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Overcome Fear Of The Future

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Fear Of The Future

Why You’re Terrified of the Future

Why do you perceive the future as something to be fearful of? What is it about the future that takes away your peace of mind? It’s not the future that threatens us, but the uncertainty. We tend to feel secure when we know how things are going to play out.

Usually, when you find yourself preoccupied with how things will unfold, it can indicate that you might not be in a good place right now – emotionally or physically. Therefore, you feel less sure of yourself – less certain.

The Illusion of Being In Control

So your brain might fool you with the illusion “if I worry enough about the future, I will feel that I have control, and the control will provide me a sense of certainty”. But has it ever proved itself? Nope.

On the contrary, the more you fear the future, the more you lose control over your emotional balance, and that’s the complete opposite of certainty.

In addition, you fear the future because your perspective as for now is very limited. You only know a small fraction of the big picture. Think of the things that are so clear to you now, didn’t even occur to you five years ago… a year ago.

As the days go by, the pieces of the puzzle will reveal themselves to you and the clouds that hid the view will dissipate. Then, you’ll be able to see what you can’t see at this moment.

Endless Future Scenarios

Now, before you beat yourself up, you should know that Fear of the future is very common. We all have experienced scary feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about the future.

But, if you realize that you can create any future you want, according to the vibration you’re offering, then there is nothing to fear about. The future scenario can change at any given moment. There are countless of future possibilities and they all depend on the frequency you are vibrating.

Therefore, the more you let go… the more you relax into it and just become at ease… The higher the vibration you emit to the electromagnetic field.

This meditation will help you melt away subconscious fear and self-doubt. These two negative energies themselves, when removed or when significantly reduced, speed up the momentum and make room for true growth, expansion and clarity.

The affirmations (‘you’ and ‘I’)

I can create the future I desire
I create my future through my vibration
I am wiping away fear, doubt, and confusion and make room for clarity and confidence
My future is unfolding perfectly
Everything I want just finds its way to me peacefully
I easily maintain high vibration and getting into the magic of momentum
I am directing my focus towards my authentic goals
I only focus on the things I want to have in my life
I am healing the emotional parts that need to be healed
I am breaking free of any emotional setback
I am generating the momentum of self-growth and expansion
I am transforming the mental blockages into an enormous inner strength
I have the ability to build any future I want according to the frequency I offer
I am vibrating high as I cleanse fear and doubt out of my system
I am finding the right way to heal myself from childhood wounds
I am successfully embracing empowering subconscious paradigms of self-belief
As time goes by, I become more and more optimist and at ease
As time goes by, I feel safe, secured, grounded and centered
As time goes by, I am getting back to the initial safe feeling of being in the womb
Everything is going to be alright
I am looking forward with eager and excitement to what is coming
I am mindful of the present moment

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