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Think Like Successful People

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How Successful People View The World & Money

Successful people become wealthy and prosperous because they possess certain mind patterns that are different than those who live in survival mode and maintain a mindset of poverty. A person that has a poverty mentality scavenges and hoards, looking for every possible thing to grab hold of.

On the other hand, the empowering paradigms of successful people enable them to see money as seeds, which they can plant (invest) and then witness the nice profits. They are less afraid to lose money, because they know money will always flow back to them.

Successful People Ace Despite Fear

Many successful people do feel fear from time to time, but their positive paradigms overtake their negative emotions. In other words – they are not paralyzed by fear. They acknowledge its presence, and still, do whatever is necessary.

The resistance level of successful people is significantly lower because the conditioning they possess is oriented towards abundance, consciousness, and self-belief.

Therefore, the actions they take become tremendously easier, and oftentimes feel like a fun game, instead of a stressful task.

This subliminal meditation contains healing affirmations that tackle limiting beliefs about financial abundance AND self-esteem issues such as self-trust.

It will help you to create a positive mindset that will allow you to feel good enough to succeed and believe that you are deserving of wealth.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + A healing frequency – 741 Hz (Solfeggio frequency).

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

Today, I am at peace
Abundance is infinite; it is flowing to me and through me
I am surrendering to the Divine, and by that, bringing power back to myself
As I am letting go and trusting the Universe, I am becoming a magnet for abundance
I always have more than enough money and time
I always have enough resources
As I let go, wealth is flowing abundantly into my life
Whenever I spend money on things I want and need, I feel good about it
I feel just as good about spending money as I do about attracting it
I am completely aligned with the pure, high energy of abundance
I always feel safe wrapped by the loving light of the Universe
I am manifesting financial wealth from a happy, free, inspired space
I am a worthy, valuable, and deserving being of light
I am good enough to manifest my true goals
My sense of safety and confidence is internal; I am my own anchor
I can do whatever I set my mind to; I trust myself completely
I am following my true passions, and the Universe rewards me with profits
As I share my abundance with joy, I attract so much more of it
I am letting go of hoarding abundance; I start investing it, sharing it and enjoying it
I open myself to the energy of flow; I am a channel of abundance
I am abundance; I am wealth; I am love; I am an extension of source energy
I am so happy and grateful for what I have
I am easily finding opportunities and ideas that will increase my wealth
As I am offering valuable solutions to the world , I will be rewarded for it
I trust that I can always pay for whatever I need
I trust that I will always have the money to pay for things
I always spend money from a place of love and ease

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
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