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Improve Your Relationship With Money

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This download covers the most common three aspects of blockages that keep money away from you:

1. Your perception of money – 1st hour

Many people have dissonance between their conscious goal, which is attracting money, to their unconscious negative perception of money – “money is the root of all evil”; “money is a limited resource”; “I am not good with my financial choices”.

The first hour of this session will help you improve your relationship with money – remove residual fears, anxiety, misconceptions, and other negative emotions that are associated with money and financial success.

2. Strengthening your self-belief – 2nd hour

This is probably the most sabotaging area that most people fail to manifest their financial goals – lack of self-belief.

This part of the recording is designed to address the issues of self-doubt, feeling unworthy and not good enough to achieve success, and building a consolidated inner trust that you have got what it takes to gain wealth and abundance.

3. Feeling good now – 3rd hour

The last segment of this audio is addressing the common problem of focusing on the lack and hanging your happiness on external sources.

This part of the program can help you feel good right now before the physical evidence has shown itself to you. It can shift your point of attraction from neediness, desperation or rush, to a state of gratitude, happiness, and ease.

And when this is your starting point – taking actions will become much easier and you’ll become a living magnet of financial success.

1. How you perceive money – 1st hour

Removing fear, anxiety and other negative emotions that are related to money
Your relationship with money is full of love
You choose to love and respect money
You think and speak words of abundance
You are in control of your finances
You are making smart decisions towards financial growth
You feel good about setting financial goals and stick to them
You find ways to make money easily
There is always enough money; the stream of money flows generously
The success of others makes you happy
You have fun educating yourself about financial growth and smart investments
You enjoy checking your bank account and staying on top of your financial situation
You always pay yourself first
You associate all sorts of positive traits with money: love, passion, joy, and fun
Making money is good for you
Doing what You love is the key to true fortune
You follow your passion and attract wealth along the way
Your feelings about money are shifted from fear and worry to excitement, exhilaration, and fun

2. Strengthening your self-belief – 2nd hour

Building the inner trust that you have got what it takes to gain success
You deserve to have money, abundance and wealth in your life
You are worthy of great success
You now create your spectacular, ideal, abundant life
You always find your way to where you choose to be financially
You are fully capable of reaching your financial goals
You trust and follow your heart to guide you to wealth
You trust in yourself to succeed and passionately reach for your goals
You are confident in your decision-making abilities
You believe in your potential for financial abundance
You easily overcome financial obstacles with confidence and boldness
You are connected to your feelings and inner compass that lead you to financial growth
You are talented at increasing wealth in your life
You are capable of managing your financial situation wisely
You focus on your goals instead of problems
You believe in yourself to experience financial well-being on a daily basis
You naturally understand how to make money
Becoming rich is utterly possible for you
As doubt is replaced with confidence, more money is showing up in your reality

Feeling good now – 3rd hour

Tune into an emotional manifestation first, before money is shown up in your life
You acknowledge the presence of the money you already have
You are grateful for the money you already make
You shift your focus to passion and eagerness, and let go of fear
You are offering a high vibration that the universe responds to
You are tuning your frequency to your highest good
You feel love; you feel grateful; you feel joy; you feel passion; you feel appreciation; you have clarity
You find the vibrational stance that allows financial abundance
You are capable of feeling happy now before the physical evidence appears in your life
You are focusing on the pleasing things that you already have
You have the ability to be happy before the money is manifested in your life
You are walking on the path of least resistance to what you want
Your natural being is at a state of ease and clarity
You constantly radiate feelings of abundance
You are able to accomplish the feeling of abundance before the evidence has shown itself to you
You are maintaining the feeling of abundance naturally
Anytime you are feeling good, you are tuning into the energy of abundance
As you shift your focus from absence of money to general contentment, everything you have asked for is making its way to you

The Frequencies

The Isochronic tones start in the first 20 minutes of each group – 60 minutes total.
The base frequency is 639 Hz with 10 Hz Alpha waves to 4 Hz Theta.

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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