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How Passionate are you about your future business

Be Passionate To Succeed

This article is for those who have seriously considered the option of owning their own business, becoming self-employed, and determining what their salary is going to look like. You already figured out that working for a boss for the rest

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How to program your subconscious mind for home business success

This post is very specific for those who have opened a small business from home or are in the process of opening one. You have an idea and you’ve made up your mind to take it to the next step

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How much do you pay for watching TV

Hello my friends, here’s an interesting question for you – How much does your television cost? What is the price you pay to watch TV? You might be trying to remember how much money you pay for it, but the

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How to be a money magnet starting from today

First off, I’d like to start with why I am posting this article and why I keep on publishing money magnet subliminal and binaural beats videos on YouTube. This is NOT going to be my last article about money; it’s

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10 things winners don’t do

People with positive mindsets know exactly how to manage their feelings, their thoughts and actions in a way that will bring them abundance and success. Being a winner and mentally strong is not just to say to yourself, “I think

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