Subliminal Messages

What Are Subliminal Messages

What Are Subliminal MessagesSublimianl messages are hidden messages that are transferred directly to the subconscious mind without being blocked by the consciousness. The subliminal commands are transmitted through visual or  audio channels. The visual messages usually appear as super quick flashes of words, sentences, images and colors that cannot be caught by the eyes.

By using correct subliminal affirmations, you can finally unleash your true potential and achieve your desires! with constant use of subliminal suggestions, you can lose weight, quit smoking, build confidence, appreciate yourself and your life, be happy, develop great communication skills, influence others and live your life to the fullest!

The audio suggestions are built in as affirmations that are covered by other heard tunes. The visual afirmations appear as quick flshes that diapear right away so they eye cannot really read what they say. The subconscious, of course, absorb it right away.

There is tons of research that explores subliminal messages and their impact, and you can read about them here.

One great piece of research was done in the University of Southern California.

The experiment showed Japanese words to English speakers. The Japanese words were shown on the screen extremely quickly so the eye didn’t get them.

Immediately after the Japanese words were shown, they showed on the screen happy faces and sad faces of people, so subconsciously, some Japanese words made the participants feel good and some of them made them feel not so good.

In the end of the images of happy and sad faces, the Japanese words were shown openly to the participants and they had to describe their feelings. Guess what the results were? Their subconscious connected between the Japanese words and the facial expressions, even though they couldn’t see at all the Japanese words in level 1 of the experiment.

Imagine what repetitive positive subliminal messages can do to you in every field of life you’re interested in making a change!

By using subliminal messages method, you will neutralize the influence of the consciousness that insists on sticking to the existing reality, and to connect to the subconscious mind, convey the messages you desire and choose any reality you want from the endless possibilities that are available.

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