How to quit smoking without being miserable

Quit Smoking

Countless books have been written about quit smoking. The media and medical facilities have uncovered the truth about all the possible dangers of cigarettes. There are so many negative traits of cigarettes, but I’m not going to discuss them here because you already know them and I won’t reveal any new information.

Besides, that won’t convince you to quit. You know the risks, you’ve heard horrible stories and you might know people who have been hurt from smoking cigarettes, and you STILL can’t quit. So let’s just sum it up so far and say that telling you the frightening results of what might happen won’t be effective. I am fully aware of that, as I used to smoke (for 12 years) – a pack and a half per day.

The last thing I wanted to do was to listen whenever somebody started to preach me about the eventual consequences of smoking cigarettes. I preferred to ignore their words and to enjoy my quality time with my precious cigarettes.

The truth is… the things they said DID bother me. It was in the back of my mind all the time, like a threatening shadow – it bothered me that I became a slave. It really bothered me that my whole schedule was determined by the question “when will I smoke?” It also bothered me when I built my business back in the day, that instead of focusing 100% of my energy on the business, my mind was on my next cigarette. It tortured me that in business meetings, the only thing I wanted was to go out and light a cigarette.

I remember one day waking up early in the morning; I was feeling depressed because I had broken up with my partner the night before, but then suddenly I breathe relieved thinking, “At least I have a cigarette to smoke now; that will make me feel better.”  Then immediately I was stunned by my own thought.  “At least I have a cigarette?!?!  I had just ended a relationship with someone I really loved, and a cigarette was going to save me from my despair?  Is the cigarette going to heal my broken heart? Is it that huge of a role in my life that it can affect my emotional state?! That stinky, filthy thing?!” And that is when I decided: that’s it, I have to stop; it’s becoming beyond ridiculous. I can’t depend on cigarettes all of my life in order to feel good. It’s just doesn’t make any sense.

I decided that I was going to do it, but I wanted to succeed at it; I wanted it to last for a really long time, and if possible – for the rest of my life. But how would I do that? I had, of course, tried before.  I wasn’t able to last two weeks without wanting it so badly that the desire was crawling in my bones. When I had attempted to quit before, I was miserable, and I was suffering.

It felt like there was no point to live like this, no point to live my whole life wanting something so badly that it hurt me down to my soul.  I felt jealous of smokers during those periods of time that I so-called “quit”. I was a wreck and felt like a zombie, so how would I do it this time for good? Releasing yourself from cigarettes should feel amazing, but I felt like a dead person walking, so how would I make it work this time without needing it obsessively?

I made up my mind that I needed to try a different approach, because the other ways I’d tried had been disasters. I decided that instead of just changing my behavior (i.e. forcing myself not to physically smoke a cigarette and stay away from cigarettes as much as possible), I was going to find a way to perceive cigarettes differently and do a 180 degree shift and view them completely differently.

You know this expression “It’s all in your head”? Well, it’s true, and all of the content in my website talks just about that – changing our beliefs and paradigms.

I was pretty successful back then, even though I had just started my independent financial path. Before I launched my business, I struggled to make money and it took me a long, beautiful, amazing breath- taking journey to change my perception about money. So then it got me wondering – if I was able to change my perception about money, and I was seeing good results, could I do the same with cigarettes? Could I subconsciously hate them, or at least take away the all of the positive credit I gave them?

And then it hit me! I internalize this fact to this day:  I could never stop smoking, if I won’t change my subconscious beliefs about cigarettes. I already realized that subconscious reprogramming is the only way to make a true change, so I was ready to start this journey. I never expected that it would be easy, but it was, surprisingly.

I started to dig deeper and deeper to uncover what my reasons were for smoking. I already knew the reasons I wasn’t suppose to smoke (diseases, bad breath, difficulty breathing, yellow teeth and much more), but what were my reasons for smoking? Why did I give cigarettes so much credit?

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I made a list and wrote my reasons: it relaxed me, I felt confident in social situations when I held a cigarette, it passed the time, and it gave me a feeling of quality time with myself. In other words, all these reasons were nothing but EXCUSES to justify my systematic, slow suicide I was causing for myself, and those reasons became my subconscious beliefs that gave the cigarettes so much power and control over me.

So it got me thinking: what if I take all those reasons of why I smoke and refute them one by one? By doing that, I could take all the glory I subconsciously attributed to the cigarettes and leave them just with the negative parts, because that’s what they were causing – nothing but negative things.

You see, the reasons you DO smoke are nothing but lies you have created so your mind can still go on peacefully. If your mind wouldn’t create all of those allegedly rational reasons, you would go insane. You cannot kill yourself and poison yourself every day without finding a good enough reason to do so.

I am convinced that we make up similar excuses to why we do smoke, and I’d like to elaborate about one reason all smokers share – RELAXATION.

Smokers lie to themselves all the time.  When faced with the question “What is the purpose of smoking?” 80% of the time, the answer is, “It relaxes me.” Well, this answer is bunch of crap, and let me tell you why by sharing a fable:

A pig and a fox went sailing on a boat together on a lovely, sunny Saturday morning.  The fox didn’t like the pig and he hadn’t invited him on that trip for a fun time. He had other vicious plans.

When the pig was busy changing his clothes to a swimsuit, the fox immediately jumped on him and threw him into the wide open ocean, far, far away from the land. The pig had never learned how to swim, and he kicked with his legs in the water, which didn’t help. He started to drown and swallow water.  He screamed and begged for help from the fox who was staring at him from the boat. His screams and cries finally moved something in the fox’s heart and he decided to save him from drowning.

When the fox pulled him up from the ocean, the pig was so happy.  He was very thankful to the fox, and he squeezed and hugged him. The fox looked at him, shocked by the pig’s happiness and joy, so he had to ask him: “You’re right that I saved you, but I’m the one who threw you into the deep water. Why are you giving me the credit of rescuing you, but not the blame of trying to kill you?”

 So if we go back a little bit, you can ask yourself the same question the fox asked the pig. The cigarette is surly relaxing you, but only AFTER it caused you an ENORMOUS amount stress and lack of peace of mind. So you give the cigarette the credit of relaxation, but not the blame for causing you to feel extremely nervous and tense.

The NEXT cigarette is only relaxing to you because the one BEOFRE it left your body with a huge nicotine withdrawal, and it made you want more and more of it. The so-called relaxation is nothing but a dose of a nicotine drug that is filling the gap of the previous cigarette.

This is just one example of the misconception of how you perceive cigarettes and give them such great power and positive traits.

In order to really quit smoking for the rest of your life, you need to change the way you perceive cigarettes and place different beliefs in your subconscious – a brain wiring process. (When I wrote “really quit smoking” I meant quitting without being miserable and craving it all day long. Craving it and being miserable is not real quitting).

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can have someone to help you replace your old beliefs about cigarettes with new ones, and that will make this permanent shifting process easier.

I found two of the BEST programs that exist; they also are ridiculously affordable. These programs will help you change your subconscious beliefs about cigarettes with subliminal messages. As you already know by now, shifting subconsciously your perceptions about things, is the only way to achieve a real and ling-term change.
You choose for yourself what program fits you better – they both are truly amazing. There are lots of testimonies of that!

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** You don’t have to be a smoker in order to get this program – if you know someone who is addicted to cigarettes, you can get it as a gift for him or her. That is, ONLY if you know for sure this person wants to quit. There’s no point of getting it if the smoker who doesn’t want to quit.

I wish you all the best with your private journey of quitting smoking and self development in general.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.

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