Feeling Lost In Life: Here Is How To End The Emptiness Within

Feeling Lost In Life: Here Is How To End The Emptiness Within

Feeling lost

It is perfectly normal to question where you are headed. You may find yourself wondering whether the choices you have made are taking you where you want to go or whether they are even yours in the first place. And in the end, feelings like this may lead to the sensation of feeling lost in life.

What Is It Like To Feel Lost And Experience Emptiness?

  • Lacking a sense of purpose and direction. You lie in bed without any ability to move toward your goals. Heck, you don’t even know what your goals are. Some days you ask yourself “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I just change my lifestyle? Am I destined to suffer forever?”
  • Struggling with feelings that your world lacks meaning, and this translates to your work and even your relationships.
  • You don’t know how you feel. You’re not happy, but you’re not sad either, sort of flat mood that sucks the dopamine out of you.
  • You believe that nothing will ever work out for you. You’re merely surviving rather than thriving and feel you’re wilting as the days go by.

And this internal turmoil might leave you feeling lost, confused, lonely, and frustrated.

But before you fall into the mistake of thinking that something is off about you, it is important to note that feeling empty is normal. In fact, it is an important and, oftentimes, useful part of life.

There Are Many Reasons Why You Are Feeling a Void Within

Not finding your path arises for many reasons. But it is usually caused because you suddenly realize that you no longer want the same things you said you always wanted.

Feeling lost, in particular, are pointers that the bottom has fallen out of your present situation or your big dream, and you don’t know what you want anymore.

You may also feel lost in life because you have no idea where you are going. The clarity you used to have has vanished. And ow you just keep spinning on a hamster wheel, not going anywhere particular.

You’ve left outside pressures and the opinions and expectations of other people to dictate your own individual choices.

Maybe in the past, you just went with the flow and did what other people in your group were doing. You either were not sure about what you wanted, or you were too scared to admit what you really wanted.

Now, you find yourself so far off from who you once dreamed of being that it getting back appears nigh impossible.

On the other hand, being lost and empty inside is a strong pointer towards a situation of self-alienation that makes you feel like a stranger to yourself.

Usually, this is the result of pushing away negative emotions and can build slowly over time.

Use Your Lost Feeling To Understand Yourself Better

Emotions are an important part of our human experience and our lives. Read here about the incredible emotional guidance system.

Yet at the same time, we spend a significant amount of time going against our own nature.

We do things that are completely out of alignment with who we are and when the sadness and emptiness creep in, we repress them.

But what happens when you refuse to acknowledge your feelings? They hang around like cobwebs in the dark corners of our minds, jamming our well-being and eventually cutting us off from ourselves altogether.

Over time, stifling how you feel causes you to think you are trapped without any way out of this unexplained mess.

4 Ways to Stop Feeling Lost And Redirect Yourself To Success

1. Start Expressing Your Desires and The Way You Feel

To get out of that feeling of lacking course, you have to start feeling comfortable in your own skin and being you again.

This is not some cliché slogan for you to think about on your way to work or in the bathroom. You really need to sit and understand what being you mean.

Too often, we find ourselves trying to conform and please others or chasing people who have no interest in us because we are scared of not belonging.

But here is the thing about blending in at all costs: you can easily get lost in yourself and lose sight of who you really are.

When you stop being true to yourself, you lose sight of the right opportunities and people that are willing to accept you for you.

You can begin rediscovering yourself by examining all the areas in your life that you had to change in order to get to where you are at the moment. Stop suppressing those lost parts of yourself; magnify them if you can.

What are your passions? What are the things you’re really good at, that for you doing them is a piece of cake and that people would love to pay you money to do it?

Or – are you happy in your current relationship? Is answering your most important needs? Can you be heard, express yourself, be seen or do you feel nurtured in this partnership? If not – ask yourself – WHY are you still there?

Tune into your needs and explore yourself at the deepest level, because otherwise… that lost experience will keep haunting over and over again.

2. Explore New Sides About You

Get outside of what’s familiar and start exploring new roads in form of hobbies and interests.

For example, during the coronavirus period I’ve discovered I love playing basketball. Two years ago, I’ve found the love of my life – poker! If you asked me ten years ago, I never thought I’d be the type who’d enjoy these things.

As you get out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities avenues, you build new neural networks in your brain. That will open you to so many more adventures and opportunities and even sharpen the clarity about what’s right for you!

The goal is to discover what you enjoy doing and what gives you the most meaning so that you can invest more of your energy and your time doing that.

This helps eliminate that unpleasant lost vibration by giving your life meaning and personal significance.

3. Even If You Are Lost In Life Don’t Let Yourself Sink Deeper

It sounds so difficult to pull yourself up from the bottom of the barrel you may feel you’re at right now. But you CAN do it. Besides, no one can do it for you. You have to learn to train your mind to pull yourself up without along yourself to live in your misery.

Sure, you don’t have to figure it all and find what you want to do with your life right now, but until you do – try to find joy. Or at least – don’t get used to the low feelings that wash over you.

Yes, on one hand, you need to acknowledge your emotions. On the other hand, find the strength within to keep going!

How? By re-channeling your thoughts. Your default thinking is probably super negative right now. So, every time you “catch” yourself going down that route, IMMEDIATELY, think of something fun. Funny. Pleasant. Joyful. Any opposite vibration to that default ‘lost’ feeling that comes up.

Keep doing this time and again to rewire your mind and you will notice a shift in a relatively short time.

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You may also be interested in this recording to find your true purpose.

4. Reach Out to Your Support System

If you don’t have a support system made of people who love you and believe in you, then it is time to create one.

You were never meant to navigate the difficult moments alone. So make it a point to reach out to family and friends who care about us and know us better than we are ready to admit.

You will be surprised how much speaking to someone who cares can lift your spirit and put you on better footing.

Does it seem like you lost your inner guide? Reach out to those who have faith in you and your potential no matter what.

Reach out to those you know who always seems to have a plan for everything, and strategize.

Sometimes facing the temptation to give in and abandon all hope can be overwhelming.

But if you follow these tips given, you can turn your life around and start feeling like yourself again.

Remember to start small, and commit to being completely honest with yourself during this process. Feeling lost is often an opportunity for you to truly rediscover yourself and fall in love with everything that makes you unique.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.