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Feel Safe, Centered & Grounded

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Feeling grounded, secured and centered is a deep internal awareness that you are protected by your own stillness and that you are being taken care of. In feeling safe, your fears and worries fade away quickly and don’t gain any momentum.

Being grounded enables you to connect with yourself and your emotions, and by that, allows you to connect with others as well. Your calmness washes your stress away and you face challenges with ease and curiosity.

You don’t develop a sense of grounding by gaining external resources such as money or approval from others. It’s an inner sense you possess that is being projected to the outside world.

This healing meditation will help you get more grounded, tune into your inner center and develop have a deep sense of safety and security.

Frequencies details

Isochronic Tones, base frequency is 741 Hz with Theta waves pulses of 7Hz to 4 Hz.

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I am grounded
I am feeling safe, secure, and protected
Everything is well with me
I am emotionally stable; I can easily maintain my emotional balance
I feel at home with myself
I am present at the moment; I am a mindful person
I joyfully perform positive self-soothing to ground myself
I excel at making good decisions that benefit me greatly
I am feeling centered and at ease
I find healthy ways to help my body and soul relax and feel at ease
I am a calm and relaxed person
The healing energy of the Universe flows through me
My mind is clear, sharp and focused on my goals
Every day in every way, I am tuning into my inner center
I tap into my inner strength easily
My life is valuable; I am valuable
I bring value through my being, actions, and words
I bring value to the world
My inner resources are infinite and powerful
Every cell in my body is healthy and well; I feel alive
I am feeling great; everything will always be ok with me
I am present and at peace in my own skin
I feel a deep sense of belonging

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
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