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Avoidant Attachment Style – Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

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The attachment theory describes three main attachment styles: secure, anxious, and avoidant. Read about it in the book ‘Attached’. This subliminal meditation is designed to help you break free of the painful pattern of the avoidant style.

Pushing Love Away

If you tend to be the avoidant type in relationships, you subconsciously believe that relationships equal a loss of freedom. You have convinced yourself, unconsciously, that you don’t need anyone else, and that it’s a burden to be considerate of someone else’s needs.

You’re terrified of being suffocated in a prison of commitment, and you would rather choose autonomy over being in a long-term relationship.

It’s not that you don’t want to have a deep connection with someone else. In fact, you do crave love, warmth, and affection, but at the same time, you experience a flood of anxiety when love transitions from the fantasy land into real life.

It’s a cycle that leaves you suffering because you’re longing for something that you can’t allow yourself to have.

Finding Excuses to End This

Every time things begin to get serious with someone, your sense of independence becomes a threat. So you end the relationship, before it even had the chance to begin, by finding flaws in your partner to justify your actions.

If you wish to break free of the avoidant attachment style and form a secure mindset of attachment use this subliminal meditation, in addition to mindful self-work that is described in the book Attached.

This session can help you become honest with yourself, as you will become aware of the stories you make up in your mind. Gradually, the session will help you to remove the walls you built around your heart as a defense mechanism of rejection.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + Isochronic tones. The base frequency is 639 Hz with 10 Hz Alpha waves.

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I find it easy to maintain my own identity within a relationship
It is safe for me to commit to the person I love
I can truly feel freedom in a relationship
I can easily balance my needs and my partner’s needs
Being in a committed relationship feels so natural, empowering, and freeing
I peacefully communicate my needs and wants in a relationship
It feels safe to engage in an authentic romantic connection
I choose to be vulnerable with my loving partner
I feel powerful when I am being vulnerable with the person I love
I am excited about the idea of lifelong commitment to the person I love
Being in a relationship gives me more freedom
I feel relieved and liberated in a committed, loving relationship
Sharing adventures with my partner fills me with infinite joy
I find it easy to be affectionate with my partner
I maturely see and honor my partner’s needs
I enjoy taking care of my partner’s needs
It’s easy for me to be sensitive to my partner’s needs
I’m comfortable creating intimacy with my partner
It is my natural desire to be in a loving, comforting, relationship
It is safe for me to seek out closeness, support and love from my partner
It is safe for me to express warmth, love, and affection
It is safe for me to seek a deep emotional connection with my partner

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