3 Steps To Let Go Of Things You Can’t Control

3 Steps To Let Go Of Things You Can’t Control

let go of things you can't control

Do you ever wake up with the feeling that everything depends on your control? It is easy to wake up with the fear that if you let go of what you can’t control then things will get out of hand.

I used to think that way.
I thought I had good reasons for being that way, too.

Life has a way of creeping up behind you and getting in the way of your well-laid plans.

Things rarely go EXACTLY as you expect they would, so I would get up every day determined to control every second.

I was all about making to-do lists and calling in advance to make doubly sure. Flexibility was out of the question. Otherwise – I thought I can’t control what’s about to happen.

If things didn’t go my way? Oh boy… I would flip!

My cheeks would get flushed when tasks that appeared simple in theory ended up taking twice the time and twice the effort in practice.

That didn’t stop life from being its merry self, though.

The fact that I had my day planned to a T and couldn’t spare a second didn’t stop the weather from being as unpredictable. Flights still got canceled, shredding my precious plans to pieces.

That’s The Funny Thing About Life—It Happens

Reality follows its own script and will continue to do so whether you approve or not.

Today, I look back at how I lived back then and I have no doubts as to why I struggled to manifest my desires.

Living with the need to control, there was zero hope of me ever getting my vibrations up to the point where I could attract my goals.

I was living with a stiff mindset that refused to let go of things I can’t control. Meaning, I was constantly frustrated and angry whenever something failed to go according to plan.

I wanted life on my terms or else.

When You Don’t Let Go of What You Can’t Control, You Are Easily Controlled By The Situation

I constantly felt like I was trapped on a treadmill, wanting to get ahead but unable to do so.

Because I was unable to surrender, and just flow, my feelings were always attached to the situation I was in.

Instead of learning to let go of things I can’t control and become calmer despite the situation, I allowed the circumstances to determine how I felt.

In other words – the external conditions controlled me. I always lived in the illusion that I was on top of things, that I gained full control by planning every single detail.

But as a matter of fact – my behavioral reactions were so ungrounded, the complete opposite of being in control.

The More You Try to Control Things, the More You Create Resistance

You might be wondering how doing your best could be working against you and keeping you from the life you desire.

After all, shouldn’t you do all in your power to achieve the goals you want?

True, you should.

Do all you can that is in your power to do. And then let go and allow the Universe to do its part.

Your inability to let go of things you can’t control does nothing more than interfere with the effortless flow and abundance. This infinite abundance exists in the magnetic field of the earth.

By holding your grip, and controlling the unpredictable nature of life, you make it hard for the divine to lead you where you desire to go.

Do all you can and then allow the Universe to do its job. It is similar to floating downriver. It requires little effort and no strain on your part.

On the other hand, refusing to let go of what you can’t control by insisting on things happening exactly as you would like is like swimming upriver. It takes a lot of effort and strain, and most times you end up going nowhere.

Only after learning this truth was I able to turn my life around.

I was only able to get the stability and internal balance I desired when I really ceased supervising everything and become more laid back.

And I am here today asking you to do the same: end your addiction to control and embrace a powerful new approach: RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

When You Let Go of Control It Becomes OK for Reality to Be Imperfect

Radical acceptance is by far the easiest way to get out of the way so the Universe can do its magic.

Because let’s face it, life can throw some curveballs at you and you can’t spend all your time wondering, “Why Me?”

You can’t lose focus on your goals just because your cofounder decided to call it quits when you needed their support the most.

You can’t concentrate on the frustration when that job meeting you planned goes south and your plans got shot.


Because this stuff—and a bunch of other little annoyances—are a part of daily routine.

The faster you accept this fact, the easier it will be to let go of things you can’t control.

Understand That Changes Happen

The last thing you want is to allow the many annoyances of your daily existence to dictate the way you feel about yourself and your surroundings.

Radical acceptance allows you to embrace this fact so you don’t lose yourself. As you let go of things you can’t control, you gain yourself back. In addition, it gets easier to manifest the change you desire.

It also does wonders for your health and peace of mind. Imagine what all that worry and stress do to your hormones and your immune system!

When you let go of what you can’t control and accept life as it comes, you switch your focus to the things which you can control.

Like your vibrations, for example.

Letting go allows relief to come in as you realize, it is okay for life to do what it does. Your job is to do what is in your power and then leave behind your own subjective idea of how things should or shouldn’t happen. 

Your sense of safety comes from relaxation, rather than fear of losing control. Check out my empowering meditation to keep your zen and remain centered.

From that relieved state, you will easily attract what you want, as you let the Universe take care of business.

Remember, the divine is on your side. It wants you to grow abundantly.
It takes practice. You are not going to change an eternity of bad control habits in a day. Letting go of things you can’t control is a mindset that takes time to master.

But it gets easier, every time you reflect on your feelings and behavior.
So, set your intentions.

Maintain your high vibrations. Control your worries. Allow yourself to feel safe even without monitoring everything.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.