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Am I sabotaging my relationships? These powerful programs will help you reshape your destructive patterns that ruin your loving relationships. Over 8 hours of High-Quality audio and video files. Instant Download!

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am i sabotaging my relationships

Am I sabotaging my relationship unintentionally

Why do we sabotage our relationships? Why do we always fall in love with the ones who don’t want us? Why do we keep pulling into our lives toxic relationships despite the experience we’ve gained? Haven’t we learned anything from our past mistakes? Will history always repeat itself, no matter what we do?

If you find yourself asking those questions without receiving sufficient answers, you have come to the right place.

What went wrong

We all have made mistakes that sabotaged our relationships. You might have found the love of your life in the past and, like an automatic, uncontrolled mechanism, managed to ruin your relationship until it was irreparable… or maybe you haven’t found the one yet and fell “accidentally” into unhealthy relationships that tore your soul to pieces.

No matter whether you sabotaged a relationship that seemed so promising and that caused everyone around you to think that you were the perfect couple, or whether you fell in love obsessively with a married man who was not emotionally available for you.

No matter whether you attracted into your life, time after time, relationships full of tedious drama, or dull relationships that didn’t excite you in any way, what matters is that all of these patterns have a common ground.

Waking in the shadow

This common ground is a secret that you are not even aware of! As a matter of fact, most people in the world are not aware that this secret is sabotaging their relationships, money and every area you can imagine.

Everybody, including you, is wandering in the dark, completely sure that they are controlling things. You are so certain about the direction are going, but this is just an illusion.

The truth is, you are controlled automatically, even when you’re asleep, by a hidden force that determines all of your results in life.

This secret force is the one that makes you hurt deeply from an insignificant sentence your girlfriend said; it leads you to unnecessary ego games that shut down both of you emotionally; it’s the one that urges you to say goodbye forever to an amazing man who could have been the father of your children.

The invisible hand that sabotages your relationships

What is this secret that is sabotaging your relationships? You could touch the sky in other fields, but when it comes to love, you bump into frustrating challenges that repeat themselves time after time, and you’re facing them helplessly, without a feasible solution.

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “Your thoughts become your reality.” And it’s true. Partially. Because if it were fully correct, we would just change our thoughts and our experiences would be perfect!

But have you ever asked yourself – Where do these thoughts come from? What is their source? Why do I have certain thoughts, while another person has others?

why am i sabotaging my relationship

You’ll agree that the thoughts of a happily married couple are not similar to the outlook of a person who sabotages relationships, who stumbles into unrequited love, who is tempted to cheat and who experiences heartbreak time after time.

It’s the same thing with feelings. What makes one person play the role of a victim in relationships while another person conducts his life in flowing harmony and authentic confidence?

We all know that the source of our emotions is our thoughts, but what generates them? What has shaped and designed them? The answer to that is patterns. Our conditioning. Our paradigms.

The automated journey

Our paradigms are an inclusive system of inner beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world. This belief system determines the perceptions and outlook we carry.

The inner patterns decide how we feel about ourselves, about a certain person, about a particular event and how to respond to it behaviorally.

These paradigms have been defined since our childhood, without our choice, and without our free will. These definitions are sabotaging your relationships. They continue to conduct you daily, as an adult and a grown-up, without your questioning them even for a moment.

Why do these settings operate automatically? Because that’s the way our brain mechanism is designed. Our brains take events, circumferences, experiences or sentences we’ve heard before (these could also be a singular event or trauma and not an ongoing tendency) and simply classify them into categories, fixate them and made them become the absolute truth for us.

This truth that runs our entire reality and that sabotages our relationships could be perceived as utter nonsense to someone else.

The bottom of the iceberg

This hidden force is, in fact, our subconscious mind. The conditioning resides deep inside our subconscious. The internal patterns decide how you emotionally respond when your boyfriend will not tell you that he loves you with the same frequency you tell him.

If your leading paradigm is “if others don’t love me, I’m not worth anything” – you will probably be angry, sad or hurt. You might demand that he say it more often. However, if the paradigm that is fixed in your unconscious does not support consequent external approvals, you will accept it without any drama and focus on other ways in which he does express his love for you.

If this mechanism wasn’t automatic, we could not survive. Our breathing system would not operate automatically; our blood flow would collapse and our digestive system would not function properly. If our system conducted itself through our awareness and full control, there is no way in the world that we could supervise all of the factors that enable our existence.

If this mechanism were not automatic, you would easily make different choices. You would cease sabotaging your relationships time after time. You would lose weight easily, feel confident to speak in public, be comfortable in social settings and attract a wonderful, reliable and loving life partner who would be there forever.

The molds that sabotage my relationships

There are so many limiting beliefs that cause you to ruin your love life in any way possible, and I cannot cover everything here. But, in a nutshell, here is a list of the most common ones:

“No one can really love me.”
“I am not worthy.”
“I am ugly. Who will ever want to be with me?”
“I should settle for anyone who agrees to be with me.”
“Love hurts.”
“Easy come, easy go.”
“Everybody’s cheating.”
“It’s hard and lonely to be single.”
“I need someone to be happy.”

Conditioning overcomes self-control

When negative imprinting like that is the default setting of your inner settings, you stand zero chance of managing your choices, habits, and behaviors differently.

sabotaging relationships

These limiting beliefs are the reason you sabotage your relationships, pick the wrong lovers and bring ego into the picture. Even if you truly want to change, there is no way you can go through a real change in the long run by willpower only.

Your reality is accurately reflecting the inner programming of your brain, and you cannot bypass it in any way, even if you are aware of your harming conditioning (though 99% of people don’t realize that they are operated by an automatic mechanism that controls every life result they have). It is similar to a plane that flies only on a course that was pre-defined. If the plane swerves a little bit, it goes back on course right away because this is the programming of its system.

This is not your fault!

You may have grown up in a home where you saw both of your parents arguing continuously and living lives devoid of love and passion.

You might have felt unloved by the adults who raised you, and these feelings could have molded themselves into paradigms of “I am not worthy enough,” “I have no value” or “Who could possibly love me?”

You might have gone through a painful trauma of abandonment that left you scarred.

If it’s pinching your heart because you know that you can find a better partner, one who is warmer, loving and caring, but fear stops you from moving forward… If you’re tired of all the exhausting drama… If you want to cut out your habits that sabotage your relationships… know that there is a solution.

Acknowledgment is not enough

We’ve already said that being aware of negative conditioning cannot solve the problem. The solution must come from the root – the unconscious level. In order to change once and for all your results in life and your love life, you need to change your imprinting.

That is the way your brain works, and leading research proves it all the time! For example, the fascinating field of brain plasticity and the groundbreaking findings of the world’s famous Biologist – Bruce Lipton.

If that is the case, wouldn’t you like to know how to influence your control panel so that you can manifest the best version of yourself?

Would it be worthwhile to crack this code so that you can set free the powerful you? The you who can give love without ego and games? The you who sets standards in relationships and doesn’t settle for anything you can get? The you who doesn’t sabotage your relationships?

Let go of fear and doubts – embrace mental strength

Building inner settings of “I am deserving of love” will elevate your life to new heights! You will stop allowing others to walk over you or take advantage of you. You will love yourself and radiate it out.

sabotaging your relationship

This sense of self-love will not enable you to walk the old road of dramatic relationships that drained you of all your energy. Self-love will allow you to let go of control and let your partner be the way she/he is, without any possessiveness from your side.

Suddenly, you will stop being afraid that your partner will leave you or cheat on you; you will feel comfortable when your boyfriend is going out for a fun night with his friends; you will begin to enjoy the routine in your relationship and find ways to spice it up without looking for the exit signs; you will accept your partners as they are because you know that you have no control over them.

And if you are in an insufficient, hurtful and toxic relationship, the self-love and respect you have for yourself will not let you remain in that place.
This feeling will radiate confidence and easily magnetize other potential partners who carry the same frequencies.

How to quit sabotaging my relationships and find a healthy and harmonic love

The ultimate, easiest and most affordable method of designing your paradigms to stop sabotaging your relationships is through subliminal messaging.
These are covert affirmations that you cannot fully hear and understand, and that is what makes them a super-powerful tool to alter your reality!

They penetrate your backstage levels without any resistance from your side whatsoever. The absence of resistance is the feature that enables the change!

The hidden commands will make you become all you ever wanted to be! The hypnotic suggestions are coded in the music of the session in repeat mode, so they will “attack” your system mind non-stop! Your mind will not have any choice but to accept them as real and to obey!

The formula I have developed has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide, and it will help you too. My method will help you catch the express train to big transformation in your love life! Shortly, you will stop sabotaging your relationships once and for all!

There is science behind it

It’s not about hocus-pocus or New Age baloney, but a system that has been scientifically examined in different research fields and has been proven to be the best way to physically rewire the brain!

The most successful entrepreneurs on earth use it! Leading gurus recommend that their customers train their brains daily with this groundbreaking technology.

We got you covered

This bundle to attract love includes 10 different recordings, each of which focuses specifically on different aspects of relationships – Law of Attraction, raising your love vibration, stopping your sabotage of relationships, and shifting your self-talk in terms of how you perceive yourself and your chances of finding someone who loves you.

sabotaging my relationship

This is not all! Some of the audios include healing frequencies and are part of the Sound Therapy field.

This is a fascinating research field that has been proven time after time to overcome diseases: improving the immune and digestive systems, relieving depression and anxiety, promoting weight loss, stopping enslavement to cigarettes, and assisting with the abandonment of other addictions like alcohol and food.

The frequencies that are played in these recordings have been strictly selected, and are directly related to love vibrations, the heart chakra, opening blockages and facilitating deep changes.

It is all about deciding to alter your path

How many times have you wished for a miracle pill that would bring you all of the desires that run through your head (true love, the perfect life partner, money, financial freedom, vacations…)?

Think about it… you would open a big mouth, take the pill easily and poof! You would wake up to a life in color – a life you choose – and would finally overcome your sabotaging of relationships.

Does an NTZ-48 pill really exists

Now ask yourself, do you really want to be limitless?

The only time I have seen a miracle pill like this was the electrifying *NTZ48 in the movie “Limitless”.

The thing about this pill is that it would activate 100% of your brain’s potential… and actually make you the one who set the rules, on your own terms! (Too bad NTZ is a Hollywood dream.)

But what 97% of people will never know is that our mindset is anybody’s way – and yours, too – to become super-human. It’s not a joke. And it’s also not a hippy thing.

The only question is not whether it will work for you, but… do you have the courage to try it?

If yes, download now the ultimate love package and see how the super-human cannot wait anymore to burst out!

P.S. I was amazed to discover that the medicine companies actually tried to develop a pill like that. They became really close until it was revealed that over time this pill dissolved the brain tissue.

So… in the meantime… we’ll have to count on the most powerful computer in the universe.

Enough with sabotaging your relationships. Download the “Find Love” formula now. You’re worth it.

This set contains:
Attract The Love Of Your Life – $12.95
Attract Love And Healthy Relationship – Audio file – $9.95
Attract Love And Healthy Relationship – Video file – $9.95
Getting Over Divorce Or a Breakup – $9.95
Find Your Soul Mate – $9.95
Attract Women Without Games – $9.95
Attract Men With Covert Hypnosis – $9.95
Attract Men Find Your Soul Mate – $9.95
Heal Your Broken Heart – FREE
Bonus: Solfeggio frequencies with 639hz (love frequency) – Audio file – $9.95

The value of all the sessions above is $93 if purchasing the files individually.

Now, you can get them all with this great value Find Love set for ONLY $19.95!

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