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Become More Resilient In The Face of Challenges

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What Is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to face obstacles in life without letting them drag you into an endless abyss. It’s about seeing your goals beyond the terrifying challenges and coming up with creativity and imagination to solve problems while remaining optimistic during the hard times.

Resiliency is understanding that difficulties are only temporary and that you can learn so much from them, in order to use them as a leverage to deepen your inner strength.

Being more resilient doesn’t mean having an absence of fear.

Resilience is about being honest about your fears and embracing the discomfort of acting with courage, rather than falling apart or engaging in the paralysis of denial.

Develop Resilience

The affirmations of this meditation can rewire your psyche to master resilience, which will allow you to accept what comes at you. You will feel capable of successfully handling adversity, and deepen your belief in yourself.

Frequencies details

Isochronic tones – 741 Hz associated with accessing your intuition.
Alpha – Theta pulses that range between 8 Hz to 5 Hz for deeper relaxation.

Recording Details

1. Subliminal messages + Isochronic Tones
Frequencies: 528 Hz with Alpha Theta pulses – 10 Hz to 6 Hz.

2. Subliminal messages only (free bonus recording)

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I dare to make courageous leaps into new opportunities
I happily perceive uncertainty and change as wonderful opportunities
I am honest with myself about my fears and use them as leverage to move forward
I am a resilient person; I am flexible and adaptable to change
I use my imagination and creativity to overcome obstacles easily
I am joyfully transforming my challenges into opportunities for growth and success
I move toward my goals with determination, passion, and perseverance
Being resilient helps me transcend obstacles and manifest tremendous success
I possess powerful inner sources of creativity and imagination
I am a strong, self-assured, grounded, and powerful person
I easily maintain a positive spirit during challenging times
I can overcome any challenge that comes my way – I am emotionally resilient
I feel inspired to keep going through the difficulties in life; I can do it
I am determined to dedicate my inner resources to manifest my life goals
I am eager and fully capable of overcoming any challenge that crosses my path
Facing my fears with honesty and compassion allows me to easily transcend them
With every challenge I handle, I feel stronger and stronger
I believe in myself to successfully handle any obstacle
I trust that the Universe is always standing by my side and supporting me
I am adaptable when riding the waves of adversity
I accept what comes at me with flexibility
Challenges are only temporary

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
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