Power of gratitude – Easy practice great results

Appreciate everything you have

You’ve heard it so many times, that you have to appreciate and be thankful for what you have.
In this post, I’d like to dive deeper and make it clear why it’s so important to be grateful for the things you ALREADY have, even if you think you don’t have much.

You know these people who always complain, no matter what a beautiful day there is outside? They complain about everything – the weather – how hot it is, how cold it is, how their boss is annoying, how long they’ve waited in line, how badly they felt this morning. Those people are the worst people to hang around with, so I highly advise staying away from them. If that option is not plausible, screen their words, avoid letting their destructive patterns get into you, and instead, try to empower them with your own positive views.

People have dreams, passions, want to achieve things and to reach the top. While fantasizing about these dreams, people tend to complain, criticize and sometimes hate their position in the moment. They’re frustrated by what they have and own now, and from this point of frustration, they want to prosper and manifest those dreams and goals. Well, it’s impossible, my friends.
Why is that? Let me explain it in the context of another area of life. Imagine a couple with difficulties in their relationship. They’ve decided they can’t live like this anymore, and that in order to improve their relationship, they need to do something about it.  So, they’ve decided to work on it. What scenario seems to work better? What approach do you think will bring them greater results and significantly better their love life? Here are two options:

  • Develop an understanding way of communicating, with compassion and a mutual agreement to cherish what they have in their life as a couple, what they have built together, to remember what made them fall in love.  They manage their arguments with clarity, relaxation and understanding, and out of wanting to solve problems and to not escalate them
  • Hate the state they are in now and constantly blame one another, yell at each other and forget very easily what they have, what they’ve built, and all the experience they’ve accumulated

When you want to change your life out of a place of hatred of what you have, frustration, grumpiness, and bitterness – that is the future you will attract.

When you change your perception and come from a place of eagerness, love yourself for what you’ve achieved, acknowledge what you have gotten thus far – you will intensify it and attract more experiences that will make you feel good.  You will achieve more accomplishments and goals.
People don’t realize that it is impossible to reach something great out of darkness. You have to FEEL you’re in the light in order for the light to become reality. This is wrong to think: “I’ll appreciate what I have only AFTER I get it.”  You need to start appreciate things NOW, and then the reality will catch up with your state of mind.

Imagine if a worker will always complain to his boss how much he hates his job and he wants something better. Imagine that every day that he comes to work he lists all the things he doesn’t like about this job and describes in detail his negative feelings. Do you think he’ll get a promotion or better position? Of course not! You’re probably thinking, “Nobody is stupid enough to complain on a daily basis to his boss about how much he hates his work.”  Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing! But you’re not complaining in front of your boss; you’re complaining in front of the universe every day! With all due respect to your boss, the universe has a much more immense impact on your life. When you send negative messages and signals on a constant basis to the universe about your present situation – do you think you’ll get a promotion?

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Gratitude is an Attitude:

Gratitude is an inner belief. It’s a belief that lies within your subconscious mind and can be practiced easily. Having this belief will enhance the energy of light in your life; this belief will lead you to better choices, better experiences, and better results, and will expand your heart for good enlightening feelings.

Gratitude is a simple practice and you can start this process of appreciating what you already have in your life. You can begin to appreciate the money you ALREADY have so you can get much more of it, you can begin to appreciate the true friendships that you have – so you can deepen them, you can start to appreciate the car that you ALREADY have so you can attract a better one next time. Begin to appreciate and cherish every good feeling that you feel, so you’ll experience MORE of it.
When you show your gratitude to somebody else, for example, it makes this person to want to give you more. When you express thankfulness to your friend for driving you to work, you’ll get more rides whenever you need them. When you show your partner your deep appreciation for the little things he/she does, the result is that you’ll get more of those things. Imagine the enormously endless potential of what you can receive from the universe if you learn to acknowledge, respect and gratify the things you have in the present.

Unlike the common belief many people hold, gratitude means to not want something better.  On the contrary, BECAUSE you want an improvement, because you have inspirations, dreams and goals  – it’s imperative that you learn to love, appreciate and not take for granted what you got NOW, so you’ll attract tons of it in the future.

How can I practice an attitude of gratitude?
Before you go over the steps list, I remind you what I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article – stay away from the serial complianers. If you can’t do that, learn how to block their poisen negetive perspective and lack of appreciation from reaching you.

Step 1: fully internalize the idea that appreciating what you have now is going to bring you more and more of it in the future

Step 2: if you have something in life you don’t like and don’t find a way to appreciate it – find a way to see the positive side of it and be grateful for it. For example, if you just lost your job – be grateful for the new options, and feel appreciation for the freedom you get now.

Step 3: Make a list of all the things you appreciate in your life, your accomplishments and BAD experiences that you’ve learned valuable lessons from.

Step 4: Be aware of your complaints. Train your brain to see the good side of life experiences, circumstances and situations you’re facing. After you recognize the good part of it, feel the deep appreciation you have towards it.

If it seems hard to implement, it’s only because your mind is not used to this kind of inspiring thinking. After you practice this life-changing technique, it will become easier and easier and finally this attitude will be an integral part of your inner mindset. Just like working out in the gym – at first it’s incredibly difficult because your body is not used to it, but after you exercise as part of your daily routine, your body gets so used to it and you start to see the results.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.

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