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Feel Worthy and Deserving of Money

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Why do you subconsciously have the belief that you are not worthy of money? Why would you ever feel guilty or uncomfortable about receiving money or gifts? Why would anyone feel this way in the first place?

If you’re worthy of breathing air or living freely – why does it have to be different when it comes to wealth or financial abundance?

In the society we live in, our caretakers and teachers always taught us that we have to prove ourselves in order to be deserving of anything good – including success, love, happiness… and even money.

You Learned That Who You Are Is No Good

We are conditioned to believe that we have to EARN things and that we can’t just have them. Some of us had to earn our parent’s love. Some of us had to earn our teachers’ compassion.

We were taught that we are not good enough – to receive and experience love, success, and happiness, we were forced to change who we are.

Growing up, many of us were manipulated into believing that we could not obtain money or wealth without hard work. We were taught that we had to prove something to achieve success.

If you have been conditioned to look down upon your achievements and success, you may subconsciously experience thoughts such as: “Who am I to receive the good things in life? I’m not special.”

But here’s the thing: you are worthy of money and everything good in this world, just because you are. You don’t need to justify it.

Provide Value

Sure, you will have to do some work. You will have to offer a valuable solution to the world in order to be rewarded. This is an energy exchange – you offer your creativity and, in return, you attract the abundance you deserve.

But as long as you believe that you’re not worthy of anything good, you will not take the necessary actions toward achieving success. You will continue to think you have nothing to offer. You will be blocked from doing the right things that will foster your progress.

The truth is – you don’t have to struggle to attract financial abundance. Wealth can flow to you with ease while doing the things you love and offering the world the talents you were blessed with.

You don’t have to be a “someone special” or a “super-human” to be deserving of all the awesome stuff in life. You just have to be you.

Increase Your Self-Worth

This subliminal meditation will help you increase your self-worth. As a result, you will feel valuable in this world, which will help you to unlock your true potential and allow yourself to receive abundance.

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I deserve to live an abundant life style
I believe I am worthy of financial abundance
I am worthy of wealth and prosperity
I feel comfortable to charge money for the great value I offer to the world
I feel completely okay telling customers what my fees are
I deserve to be well paid for my skills and expertise
I deserve all the money I want to attract
I know the Universe is an abundant place
My work’s core values are integrity, honesty, and reliability
I deeply acknowledge my strengths; I have legitimate talents
The Universe can shower me with money
I am ready to receive the infinite abundance of the Universe
I believe I am entitled to live prosperously
I deserve to get endless flow of money
My sheer existence makes me worthy, valuable and deserving of abundance
The fact that I am living, entitles me to have the best life
I am treating myself like a worthy human being
I am worth being taken care of by myself and the Universe
My brain now is getting the message that I am worthy of all that is good in life
My brain is deeply absorbing the message that I am deserving of flow of money

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