Don’t Be Passive in Your Usage of Subliminal Messages

Don’t Be Passive in Your Usage of Subliminal Messages

Listen, I get it: you want a change in your life and you want it yesterday. You’re tired of the same old painful patterns that make up the story of your life: toxic relationships, lonely weekends, soul-crushing debt, paralyzing self-doubt.

If only you could get one magic bullet that would make it all go away in an instant, with no effort required on your part, then that would be awesome. Right?

Too many times in the past, I have received countless emails from all over the world from people who make requests that go like this –

“I’m really not happy with the way my life is going at the moment and I would like it all to (magically) go away right here, right now…do you have audio in your library that can help me do that?”

Avoid The Quick Fix Approach

The idea of such a quick fix is an exciting thought; but here’s the problem:

Such requests come from people who are yet to understand the concept of personal development, or are simply reluctant to play the active role required to effect the meaningful change required for self-growth.

I used to be in that state of mind myself, when I had just started my first steps towards shifting my negative paradigms.

I wanted everything to be different; the details didn’t matter, so long as things were not the same as they were. And I wanted things to change immediately, if not sooner. No wonder nothing had worked, no matter what I had tried- positive affirmations, visualization, EFT, and so on.

So take this opinion from somebody who has been there before and understands what is going on:

Whatever quick fix you want because you think it will make all your problems go away instantly, without any self-growth, is not the real solution you are looking for.

Here is why:

Back when I was frantically searching for an instant solution to all my problems, I realized my strong desire stemmed from the deep pain I felt inside. It stemmed from the fear I harbored within me.

In other words – I wanted to make a change from a starting point of neediness and desperation.

I eventually had to ask myself the hard questions: How am I going to get all the good things I desire and deserve when I am in such a poor emotional state? Can I really expect to experience abundance when I remain in a state of neediness?

It didn’t make sense, and that is when I realized that I had to evolve in order to get my desired change.

In order to experience the change you desire in your life, you have to go through a process that will see you evolve. You have to undergo a process that entails getting to know and understand the entity that is YOU.

In other words, getting the change you seek is an active process—not a passive one— and even if you diligently listen to my subliminal recordings I encourage you to roll up your sleeves and prepare to take an active role in creating the change that you seek.

Become Active and Deliberate in Making the Change You Desire

This is important, because even though the recordings will help change the way your mental processes work, so long as you remain passive on this journey you will be missing out.

For example, consider that the “Attract Money” recordings help you win a huge sum of money or deliver you a great business or investment opportunity. Does that mean that you no longer have a problem?

Not necessarily.

By receiving a huge sum of money, the recording has simply helped you to sort out a symptom of what could be your problem—and not the problem itself.

Let me explain:

Your lack of money or financial scarcity could be A RESULT of a lack of self-belief, and not necessarily a result of holding negative beliefs about money.

Your financial scarcity could be a result of feeling undeserving, inadequate, or not good enough; and these negative paradigms cause you to unconsciously sabotage any success you ever have or may ever have.

You could be struggling financially because of unresolved childhood traumas that made you feel terrified of making mistakes (because whenever you tried and failed, it caused horrible reactions and you still subconsciously holding on to the pain).

Only a process of authentic self-discovery can inform you about the underlying mental knots behind your struggles, and only when you discover them (even partially) can you then go about looking for solutions.

Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom

Yes, the process can be brutal; nobody likes looking that deep into their souls to discover their real selves, warts and all.

True, it is scary to look inside yourself. It’s unpleasant to look with a magnifying glass at all of the parts of you that you believe to be screwed up.

But if you truly want to break the frustrating, demoralizing cycle you are stuck in, then you cannot go around making this journey of self-discovery.

You WILL have to step inside into the deepest parts of yourself to uncover who you really are.

Only then will you uncover the real problems bothering you, and once you do that you can solve them. You can’t find the right solution if you are ignorant about the real problem.

Once you reveal what your real problem is, instead of choosing to go for a meditation that will give you instant gratification by solving a symptom rather than the real problem, you can choose the program that specifically addresses your actual needs.

You Need to Become Self-Aware

Self-development or self-growth goes beyond merely listening to recordings. It is actually a lifestyle where you are always taking stock of yourself, and trying to understand why you behave the way you do… why you feel the way you feel.

The process of shifting your paradigms consists of objectively observing yourself to see through the stories you tell yourself.

For example, you might refuse to approach a person you like a lot, telling yourself it’s because you don’t have the time for a relationship at the moment, when the real reason is that you don’t believe you are “in their league”.

So, again; don’t be passive when using the subliminal recordings. Yes, they are powerful—very powerful—and can be the only tools you will ever need to live the sort of life which you could only dream of.

But they don’t replace the need for you to actively try to get to know yourself by observing your personal reality every single day.

Try to understand your motives. Why do you act the way that you do? Why do you feel depressed or angry?

Question your feelings and thoughts and discover the real problems in your life, rather than focus on solving the symptoms you would like to escape from. Your life results are merely the symptoms of the root problems in your subconscious.

And don’t worry if you don’t know all your negative mental patterns. In order to protect us, our subconscious hides things from us. It does not particularly care that you are suffering because of it; your happiness comes second to your survival every time as far as the brain is concerned.

Just try to be aware of the few negative patterns you know and you would have started your journey of self-growth on better footing than if you had ignored your negative conditioning altogether.

You may not like your life right now, but the results you are experiencing are trying to tell you something about yourself. In that case, you want to listen rather than run away mindlessly.

For example, rather than sink into despair over your last failed relationship, you want to take a step back to study the situation and learn whatever you can about yourself.

Were you too possessive? Controlling? Overly jealous? Or perhaps you attracted again someone who is emotionally unavailable because you unconsciously believe you aren’t worthy of someone who really cares for you?

Adjust Your Attitude at the Beginning

And you want to begin this journey of self-discovery with the right attitude: Don’t NEED for things to be different. Don’t be desperate for things to change.

Don’t approach this process from a place of fear like I did when I first started out. Those vibrations are incredibly low, and cannot bring about positive manifestations.

Instead, accept your non-ideal reality as it is, and from this positive state of relaxation and peace, start the shift.

Begin with optimism; have an attitude of “I am OK with the way things are” and “even if things remain the same, I will always be just fine”.

Just because you accept your reality as it is, doesn’t mean it has to stay like this forever. On the contrary, you’re starting your journey from a low-resistant state, instead of a point of attraction of suffering.

You really can change your reality forever. Reveal each layer of your soul one at a time.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your well-being, remove the negative paradigms and finally experience joy, ease & abundance? Find out how I did it.

Real challenges may take a while to overcome, but it worth every second you put into it. Don’t be fooled by quickness. And always remember – It is your mind definitions, not your conditions that truly shape the quality of your life.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.