Because when you remember something that happened, you are tapping into the Hippocampus part of the brain.

That action alone will signal the amygdala that you are safe and that it shouldn’t be activated anymore.
That simple exercise can end the triggering event shortly after it happens.

Imagine that every time when you are anxious or afraid, you will immediately bring up to the surface a nice memory that will end your anxiety within seconds or minutes.

Imagine doing that again and again until your brain will finally be trained that it should not produce adrenaline or cortisol over the small stuff.

So how to do it?

First, you need to understand you’re triggered. Then, find a place where you bring into your awareness a happy memory, whether it’s old or recent. Then, think of a memory.

It can be anything from remembering your dad is holding you and tells you he loves you when you were 5 years old, or remembering the moment you were sipping a coconut drink at the beach in Thailand with your best friend.

You shouldn’t focus on the details of the memory, but on how you felt.

The memory should bring up feelings of ease, safety, peace, fun, or relaxation. Make sure there are no parts of the memory that bring up anxiety and fear.

Say Positive Affirmations While Working Out

Positive affirmations can be a useful brain reprogramming tool if you use them the right way. Unfortunately, many people don’t benefit from positive affirmations because they use them in a way that stirs up resistance.

However, if you say general affirmations that don’t make you think you’re lying to yourself, they can be a good resource.

Their effect is massively increased if you repeat affirmations during a physical movement, through a workout, hiking, or walking outside.

When you move your body, you naturally change the chemistry in your brain.

Aerobic exercises involve blood circulation which, over time, increases the Hippocampus and makes the Amygdala become less active. Your mind produces happy hormones and you are more perceptive to new ideas.

Studies even show that the most creative ideas come to us when we’re not directly thinking about them, but when we’re in the middle of a physical activity that entails body movement.

During this time window, your brain is less anxious, so the positive suggestions can be absorbed more efficiently.

The best way is to prepare in advance a list of 5-10 general commands that you actually believe when you say them.

Don’t go too specific so you won’t get nervous when you say them.
Here are examples of general positive affirmations that won’t scare you too much:

  • “It is my right to take up space.”
  • “I was born into this world to feel good about myself.”
  • “Whatever happened to me in childhood, was never my fault.”
  • “I give myself permission to embrace my own natural power.”
  • “I am tapping into the infinite energy of abundance.”
  • “Just like anyone else, I deserve to love and be loved.”

Instead of saying way too specific affirmations that will cause you to freak out:
– “I am making $100,000 every month.”
– “I am finding the perfect house on the beach that is at least 4000 square feet.”
– “I am an amazing day trader that can anticipate the market and knows exactly when to buy and sell.”

When you come up with the list, make sure you are focusing on your real needs, rather than what you think you need.

Explore The Negative Thoughts With Curiosity And Offer Alternatives

If we want to change something about our life, we need to know the source of the problem.

So if you set an intention to retrain your brain, you need to be aware of the negative thoughts that reside in your head. Or at least, get familiarized with some of them.

Self-awareness is key if you want to make any type of progress.

Whenever you think negative thoughts, stop for a second and explore them. Is that really true? What is the reason I think that about myself? Is it my original thought or is it something I learned from the past?

In this post, I show you the exact steps to challenge negative thoughts.

In many cases, the negative paradigms will NOT reveal themselves in an obvious form. For example, most chances, our thoughts will not be presented to us in the form of general patterns.

You will NOT think things like:
– “I am not good enough”
– “I am ashamed of myself”
– “It is not safe for me to be heard and seen”
– “Others’ needs must always come first”

These types of things are thought PATTERNS and would not appear as thoughts.

The thoughts that represent these patterns would be something like:

– “This promotion is too demanding, I think I’ll pass”.
– “I don’t feel like talking to these new people”.
– “It’s too crowded here, let’s go somewhere else”.
– “It’s ok, I will let him take the credit for my work, I don’t want to start a fight over it”.

Whenever these thoughts appear, instead of letting them bring you down, investigate them with curiosity and open-mindedness.

Let’s go back to the example above – “This promotion is too demanding, I think I’ll pass”.

You can then ask yourself – do I really want to pass, or do I have programming that says I am not good enough as others? And if so, did I choose this programming, or I learned to believe these voices from someone else?

What if, instead of giving in to the fear, you would choose the take the promotion and prove yourself that your programming is nothing but a junk story? What if, you will acknowledge the fear, and still take action?

When we engage in a positive experience, this alone has the ability to retrain our brain. The new positive experience contradicts the old belief and as a consequence, rewires the mind.

rewire the brain

The experience creates new neural pathways that force the brain to alter the original belief.

However, we think approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, it would be almost impossible to notice them all.

Therefore, if our patterns aren’t clear to us, we will have to attune to our emotions instead and see what they’re trying to tell us. Explore here the mechanism of the emotional guidance system.

Remind Yourself That Your Brain Is Designed To Change

It’s easy to wallow in sadness when anxiety shows up frequently. It’s easy to give in to self-pity. But these are the exact times that you need to get yourself together. Remind yourself that your brain is elastic and is designed to change. Brain plasticity studies prove it time and again.

See, no one is coming to save you. That’s a hard truth I had to learn on my own during my years of anxiety and depression.

You have to become your own anchor. You are the only one that can save yourself, no one can do it for you.

Just like when you have a headache – no one can take an Advil for you.

You have to choose to lift yourself up when you are feeling down. It is your responsibility to elevate your mood when you are sinking.

When you are down, the secret is to THINK GRATER THAN HOW YOU FEEL.

So keep reminding yourself, over and over again, that you are capable to train your brain.

When you keep harnessing your mind to this process, you will be less and less likely to fall into the abyss of hopelessness.

Whenever you are feeling low, after you gave room to your emotions and explored them, it is time to choose life. Motivate yourself to get out of the darkness by reminding yourself of the power of your brain.

If you find it difficult to fuel yourself with motivation during times when your energy is low, try watching funny videos. That will calm down your nervous system, and then you can then tap back into the pre-frontal cortex, the rational part of your brain.

Hidden Commands

Hidden statements or subliminal messaging are messages that are perceived by our minds, below our level of awareness. Meaning, we process them, but without being aware of doing so.

In other words, they speak directly to our subconscious without us knowing what happened.

This method of brain retraining bypasses the walls of your consciousness and reaches your subconscious easily and effortlessly. They sort of “trick” the system and that is what makes them so special and results-oriented.

Maybe you will pick up some of the messages, but your brain will capture everything.

The beauty of this technology is that your unconscious brain absorbs what’s out there, and it doesn’t question things.

When your brain is bombarded by a constantly flowing stream of positive hidden suggestions, it accepts it right away. It simply gets it and obeys!

In terms of personal growth, these can reprogram our belief systems and accelerate the manifestation of abundance.

By using correctly formulated covert affirmations that you choose for yourself from my audio library, you can change virtually any aspect of your life. 

This is by far my favorite way to retrain the brain and get rid of all the harmful beliefs that don’t serve us anymore.

To Sum It Up

There are many ways to retrain the brain and influence the neural network. You need to find out which way resonates with you and stick to it.

The key to success is to be persistent, follow your chosen method again and again until you notice you’re breaking the negative patterns of your old self.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.