Living Authentically

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Live Authentically

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Living Authentically – Be Yourself

This relaxing recording for living your authentic self can help you reconnect with your core being.  An authenticity that will allow you to stop apologizing for who you are, nor pretending to be someone you’re not, and all of that- with a respectful and considerate approach to others.

Meeting your need for authenticity enables you to –

  • Live your truth.
  • Reclaim your wholeness.
  • Step into your power.
  • Follow your core values.
  • Know your boundaries.
  • Gain respect and love for who you really are.
  • Walk to talk.

Learn To Be Yourself

Living authentically means living a life that stems from your inner truths and radiates outward. The difference between those who live authentically and those that don’t is that they live in alignment with their higher self.

Being authentic means that your actions and words are congruent and aligned with your values and beliefs. It means expressing your truth without shrinking down parts of yourself to make others like you.

Be authentic

If you are like most people, you’ve allowed society to bend you out of shape; you’ve allowed the opinions and beliefs of others to mold you into something that is not quite you…

And you struggle with the burden of this disconnect between who you really are and what society says you should be.

Talk about sabotage.

You are a divine being, brought forth into the world to fill a role so specific, only you could fill it in all its nuances. Yet somewhere along the line, you learned something was wrong with you; you were not good enough; you had to fit in.

Usually, The Sabotage Starts Very Early In Life

I’ve seen it a million times:

  • A girl is smart and top of her class; her parents and teachers think she will make a great doctor one day. But what this girl really wants is to become an artist — her soul finds peace in the pleasure of creating. However, she’s given up on the idea; mommy said she has to think of the “greater good” and how she can use her smarts to “save people”.

20 years later the little girl is now a doctor, but she struggles with self-esteem issues and frequently neglects her personal well-being in pursuit of her career because she vainly races to serve a greater good she hopes will fill an artist-shaped hole in her heart that refuses to go away.

  • A little boy grows up in a strongly religious family; he doesn’t understand all that his parents and the preacher profess, but he knows better than to ask questions at the dinner table. Every time he does that, his dad looks at him as if he is “weird” and his mom sheds a tear, wondering where she went wrong.

40 years later, even as a man, that little boy suffers under the burden of other people’s beliefs. He lacks a solid sense of self and constantly tries to fit in at his own expense. He walks around with his shoulders hunched and his friends have a little respect for him—but that’s just because he doesn’t—no, cannot—respect himself.

The instances of sabotage are endless.

At what point did society tell you to “grow up”?
When did your friends tell you that “you have to become responsible”?
Was your dream really impossible or did your peers say “it could not be done” and that rubbed off on you?
Are you really living a life that aligns with the real you inside?

No matter how successful you may be, unhappiness with what you do is a very strong sign that the life you live is not aligned with your inner truth, that there is a dissonance that exists, and it is taking its toll in many ways.

Signs that You Are NOT Living an Authentic Life

When you live out of step with the secret rhythms of your heart, you’ll know it. Whether it is through your dread of the work day, the fact that your job or lifestyle throws your personal life out of whack, or through your complete inability to grow as a person in your life.

Do you find you have to always entertain others and keep the conversation interesting, even when others don’t even take the slightest responsibility to contribute?

Do you feel uncomfortable refusing a request or an offer that doesn’t sit well with your values?

Are you taking responsibility for others’ feelings and behavior and blaming yourself for their mistreatment towards you?

Have you allowed yourself to get sucked into the hamster wheel, constantly striving to make ends meet in an unsatisfying job that leaves you wondering, “What happened to me?” or wishing you were doing something else?

Perhaps the presence of a certain friend leaves you drained rather than pumped.

Essentially, anything that fills you with doubt about your worth, happiness, and your well-being is probably not an authentic life.

Authentic People Are Happier

Living an authentic life allows you to reach your full potential by unleashing your creativity in ways you have never imagined as you share yourself and your vision with the world around you.

Living Authentically

Living an authentic life means embracing yourself and expressing your ideas in ways that only you know how. Any other thing simply leaves you tired and deflated.

Living authentically means being who you are, in spite of all the “smarter options” and people telling you how you should live.

When living authentically, you are not looking for sympathy, validation, and approval of others, since you are comfortable with who you are.

It’s about being so grounded and centered, that others’ negative views of you cannot shake your core. And vice versa – people’s positive views are not the building blocks of your self-esteem either.

Those who keep it real know their high value and do not need others to reflect it for them. Therefore, criticism won’t destroy their day and take them out of balance, and compliments do not make them feel so high.

Authentic living means you attribute high value to yourself that is completely independent of external approvals. Any aspect about the man in the mirror that does not agree with the person you are inside is as fake as a $3 note and therefore inauthentic.

How to Start Showing Your Authentic Self

So how can you go about “fixing” your life and aligning it with your inner truths and values?

First of all, you have to know what those inner truths and values are. When was the last time you stopped to get in touch with you and your needs?

Like many people, maybe you are stuck in the hamster wheel playing the role society gave you so well that you barely have time to find a deeper meaning or connection for the role you play or the job you do.

Life moves so fast and demands so much that you’ve shifted to autopilot—a state of unconsciousness and stagnation that is disconnected from your true self.

It’s time for some self-reflection.

It’s time to get re-introduced to yourself:

• Do you dismiss your happiness, peace, and well-being to take care of other adults? If yes – in what ways would you like to prioritize your needs?

• Why do you do what you do? Is that what you want to spend your time doing or did someone tell you that “you have to be responsible”

• What are the parts of yourself that you hide from others or even from yourself? Do you let others dim your light? If yes – what is that light – is that your goofiness, enthusiasm, energy, sense of humor, vitality?

• Are your beliefs truly yours? Or did you pick them up from your caregivers and guardians as you grew up?

Getting acquainted with your true self is the first step you must take as you begin the journey towards being your authentic self.
The next step involves living mindfully.

Now that you know who you are and what you really want, you have to constantly check-in to make sure that whatever action you take is in line or congruent with your inner self.

For example:
Do I really want this job or am I merely considering it because my partner thinks I should not be picky?

Does my relationship make me happy or am I here simply because everyone says we make a good couple?

I really want to wear my hair down today, and some people might think I am weird…is that why I’m punishing myself with this uncomfortable hairdo?

Be honest with yourself. Nobody else deserves to lay claim over your authenticity and happiness but you. Life is too short and too precious to spend it being someone you are not.

Program Your Subconscious Mind To Be An Authentic Person

The good news is that you can change the automatic conditioning any time you want to! There are a few ways to do it, like visualization, guided meditation, Reiki, and others. But those ways take time and practice, and many give up right before they would start to see results.

However, there is another way that is far more effective to reshape your brain pathways. It is called subliminal messages.

Those are hidden suggestions that bypass your awareness, and by that, your natural resistance to new ideas that contradict your patterns.

The subliminal commands contain powerful positive affirmations that are carefully formulated to nourish your brain with beliefs that support developing an authentic personality.

This is an exclusive recording you cannot find anywhere but here, and it is the ultimate way to train your brain to be just as you want it to be.

The hidden suggestions’ purpose is to help you get rid of the self-betrayal and guide you to be true to your authentic self.

Be authentic

The session for building an authentic mentality will unleash your self-confidence and will remove the toxic shame that says you are flawed.

You will stop apologizing for your existence and know it is your right to take up space. You will be genuine with others, and gain their respect and appreciation by keeping your boundaries and personal space.

From now on, you will not be subjected to your fear of “what others may think”. It is your time to take off the mask and express your true self.

The suggestions will help you eliminate the fear that motivates you. Instead, you will be attuned to a source of confidence, security, and protection, which t all come from within you.

Remember, you are a divine being, born to fill a role totally unique. Now go be you!

The Affirmations

I am real with myself and others
I am comfortable exactly as I am around others
I know my values and stick to them
I respect myself and my boundaries
I know to keep an open mind, heart, and to learn new things
I know my high worth
I joyfully remove the mask, and set my true self free
I let go of the fear of losing people
I am complete with who I am
I express myself sincerely
I am proud of who I am
I let go of the need to impress others
I am first and for most committed to myself and my happiness
I live authentically
I am connected to myself and know well who I am
I am whole

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).