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Overcome The Fear Of Making Mistakes

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Making a mistake can cripple some people to an extent that they’d rather do nothing. But here’s the thing – avoiding mistakes doesn’t get you anywhere.

By avoiding mistakes, you remain stuck; you become frustrated that you’re living as a limited version of yourself, and bummed out because nothing ever really changes.

What Kind of People Are Prone To Fear Mistakes

Mistakes usually terrify perfectionists and those who suffer from low self-esteem.

If you are a perfectionist, making a mistake can freak you out because it ruins the perfect image of yourself that dictates how you should act. Your perfectionistic approach cannot bear the fact that things will not flow exactly how they are “supposed” to be.

If you perceive yourself as unworthy, a mistake can shake your whole foundation. You will attribute the mistake to your value and worth, and feel horrible about yourself; you may feel like a loser or a failure.

Obviously, those things are not true. But if you struggle with unstable self-esteem, that is, being fueled by external validation (the need to succeed or obtain approval from others, for example), every mistake can tear you apart and inflict a harsh, critical inner voice.

Shift Your Perception

This subliminal meditation covers the negative aspects of perfectionism and low self-esteem.

It will also help you perceive mistakes from a much healthier perspective. Instead of viewing them as dreadful experiences, you will start seeing them for what they really are – learning curves. Mistakes offer an opportunity to grow and do better next time.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + Isochronic Tones.
The base frequency is 432 Hz with 7 Hz to 4 Hz Theta pulses.
The audio is also tuned to the healing frequency 432 Hz.

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

Mistakes help me to reveal my immense inner strength
Mistakes teach me important life lessons
I feel good about myself
I am a worthy human being; I am good enough just the way I am
It is safe for me to make mistakes and grow from them
My value and self-worth are always high, even when I make mistakes
I am worthy even if I fail – I love myself wholeheartedly
I am great, powerful, and wonderful, even when I make mistakes
I take the chance of taking inspired actions in life
I am a courageous person who dares to make progress
I am compassionate and understanding toward myself
I am open to the idea of allowing things to flow at their natural course
It is ok if things go differently that what I have planned
It is ok if things are imperfect
I am letting go of the need for things to be perfect
I allow myself to make mistakes
I am eager to see what my mistakes can teach me
Mistakes are amazing opportunities for me to progress and improve
I am living my life to the fullest
Mistakes are my steps toward living happily
I completely acknowledge the huge value mistakes serve in my life
I am excited to learn, evolve and succeed by making mistakes

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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