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Let Go Of The Need For Approval

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Let Go Of The Need For Approval

Stop Seeking Validation From Outside of Yourself

Letting go of the need for approval and validation from others feels like an impossible task. From the day we were born, most of us learned the wrong message: that our worth is dependent on others.

For instance, we needed to receive praise from our parents, “I’m proud of you for your grades.” We wanted so badly to be validated by our caretakers that we tried to do anything that would please them.

Usually, we received this approval when we achieved things, rather than because we existed.

This Programming Was Downloaded Into Our System

“I need others to approve me so that I can feel good about myself.”
“I need to have successes in life to be validated.”

But these paradigms are wrong at their core. You ARE good enough just by being you. You don’t need others’ approval to feel good about yourself; you can become the sole authority for validating yourself.

This false conditioning is one of the most stubborn concepts to undo because it goes all the way back to the day we were born, so there are a lot of layers to remove.

When you finally get rid of this misconception, this suffocating negative core belief that “I am someone only when others think well of me,” you will experience what true freedom feels like.

My Embarrassing Past

I used to seek approval from others and be a people pleaser, and it was extremely painful. I used to neglect myself, my needs and values so that others would like me.

Apart from losing my sense of self and my identity in this pathetic mindset, the need to be liked never made me feel better.

Even when my cheap manipulations to get approval worked well, I felt worse about myself because I was cheating on me. I ditched myself. People liked my mask, and not my authentic being. I didn’t even know what my authentic being was…

Read more about releasing the need for approval here.

Now, it’s all behind me. The subliminal messages I listened to, helped me release this toxic programming for good, and it can help you get to this state, too.

Yes, you will experience difficulties along the way because there’s enormous resistance to this subject.

You might feel anxious about being yourself, but you will have to teach yourself to tolerate this anxiety over people’s disapproval of you and become comfortable with it.

Do yourself a favor and shift your paradigm. Set yourself free.

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

Everything is ok with me, even if some people invalidate me
I am completely independent of people’s approval
I always feel enough
I always feel worthy and valuable
I feel good about myself, even if others disapprove of me
Even if others think negatively of me, I always love and accept myself
I happily release any fear of people
I joyfully break free of the dependency on other’s approval of me
I have the inner courage to follow my truth
I never take others disapproval personally
Others opinions of me are their business only; I only mind my own business
I always bring back the focus to myself and what I think of myself
It is safe for me to fully release the need to be approved by others
I am conditioned to only seek my own approval of myself
It is safe for me to express my authentic self
I finally break free of seeking approval
It is utterly safe for me to let go of the need for approval
I always feel happy and safe, even if others disapprove of me
I always feel grounded and secured, even if others disagree with me
My subconscious mind is programmed for self-love
My inner talk is always positive
I always see myself in a positive light
I am proud of myself
My happiness always comes from within
My confidence always comes from within
The only person I need validation from is me
Everything is alright with me, regardless of others evaluation of me
I always feel safe despite people’s criticism
I feel comfortable in my own skin

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