Weight Loss Binaural Beats

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Weight Loss Binaural Beats

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Binaural Beats Weight Loss – Change Your Paradigms With Sound Therapy And Healing Hypnosis

This Binaural Beats for Weight Loss recording will tune your brain with healing frequencies. The binaural beats are associated with a fast metabolism, dissolving fat cells, and letting go of resistance against change. In addition to binaural beats, the session for weight loss contains powerful suggestions for maximum results.

  •   Easily shift your mental approach about losing weight
  •   Reduce emotional food cravings
  •   Be eager to live a healthy lifestyle
  •  Tune into vibrations of well-being and vitality
  •   Let go of self-sabotaging patterns
  •   Tune into your center and inner-self

Binaural Beats Weight Loss – Let The Magic Begin

What are binaural beats for weight loss and how can they help you with your transformation process? How can certain frequencies assist you to shift your dominant patterns regarding weight loss and improve your digestive system?

You are about to reveal the wonderful power of binaural beats that have been scientifically proven in many studies. You will be exposed to the secret of vibrations that will help you manifest your biggest goals.

Before we explore the binaural beats for weight loss, ask yourself these questions –

losing weight binaural beatsHow many times have you sworn that you will eat healthily, and two days later found yourself being tempted to have a delicious cupcake at lunch? How many times did you go to the gym with lack of desire and just waited for the moment it will be over?

You might have started a weight loss process before, but only outwardly, or if you prefer, behaviorally. In fact, as long as you don’t replace your inner settings about weight loss and healthy living, this battle is doomed from the start.

The Excuses Take Over

Every time you promise yourself to go through a diet, but then you forget these promises – something within you breaks. When it happens again and again, you stop believing in yourself and your promises. You don’t trust yourself anymore.

Thus, your hopes become vague, your motivation fades out, and the need to run 10 miles that felt like an inner fire in the past has been put out.

“Why would anything be different this time?” you ask yourself. “It’s always the same… I start the diet, and at some point, I will ruin all of the progress I have made; so what is the point?”

This is the reason I have created this binaural beats weight loss session.

What Are Binaural Beats?

binaural beats weight lossThe binaural waves are one of the newest technologies for therapeutic use that gain growing scientific proofs. Binaural beats are sound vibrations that can be combined with music, which enable a shift in the brain waves within minutes.

This shift can lead to a change of mood, perception, and even in the physical body. Most humans can experience brain synchronization in everyday life, but randomly and only short term.

A meditation, for example, can create a synchronization for a longer period of time, but it takes higher proficiency and years of practice. Scientists relate between a synchronized brain and wisdom, and define this phenomenon as the most efficient potential actualization of the mind.

The Binaural Beats Frequencies To Lose Weight

1-hour session: 30 minutes of binaural beats for dissolving fat cells – 295.8hz with soothing background music. This frequency vibrates the body cells and encourages defeating fat cells. Another 30 minutes of binaural beats to improve the metabolic system.

The binaural beats weight loss will synchronize with your brain and train it to resonate with the vibrations that will assist you to lose weight and keep it off. It has been proven that everything in this world has an energetic vibration.

Every plant, cell in your body, even your intestinal system, liver, and thoughts! Imagine what the specific weight loss vibrations will do to your body when you listen to them on a regular basis! It can bring your whole system to a complete transformation – mental and physical.

Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies, and vibrations”.

And this is not all…

Binaural Beats Integrated With Hypnotic Messages For Weight Loss

The binaural beats for weight loss are combined with subliminal messaging that will help you change your thought patterns and emotional eating patterns.

The hypnotic commands will raise your self-worth and respect for your body and will help you balance your relationship with food and healthy living in general.

weight loss binaural beats

The hidden messages bypass your hearing threshold, and by doing so avoid your natural resistance to perceptions that are different than yours.

You see, the reason you couldn’t lose weight so far is that you carry limiting beliefs that are responsible for your results in life. We are all governed by mind programming, some positive, and some highly destructive.

The negative beliefs are the ones that hold you down, fail you, and keep you stuck in the same spot. Therefore, no matter what methods you use to try to lose weight – in the end, the unconscious settings always beat the conscious desire, as strong as it may be.

The Only Wall That Separates Between Your Ideal Body Weight is Your Unaware Paradigms

Paradigms are patterns and programming that have been fixated inside your brain since childhood, traumas, and life experience. Your beliefs determine how you think, feel, and behave.

They are in charge of your interpretation of circumstances, the goals you set, and the results you get. The beliefs guide your life creating a reality that will exactly match the programming you have. The problem is that you are not even aware of the patterns.

You know, those voices that run in your head on a constant basis…

“There is no chance I will make it.”
“I was always overweight.”
“These are my genes.”
“This is who I am.”
“Food comforts me.”
“I need to eat when I’m sad/happy”.

weight loss binauralWeight loss will become so easy, enjoyable, and pleasing as you remove those mental blockages and instead, implant nourishing stories that will foster personal growth. And this is exactly what the binaural beats weight loss sessions are designed to do.

Three Recordings, One Download

The binaural beats for weight loss program include three recordings:

Set 1: subliminal messages + binaural beats with frequencies to dissolve fat cells and improvement of metabolism. Listen at night. 320 Hz + 200 Hz
Set 2: subliminals + binaural beats with vibrations that associated with inner shifts (Isochronic tones), releasing fear, and self-love. 639 hz + 432 hz. Listen at night.
Set 3: multi-layered spoken suggestions without binaural beats – listen during the day

The spoken suggestions are as equally effective as the hypnotic hidden commands since they are coded in a multi-layered platform. You will be able to hear the words, but your awareness cannot distinguish them as whole sentences.

Do not worry; your subconscious will handle it perfectly. In fact, the affirmations penetrate your system and can remove your conditioning, since they also bypass your cynical rejection.

This binaural beats for weight loss is an exclusive program you can find only here and nowhere else!

Vortex-Success is the only place you can find a complete integration of binaural beats, subliminal messaging, and spoken affirmations to program your mind to lose weight.

This is the ultimate solution to help you unleash the self-sabotaging patterns that block you from making positive progress.

The unique Vortex-Success method will guide you to embrace inner beliefs of a healthy, thin, and in shape person.

The Limitless You

You will learn to love and accept who you are. A starting point of self-love is the fastest and sure way for an actual transformation in any field, especially weight loss.

Instead of getting bored with healthy food, you will be passionate about nurturing your body with healthy eating habits. Suddenly sweets, fatty, and greasy foods will not seem as tempting.

The binaural beats, combined with the suggestions, will guide you to find effective and creative ways to turn healthy food into tasty meals, while keeping its nutritional value. You will radiate vitality; people will notice it!

losing weight binaural beats

The change you will go through will be inclusive, not only in the behavioral aspect, but mainly in the emotional level.

Instead of grumbling about not being able to eat carbs, you will enjoy not eating them, because you will realize you do not need carbs anymore. You will come to a realization that fatty food is not filling the void for happiness.

Meaningful things will replace the greasy food, and your happiness will come from within and not from outside sources.

How To Use The Binaural Beats Weight Loss

First off, it is imperative to mention that you need to want to lose weight prior to listening to this program.

In addition to the passive recordings of binaural beats, be ready to take responsibility and do whatever it takes and is right for you. Whether it is to start cooking healthy food, working out, and visiting a nutritionist who will supervise your progress.

Listen at night

Listen to the audios with the binaural waves at night for up to an hour. Allow yourself to fall asleep with the music playing on the background, just pay attention not to put it on replay mode. Headphones are a must.

Listen at day

Listen to the recordings without binaural beats during the day. There is no time limit. You can play it in the background when watching TV, checking your Facebook and when cooking a nourishing lunch.

Download the exclusive binaural beats sessions for weight loss now. You are worth it.

The affirmations

I find it easier and easier to reach my ideal weight
I joyfully embrace healthy living as my lifestyle
Every day I become slimmer, fitter, and in better shape
I nourish my body with healthy eating
I constantly nourish my body with lots of healthy vegetables
My body reaches its ideal weight with ease
Every cell in my body is healthy
I treat my body with respect and love
I deserve to be slim and fit
I am becoming more and more fit every day that goes by
I easily take control and responsibility for my body weight
I reach my goal weight naturally and freely
I believe I deserve to be healthy and shapely
I love and accept my body right now
It is easy for me to make choices that support a healthy body
I feel blessed and grateful for the body I own
I happily release fattening food from my routine
I easily reach my ideal weight through healthy eating and exercising
The effective exercises I choose burn my fat cells fast
I truly enjoy working out and stay active
I successfully rewired my brain to love keeping fit
My metabolism functions perfectly while digesting food
All of my body cells work in perfect alignment with one another
I am a slim, happy, and healthy person

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).