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Money Manifestation

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Attract Money

Remove your limiting beliefs about money

  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Let go of the equation time= money
  • Release stress about money
  • Allow infinite money manifestation
  • Know you’re capable of doing anything you want

Money manifestation – enable a free flow of money

This program is about releasing negativity on how you perceive money. Many of us (including myself in the past) grew up absorbing false ideas about money and we never really questioned them until we faced financial struggles in adulthood that we now find hard to overcome.

You know, false concepts such as –

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“It’s hard to make money”
“Rich people are spoiled and mean”
“It’s shallow to pursue money”
“Money doesn’t buy love and happiness” (which is true, but neither does poverty).

We learn to think that only the lucky ones get to have those big bucks.

But, as a matter of fact, money is an exchange of energy – the rich get rich because of the value they offer to the world, and they get rewarded for their solutions in monetary forms (as long as they don’t contradict them with limiting beliefs).

This recording will help you rewire your brain to deeply believe that you can actually make money with the valuable ideas you offer. You can use it to make an emotional shift about money, and finally align with the energy of money.

Once you are tuned into the energy of money, it will be easier than ever to manifest it in ways you never even conceived of before.

Suddenly, opportunities will pop up out of nowhere, and you will somehow connect with people who will help you foster your growth, whether by investing money in your business or by providing you game-changing tips that you can apply right away and see immediate results.

One of the most wonderful things about changing the sabotaging script of your mind is the significant reduction of fear.

Fear and self-doubt (that stem from misconceptions) are the main reasons we don’t act on our goals, or that we act poorly and therefore never make a significan progress.

But as fear is reduced to a minimum, or even completely removed, there is nothing that can stop you from acting on your dreams. The road will be clear.

Sure, you may experience obstacles here and there, like any person on this planet, but your new mindset will be focused on solutions instead of problems, and you can easily overcome them without panicking or losing your ground.

As a bonus, you will get FREE 3 minutes video with flashes on the screen. Watch it repetitively on a daily basis in a dark room.

The frequencies

This session contains Binaural beats Theta/Alpha brain waves Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz, carrier frequency Solfeggio 417Hz (facilitating change).

All of the subliminal commands are meant to replace the old beliefs you have about making money or fears you hold that block your road to prosperity.

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The affirmations of this session (both ‘you’ and ‘I’ forms):
Money is an energy that is flowing freely and openly to everybody in the universe
Every human living can manifest abundance, money and success
Money is a free source that I attract easily into my life
My bank account is filling up with money that is flowing to me all the time
I create and implement good ideas that bring me money
I convert my ideas into money and success
My thinking process is full of creativity
I am a natural money magnet
I perceive past mistakes as lessons and learn a better, more successful way in the present
Money flows to me from different sources every day
I release limiting beliefs about money
I embrace good feelings and thoughts about money
I deeply feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to
I am a goal getter
With every breath, I inhale positive and abundant energy
With every breath, I exhale stress and limiting beliefs about money
I am patient and willing to act as long as it takes until I reach my goal

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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