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Let Business Ideas Flow To You

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Let Business Ideas Flow To You

Do you feel like your creative channel for high potential business ideas is just clogged? And the more you try to push it and force the ideas to pop up, the more frustrated you feel?

Ideas are like the energy of abundance – they are endless. But like the energy of abundance, they won’t flow to your freely if you desperately need them, or rush them.

As you let go, they will just show themselves to you, one by one – and you’ll just have to choose which one you’d like to focus on.

Align Your Mind With Your Higher Wisdom

This program has been created to guide your subconscious tune into the infinite intelligence of the Universe and your higher self, in order to bring you valuable-solution oriented ideas, that resonate with you.

The ideas will most likely emerge when you’re not actively looking for them – in a dream, in daily jogging or even during a shower.

This audio can help you become more receptive to new ideas that you haven’t even considered before, and open you up to a whole new world.

The Affirmations (‘You’ and ‘I’)

I attract genius money making ideas
High-income business ideas just flow to me naturally
My brain is receptive to inspirational business ideas
I am open to exploring new startup ideas
I am connected to the creative divine energy
The universe keeps on introducing me to wonderful business opportunities
Unexpected business opportunities fall simply into my lap
I attract only beneficial and lucrative poised for success ideas
I am a successful entrepreneur that easily come up with multi-million dollars’ worth ideas
My business idea inspires me to take actions and push it forward
I act on my lucrative business ideas with excitement and passion
I constantly keep on growing as an entrepreneur
My income is constantly increasing as I act on my inspirational ideas
I surrender to the divine; I put total trust in the universe
Abundance surrounds me; Money flows to me and through me, in and out, in and out
The money-making ideas that flow to me add value to the community
I always come up with high-profit business ideas
As I notice a profitable business idea, I act on it with eagerness and fun

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
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