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Overcome People Pleasing

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The Damaging Outcomes of Pleasing Other People

Let’s put this on the table: people pleasing doesn’t feel good. As a matter of fact- it feels terrible.

Even though you may tell yourself that you’re a good person by pushing your needs aside, in the end, you relinquish the person who matters most – yourself.

The constant need to please others, along with the act of putting others first leaves you depleted and depressed.

It’s a natural instinct to take care of yourself first. It’s not selfish; it’s your natural right. If you remain depleted all the time, you won’t have the strength to take care of others.

By ignoring, neglecting, and disrespecting your needs, you are denying your own nature. Constantly pleasing others at your own expense for no reason is a constant sacrifice of your being.

It’s Your Job to Take Care of Yourself First

Learning to take care of your needs is a mindful practice, and it takes time. Think of all the time it took you to develop the unconscious action of pleasing others.

In helping others at your own expense, you began to feel good about yourself, causing your mind to focus on the needs of others rather than your own.

By engaging in people-pleasing out of good-will, guilt or social conditioning, it slowly became a programmed habit of your subconscious.

Therefore, it may be difficult to put yourself first, as you’ll be going against your inherent programming. Unlocking your subconscious need to please others first might take some time.

But each day – through small steps, you will be able to change your inherent programming. When you learn to respect your needs, when you set high standards of the people you hang out with –you will strengthen a new and healthy paradigm on life.

Heal This Toxic Mental Programming

This subliminal meditation can help you develop the ability to prioritize your needs without feeling guilty. It can help you feel comfortable saying “no” while staying true to yourself.

Gradually, the anxiety that arises every time you choose to live for you, instead of caring for the needs of other grownups (a job that is not yours anyway), at your expanse, will dissipate.

People pleasing is a psychologically learned behavior and can be stopped. If you want to learn more about it, and, most importantly – how to stop pleasing people once and for all, read this blog post here.

Recording Details

Subliminal messages + 528 Hz pure healing tone (1st hour)

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The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I respect my needs
I feel comfortable taking care of my needs first
I have a right to take care of my needs first
It is safe for me to take care of my needs first
I am important; I matter; I am valuable
I survive and thrive when I put my needs first
I survive and thrive when I stay true to myself and my needs
I feel comfortable staying true to myself and my needs
I am joyfully letting go of pleasing others
I am choosing to put myself first and feel absolutely ok with it
I feel good about myself, even if others stop liking me
I feel good about myself, even if others disapprov, of me
My feeling of worthiness is independent of others’ approval
I am a worthy person, even if others disapprove of me
My needs, feelings and opinions are valid
I have a right to stay true to my needs and values
I joyfully break free of pleasing other people

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