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Overcome Fear – Move Forward With Courage

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Why can’t you just get going and take practical action steps that will bring about success?

I mean, it’s all out there.

There’s an endless sea of information, tons of practical advice from self-made millionaires who were once broke, or sports coaches who lay out the blueprints you need to follow to shed those pounds off your body.

So why aren’t you just doing it?

Well, it’s not that simple, is it?

If it were that easy, everyone would be in love, making progress at work, attracting abundance and making money out of their passions.

Fear is holding you back, ever present like a giant wall of steel that’s impossible to break through. Still, people find ways to overcome fear. I know I have.

What helped me along the way was to name my specific problem. If we were to be honest, fear is a general term.

What exactly do you fear? Most of you probably don’t know or are too scared to face the real fears. When it comes to lies and excuses, we are the best we can be. Our minds are genius when it comes to hiding the truth from ourselves.

We need to dig deep until we identify the answers.

Most of the fears can be divided into three categories

-Fear of not being good enough
-Fear of the future (what is going to happen – fear of possible negative scenarios)
-Fear to lose control

The subliminal positive affirmations cover these three kinds of fears, and it can help you find out what it is you’re afraid of. It could be:

Fear of failure (feeling you are not good enough + fear of the future)- in the past, as a child, there were harsh consequences for making mistakes, so you might be terrified of failing.

Fear of becoming successful (relates to all three categories of fears mentioned above) – fear of losing all that’s familiar to you, fear of losing your freedom, fear of what might happen if you achieve your dreams.

Your subconscious mind knows what blocks you from fulfilling your full potential, so just allow it to absorb the healing affirmations, and trust that you’ll find your answers.

Moreover, this program can help you take that fear and transcend it, transmute it into something positive, and eventually release it from your system.

So no matter if have fear of public speaking, fear of applying to a high position job, fear of signing a profitable deal, fear of flights, fear of not having enough money, fear of losing the money you already have, fear of change, fear of asking someone out, fear of getting sick, fear of moving to a different state/country, fear of success, failure, being rejected, being alone, opening up to someone or asking for a raise…

Once you are rid of your major fears, there’s nothing that can stop you. Seriously!

If you’ve finally come to the point where you are eager to let go of the fear instead of hanging on to it, this program might be the answer you’re looking for.

Download now and watch the impossible happen!

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The subliminal positive affirmations of this track (both ‘you’ and ‘I’ versions)

I am enough; I am worthy, valuable and deserving
I deeply believe I can do anything I want to
I am open to positive changes
It’s ok to change… It is safe for me to let go
Sometimes I just choose to go with the flow
I am letting go of the idea that things should be perfect
I feel strengthened, empowered and courageous
My thoughts, feelings, and actions stem from, clarity, confidence, and bravery
I accept the fear and then just let it go peacefully
I feel safe, secure and balanced
I always feel confident, even when I let go of control
I peacefully let go of control and allow things to unfold naturally
I am powerful and capable; I am a true gift to this world
I find my center; I am complete
I have the power to act on my dreams
Everything always works out for me
My future is going to be amazing
I am going to be just fine
Happiness, joy, clarity, and peace fill my mind and heart
Fear is just an illusion; doubt is just an illusion
My life is abundant; everything around me is abundant
I easily become the ideal person I choose to be
I am becoming aligned with my true nature
I am striving for a beautiful and peaceful future
Every day I feel more positive about myself and my future
My life is moving along exactly as it should
I joyfully accept change as a positive force in life
I am becoming everything I want to be
I am grateful for all that I have

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