How To Overcome The Destructive Emotion Jealousy

How To Overcome The Destructive Emotion Jealousy

How to overcome jealousy of others


Jealousy is one of the most destructive, lowest emotions we can feel. It decreases our vibrational energy significantly. What can we do to shift our attitude in order to overcome jealousy?

Has it ever happened to you that you followed friends and random people you barley know on social media and felt jealousy creeping up?

You found yourself envious of their relationships… their success… their prestigious vacations… their private parties…

I get it!

Envy is a burning emotion. It is a hard feeling that sometimes you even manage to feel it physically, like a painful pinch in your heart.

And although you may not want to feel that way, and you really want to be happy for others, you can’t bring yourself to overcome jealousy or control it.

Why do you feel jealous?

Envy is created by comparison. You envy all those people because they just remind you of all the things you want to have, but don’t have.

But wait, if it just sums up with “I want what those people have”, you can just do the right things, until you get what they have. Well… not exactly.

The problem is, you do not believe you are capable or deserve to achieve the same things like the people you envy;

And this constant reminder that you are exposed to in everyday life is causing you suffering, because you know deep down that no matter what you do, you can never be like them.

You believe you can never reach their success and the abundance they possess. So you’re jealous. And even though jealousy hurts like crazy, you can’t help but feel it, not to mention overcome it.

But here’s your mistake:

Instead of directing all your energy, all your resources and all your time to your own personal growth and removing the mental barriers that make you feel unworthy or incapable, you put all your focus on the life of others.

You see, you abandon yourself, your identity and everything that matters to you, and dedicate your energy to the hidden hope that others’ lives will be as crappy as yours.

And when you direct most of your attention to such a negative path, not only do you not promote yourself to success and happiness, you strengthen those mind blocks that leave you stuck, frustrated and jealous.

But that’s not all!

When you envy others, you completely ignore two very important things:

1. The well-being you see in others is clear proof that there is plenty of abundance in the universe.

However, when you’re jealous, you focus on what you do not have. You resonate with the consciousness of lack. That’s why you attract more experiences and circumstances that increase the absence of things.

2. You are not thankful for what you already have. Try to remember all those things or experiences you once wanted and achieved.

You’ve forgotten them already, haven’t you? This is not surprising. When we signify a goal we wanted, we gradually forget how much we wanted it.

So whenever you feel jealousy flooding you, instead of seeing the life of others reminding you of what you do not have, look at it as a reminder that you’re not living in gratitude. Practicing conscious appreciation will get you much closer to overcome jealousy.

Many people who contact me by email share with me that they envy others. I sit and read their personal stories, and see that it just destroys their lives, it destroys their inner peace, and the joy they once had.

Instead of taking the jealousy and converting it with a sense of motivation and desire to grow, they allow it to carry them down and this frequency becomes their default.

So I decided to create a recording of subliminal messages that deals with the central aspects of the sense of jealousy; the focus on absence, the focus on others, a low sense of self-capability and a lack of gratitude.

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