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Overcome OCD Meditation

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OCD Meditation – Relieve Yourself From Obsessive Thoughts

The ongoing anxiety of what will happen is taking over your peace of mind and life. This is the reason I created the meditation for OCD. It is not a replacement for CBT treatment and medications; however, it can help relieve the OCD symptoms and more importantly, alter your approach and interpretation.

  • Become more at ease and relaxed.
  • Deal with your obsessiveness better.
  • Explore your automatic patterns.
  • Gain control of your thoughts and actions.
  • Internalize the fact that your fear is not real.
  • Find your center and inner peace.

Do you make yourself miserable by washing hands, checking doors, and have a constant fear of some kind of threat?

Playing The Role of a Control Tower

OCD is related to the way you view and interpret events and situations as a negative potential threat. It is about control, or more accurately, your lack of willingness to let it go.

This is the reason why you torture yourself with rituals and compulsiveness because you cannot bear the fact you do not have control over the universe.
Well, you don’t.

You try to prevent the negative results; worrying about what might happen provides you with a sense of control, but this sense is fake. It is an illusion.

Your subconscious is so used to believe that if you don’t worry, things will get out of hands, but the truth is, things will happen or not, whether you are panicking or staying cool.

The hidden suggestions are designed to help you loosen your grip and need to control every situation.

It Is Impossible To Supervise The Scenarios That Might Or Might Not Happen

The key is to accept the fact that the control is not in your hands. You think everything is under your supervision, but the reality proves differently. You cannot dominate the circumstances, but only the way you react to them.

Yes, you can direct your life path towards your goals by maintaining positive beliefs and being persistent, but it will never manifest exactly how you plan it.

Sometimes it will not manifest at all, and it is actually a good thing, because other wonderful opportunities, that you never expected, will unfold. This is where the magic happens.

Life is dynamic and changing constantly. So, it is not the probable scenarios that threaten you, but the way you perceive them.

Your Perception Of Change Is Fear

What is the instant emotional association that pops up within you when you think of the term ‘change’? If you suffer from OCD, it is probable that you relate it to a threat.

This is part of the OCD worldview: seeing unexpected situations as a threat and not as an opportunity.

Your mind is constantly preoccupied with searching for dangers that do not even exist. This mind training tool can relax your mind, at the deepest levels, to create the understanding that it is all right to make progress.

The meditation can assist you to move past the safe zone you are so attached to, the zone that causes you so much suffering and frustration. The zone that keeps you stuck.

OCD is a fear of negative scenarios that exist only in your imagination; therefore, they are not real.

Your mind is so conditioned to think only of what will go wrong, without supporting evidence but neglects all the endless possibilities that things will work out just fine.

Obsessive thoughts

It is a pattern that was fueled by a continuous practice that was never challenged or questioned by you before.

The truth is the way you see it. As you develop a balanced mentality, your reality will become much more pleasant to live in.

Focusing On The ‘What Is’ And Not On What Can Go Wrong

With OCD, you have the tendency to see life through a negative filter, diminishing the good and emphasizing the bad. Once you are aware of it and replace the glasses you view reality through, you will find the resiliency to deal with OCD.

The OCD meditation will help you reshape your unconscious to focus on the good that already exists and the good that might happen, instead of the bad.

For example, you will be thankful for your family, for breathing, for having food in the fridge, for having legs that can carry you wherever you wish.

Forcing The Universe To Obey Your Plans

Your OCD conditioning is to plan everything down to the last detail and stay in the familiar and ‘secure’ situations. The uncompromising need that everything will be operated exactly by your plan is utterly unrealistic.

The meditation for OCD can set you on the path of understanding that the perfectionist and ideal planning is nothing but fiction because the dynamic nature of the universe is growth, expansion, and change. So maybe… just maybe, you can give yourself permission to surrender and let go of control.

Trying to stick to the exact plan you have in your mind, without understanding that you can’t control everything, is a direct road to misery.

The root cause that makes you want to control everything is anxiety. Your brain embraced this protective mechanism in an attempt to keep you safe. But are you really safe? Is that your definition of safety – to exhaust yourself with obsessive thoughts that don’t let go?

Over time, you will accept the fact that your devotion to the dynamic nature of the universe is the best thing that can happen to you.

Experience The Anxiety While It Is Occurring

One of the most healing ways to deal with OCD is wallowing in your anxiety with mindful attention. This means acknowledging that you are anxious, and you are NOT trying to avoid it or “fix” it. You’re just being present, allowing yourself to feel it.

You will respond more positively to the anxiety by realizing it will soon subside. And as you practice this often enough, you will send the message to your brain “I am not my anxiety; I am stronger. I can do this”.

This kind of approach can set you free from your controlling tendencies, decrease your anxiety over time and show you that you are capable to make changes.

meditation for ocdParadoxically, letting go of control with awareness and intention will bring you serenity and calmness, and subsequently – gain control over your fluctuating emotions.

The OCD meditation may reduce the anxieties you are experiencing and their intensity. Beyond that, these programs are designed to help you perceive your anxieties with compassion and kindness.

Instead of responding in panic, helplessness, and self-blame, you will be aware of yourself while it is happening and surrender to it with love, until it will dissolve on its own shortly after.

Baby Steps

Big transformations start with tiny steps. True, you would like the OCD to just vanish instantly, but it is actually a good thing when the process happens gradually.

How would you learn to walk without crawling first? How would motorcyclists ride if they didn’t know how to ride a bike first?

A gradual growing process makes you establish a strong self-trust. Every little victory proves you are capable of improving yourself. Moreover, you don’t really want a quantum jump; you will have no idea how to deal with it if it all happens too fast in huge portions. Take it one step at a time.

Daily listening to the OCD meditation can rewire your mind to make small and gradual changes until you feel comfortable enough to move to the next level.

This will build your confidence significantly. Baby steps are the safest way to a satisfying and grounded life.

Stay In The Present. The OCD meditation puts your focus on the here and now and can help you stay in the moment.

The Powerful Hidden Affirmations

This meditation contains subliminal messages and Isochronic Tones. As mentioned above, it is not a replacement for treatment, but can be a helpful tool to shift your mental patterns.

Your paradigms have been fixated over the years; you view your life in this world through these automatic perceptions without exploring them.

The OCD meditation will help you reshape your negative inner settings and balance your sabotaging belief system to a powerful, calm mindset.

The subliminal positive affirmations are, in fact, hidden messages that cannot be caught or understood by ear. If you actually heard and understood the suggestions, your consciousness would reject them right away because of your natural resistance.

Since the commands of this session are hidden, they will effortlessly reach your subconscious mind without any force to block them. The unconscious is the only level that enables you to alter your automatic thought patterns, and consequently, your reality.

The Sound Therapy Of The OCD Meditation

The Isochronic tones (also known as brainwave entrainment) have been proven to bring your brain to a desirable state. The Isochronic tones contain healing frequencies that are related to DNA repair, joyfully embracing changes and liberating fear.

OCD meditation

The brainwave entrainment will put you in a relaxed state of mind since they are turned into theta waves.

Theta states enable you to calm down and receive messages without disturbance. Even though sound therapy has proven to be completely safe, please advise your healthcare provider before listening to the OCD meditation.

The Importance Of Repetition

Repetitive listening to the OCD meditation will, in time, rewire your brain to perceive your obsessive thoughts differently.

As time goes by, it will become easy for you to understand that your obsessive thoughts are nothing but a false interpretation mechanism that gained enough momentum to become your default mode.

By realizing this, it will be easier for you to let the obsession go, or at least manage it effectively, without allowing it to control you.

How Can This Meditation Help You Relieve OCD the Symptoms?

  •  Your mind will absorb an ongoing flowing stream of powerful suggestions that break the negative patterns
  •  Repeated exposure to these messages will strengthen the neural connections in your brain and make you believe these affirmations
  •  The hidden messages will bypass your consciousness and reach the control panel of your life – your subconscious mind
  •  The Isochronic tones will relax your mind and put you in a meditative state, so the messages will sink deep
  •  The frequencies contain healing traits that are associated with mental and emotional balancing, DNA repair, and letting go of guilt and fear

How To Use

You get two audio recordings to download.

Listen up to an hour at night–

To the meditation with the Isochronic tones. Feel free to fall asleep while the meditation is being played in the background, but do not put in replay mode. You can use comfy headphones to maximize results, but it is not a requirement.

Listen at night/day

To the recording with the hidden suggestions. There is no time limit. Headphones are not a must but recommended to maximize the effect.

*Please note* – Never listen to any of the audios in a moving vehicle and/or when doing activities that might put you or others at risk.

The Affirmations

Everything always works out for me
I let go of the need to plan everything
It is ok to be spontaneous and enjoy the unfolding
Life is wonderful when I’m living it freely with a natural flow
I am a mentally balanced human being
My brain conditioning is healthy, stable, and in perfect balance
I release my anxieties easily without rituals
I release my anxieties easily without sticking to obsessive thoughts
I easily let go of obsessive thoughts
I happily set free obsessive thinking
I embrace healthy thinking that serves me greatly
I happily find healthy ways to relieve anxieties
I am calm, relaxed, and at ease
My awareness is growing; I am an evolved individual
I am a strong and confident individual
I accept that it is ok to let go of control
I happily and joyfully let go of control
I am flowing with the unfolding dynamic nature of life
I completely accept that life is uncertain
It is absolutely ok for me to accept the uncertainty
I am a free spirit and a spontaneous person
I choose to let go of the unchangeable
I am living in the now
I’m fully enjoying the present
I easily find my center
I easily connect to my inner peace
Life is more fun and exciting when I let go of planning
As I let go of planning, I become happier
Every day I become more balanced, centered, and carefree
Rituals have zero control over my life
I am happy to let go of rituals
I live on the universe’s plan and keep life simple and fun
I am healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally
Each and every cell of my body is in perfect alignment
I am breaking the OCD and getting rid of it once and for all
The rituals and obsessions are just false messages from the brain
The only thing that keeps me safe is self-care and relaxation

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).