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Stop Worrying Live Happily

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stop worrying

Addicted To Worrying

Do you often find yourself worried about things you have no control over, and you wish you’d stop feeling this way, but it’s just stronger than you? It sometimes feels like you’re addicted to worrying… Like your brain is on a mission to look for things to be concerned about.

Let’s face it – worrying sucks. It drains you from energy, robs your peace of mind and erases that awesome smile that used to be on your face.

Worrying is not who you are. It’s not part of your identity or coded in your DNA. It’s a tendency you learned from someone, probably from your caretakers. Or it’s an aptitude you developed so you can protect yourself from possible dangers.

In many, feeling worrying more often than not serves a purpose. And that’s the main limiting belief that keeps you in the cycle of constant, useless mental chatter.

How Does Worrying Serve You

You may believe that being worried is GOOD for you somehow. So what is the purpose it fills in your life?

For example – do you believe worrying puts you in control? That you’re being more productive? That if you’re not super worried about stuff, it shows you don’t care about your life? Does worrying about stupid things distracts you from looking into the REAL problems in your life? Does it fill the void of boredom/loneliness/insecurity/whatever?

Whatever the reason is – it can be changed. But I’d still recommend exploring the motives for this behavior. Knowing the roots of your worry can lead you to explore much deeper patterns that you’re not even aware of, which revealing them can foster huge self-growth.

Stop Worrying, Start Living

This soothing subliminal program is designed to just let go, feel calmer, grounded and centered. It can put you on the path of happiness, satisfaction, and serenity – which is your NATURAL path – you were born to feel good.

Use this recording if you’re tired of wasting your life worrying about stuff, instead of just living. Or whenever you feel overwhelmed by life events, when you are emotionally worn out, or if you just want to enhance the buds of the relaxation shift you’re working on.

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I choose to put my focus on the things I want to happen
I am directing my time and energy only towards the outcomes I want to manifest
It’s a complete waste of my time to worry about things; I joyfully let it go
I am committing to practice effective relaxation techniques that sooth my mind
I am becoming more and more relaxed, calm and collected
I am spending more time in the present moment; I am enjoying the now
It’s easy for me to take the necessary steps to solve the subject that is on my mind
I always come up with perfect solutions to situations
I am turning into a relaxed and peaceful human being
I easily control and regulate my worries and anxieties, until they dissolve
I am accepting that life can be uncertain and unpredictable, and I am absolutely fine with it
I am producing more and more optimistic and hopeful thoughts
The universe always supports me
I trust the divine to guide me towards the best solutions
I feel safe; I feel protected; I feel balanced
I deliberately and consciously put my focus on solutions instead of problems

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
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