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Break Free of Fear of Rejection

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Rejection is a fear most people have in common. Rejection paralyzes you from taking necessary actions in life, hindering your growth and keeping you in the same old comfort zone.

You might think that fear of rejection keeps you safe and protected. But this kind of attitude makes it difficult to move forward in life. As a matter of fact, fear of rejection makes you lose your confidence and safety net. Here’s why:

The more you allow fear of rejection take over your mind and dictate your behavior, the more you lose trust in yourself.

If you can’t trust in yourself to take the right steps toward progress, self-doubt creeps in, settling deeply in your subconscious.

Do you think self-doubt encourages you to feel more safe and secure? Absolutely not. It does the exact opposite.

Become Resilient

Guess what? Once you gradually let go of your fear of rejection and start taking action, you will STILL encounter rejection from time to time. But that won’t break you down, because you have already taken steps toward believing in yourself.

As you start believing in your actions, you become resilient to rejection. You will know that you can take care of yourself, no matter what challenges cross your path, and no matter how many times you face rejection.

This program will not eliminate rejection from your experiences, but it can help you to beat your fear of failure! In addition, you will learn how to alter your thought process to eliminate the negative interpretations you attach to rejection.

Instead of viewing rejection as something that must be avoided, you will learn to approach it as a bridge to better opportunities!

Deconstruct your fear of rejection now!

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I am a worthy, valuable and deserving individual
I am the only one who has the authority to determine my own worth
My sense of self is just fine, however others choose to perceive me
I always maintain high self-esteem under any circumstances and whatever events happen in my life
I appreciate, value and respect myself
I know my high worth and the value I have to offer to society
I dare to take risks and approach people to further and share my best intentions
I accept rejection as a positive and empowering experience
Rejection is merely other people’s story about me
The interpretations which others have of who I am are their business only
I take risks and wholeheartedly pursue after my highest goals
I always think positively about myself, regardless of how others may feel about me
Everyday I become more and more confident and outgoing
I enjoy meeting new people
Rejections open the door to better opportunities
I love and accept myself despite how others may feel about me
If someone rejects me, it only increases my self-worth
If someone rejects me, it makes me grow stronger and stronger
I always stay relaxed in intimidating social situations
I am a strong, capable, powerful and grounded individual in any social situation
I am starting to open my heart and spirit and take chances so that I can grow in my life
I remain confident, joyful and courageous even though I might be rejected
I give myself permission to be confident and carefree in social interactions
My high self-confidence always overcomes any fear of rejection
I use rejection as a tool for learning, growing and improving in all ways and at all times

Binaural Beats

Base frequency is 528 hz and 10 hz Alpha waves.

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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