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Stay Motivated And Focused

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Stay Motivated

Many people often reach out and ask me how to feel more motivated in order to reach their goals, which usually fall into the financial or career categories.

If the Passion is There, so is the Motivation

If there’s one thing I want you to understand about motivation, it is this – you can’t force it to happen.

It’s kinda like attraction to your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband – if the attraction is there… if the love is there, you will feel an inner motivation to make it work.

The Root of Motivation is LOVE

When you love what you do, when you are utterly aligned with your passions – you will experience this inner fire every. Single. Day.

Take millionaires for example – they can retire at any time. They have enough money to last for generations long after they’re gone.

But they STILL keep going, with eagerness and excitement, because they are absolutely in love with what they do. They have meaning in life, they offer high value, and they do not intend to stop.

So this is the secret. You can’t look for motivation or wait for the right moment. Just make sure your actions are congruent with your true passions and values. Do what you love to do. That’s all there is to it.

This subliminal program can help you find your inner passions and set you free from residual fears that are standing in your way.
Get motivated now!

The affirmations

I treat myself whenever I complete something on my to-do list
I surround myself with vibrant, goal oriented friends, who pursue their big desires
I see myself as a motivated, highly productive, ambitious and driven person
I feel great about myself
I believe in my talents, skills and abilities
I take pride in who I am and the great value I offer
I know my high worth! I know I am capable of making my dreams come true
I stay motivated out of excitement, passion and eagerness
I am happy with what I do in life
I sustain a high level of inner joy and true happiness
I am truly satisfied with my life and the direction I’m headed
I am absolutely optimist about my future and the way my life is going
I am hopeful about my future and eager for the unfolding
I am so grateful for the meaningful work I do
My meaningful work gives me so much pleasure and value
Excitement, eagerness and happiness fill my heart every day
I remain motivated when accomplishing my tasks and goals
I always stay laser targeted focused when acing on my goals
My intentions are sharp and clear, I can accomplish anything
I am vital, vibrant and energetic, it’s easy for me to stay motivated and focused
I deserve success; I deserve to live abundant life and I get it
I am absolutely content with my work and life purpose
My positive energy always motivates me and lift me up
I deeply feel that I got what it takes to fulfil my biggest goals

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