Quit Smoking Meditation

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Quit Smoking Meditation

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Quit Smoking Meditation – a Ground Breaking Method To Stop Smoking

Quit smoking is one of the biggest challenges you can face, since cigarettes, not only cause you to be physically dependent on them, you also become emotionally attached to them. This is the reason I created this unique quit smoking program.

This ‘quit smoking meditation’ will help you to –

  • Quit smoking without willpower
  • Stop the emotional addiction
  • Enjoy being a non-smoker
  • Leave your addiction as part of your past
  • Break free the slavery to cigarettes
  • Become a role model for others who wish to quit

How To Quit Smoking Without Suffering

In this article, you will reveal why you are conditioned to believe the cigarettes serve you and give you a false sense of confidence, security, and relaxation. Also, I will show you how the quit smoking meditation can help you eliminate this sabotaging programming that has been established created in your mind.

Shortly after using this audio, you will choose to liberate yourself from the emotional addiction and the excuses you keep telling yourself that sustain the smoking pattern.

The Times When You Attempted To Quit Smoking… Oh, The Misery!

How many times have you promised yourself “never again”, but soon after, gave in to your cravings? How many times have you stopped smoking just to find yourself lighting up another cigarette? I get it. You want badly to quit smoking but the fear of losing the cigarettes forever is paralyzing you from making that change.

If you have tried to quit smoking before, you went through misery, anger, bitterness, and difficulty to function. At the so-called “quitting smoking period”, you drained into the obsessive cravings for smoking, even long after the nicotine poison has completely left your body.

Stop Smoking MeditationYou might have physically stopped smoking, but didn’t really stop obsessing over it in your head. You were possessed by thoughts of smoking that caused you an enormous suffering, even when you changed your behavior.

That what makes the quit smoking meditation so powerful – you can get rid of those compulsive and demanding voices in your head that convince you to ‘light up a cigarette now”!

When you tried to quit smoking, the coffee didn’t taste the same, hanging out with friends felt like hell, walking down the streets and seeing all the other smokers made the quitting days so much worse…

It was like an ongoing itch that you couldn’t scratch! The pain was unbearable. Every little thing put you over the edge.

You still lived your life, but it wasn’t really you. It was the zombie you. I know exactly how it is like. I was there. I was smoking nonstop for long twelve years before I discovered the power of quit smoking meditations.

My Embarrassing Addiction Story

Smoking was my addiction. Of course, I never saw it coming. I never planned to wind up as a filthy and disgusting chain smoker. I smoked about a pack and a half a day for 12 years. This totaled 900 cigarettes a month – about 11,000 cigarettes a year.

Meditation for quit smokingI never knew when I was going to smoke the cigarette that would light up the cancer cells. The funny thing is that I didn’t care. Or I didn’t admit that I cared.

The cigarettes took over my life; my whole schedule was determined by the next smoking time;
I was never focused – my mind was constantly preoccupied with, “When will I smoke next?”

I couldn’t enjoy my time with friends because they asked me not to smoke around them. I had to step outside, sometimes in the rain, snow, or heat. No matter the weather conditions, I was ready to do whatever it took to inhale those toxins into my throat.

Little by little, I changed from a completely independent person to a poor slave who only cared about my next fix. I didn’t realize I was putting myself behind bars.
I thought I was enjoying this.

Despite my “pure joy” coming from my smoking patterns, I knew I had to quit. So I did – about 100 times a day.

When I had attempted to quit before, I was miserable, and I was suffering. It felt like there was no point to live like this, no point to live my whole life wanting something so badly that it hurt not having it.

I felt jealous of smokers during those periods of time that I allegedly “quit smoking”.
I was a wreck and felt like a dead woman walking. I kept on thinking how would I do this for good?

Your Twisted Perception Of Cigarettes And Smoking

If you are like I was, before I became familiar with the life-changing meditation to quit smoking, we probably perceived cigarettes the same.

If you are a smoker who is reading this, you tend to feel that cigarettes are sort of a good friend. They provide a sense of safety net or as a getaway during stressful days.

There is not even one smoker who loved smoking the first cigarettes. After a short while, with repetitiveness, the nicotine absorbs deeply into the blood system and as time goes by, the emotional bondage is joining to this party.

meditation quit smoking

Therefore, the smokers find such creative ‘logical’ justifications that support their behavior.

Now, you are absolutely convinced you love to smoke. But here is the catch: you don’t realize this “love” is a self-lie. It is nothing but an excuse your brain is making up in order to justify this destructive pattern that slowly murders you.

If you will not tell these love stories to yourself, how will you ever be able to continue smoking peacefully? In other words, you must rationally justify this action that causes you an enormous discomfort in the back of your mind.

The quit smoking meditation will cut loose the lies you tell yourself and you will be able to see the smoking doesn’t serve you at all.

Here Are Two Of The Most Common Self-Lies Smokers Believe

Smoking gives me confidence

Is that right? Do cigarettes really make you feel confident? When you realize your cigarettes are over and there is no option at that moment to get more, and you start to panic and stress about it – is that a confident feeling?

And when you’re at work, or inside a building and cannot smoke for a while, the craving climbs up your spine – how confident do you feel then?

And when around friends at a bar, drinking your beer, you stop listening to what they say once you yearn your fix. You completely stop being in that moment… would you describe that as feeling confident?

smoking meditationThat is actually the opposite of feeling confident – it makes you feel lost, ungrounded, completely imbalanced and not in the zone. So, in fact, smoking makes you feel lack of confidence every single day!

Non-smokers NEVER EVER experience these horrible sensations. Only smokers experience these unpleasant feelings of panic, anger, fidgetiness and temporary insanity when they face a tiny bit of withdrawal symptoms.

The quit smoking meditation will guide you to internalize that you are as powerful as who you are, and nothing else outside of you can ever provide you with confidence and self-assurance.

Now that we refuted your false reason why you do continue to smoke, let’s move on to another common excuse you probably tell yourself.

Smoking cigarettes relax me

The truth is that cigarettes have never relaxed anyone. People fall into this trap because they are being tricked by their own minds.

When you smoke, twenty minutes after the dose of nicotine leaves your body, you are filled with an enormous amount of stress, a lack of peace of mind and discomfort.

You are tricked into believing that the next cigarette will relax you… but it’s doing nothing but filling a gap that was caused by the withdrawal of the previous cigarette. You give the cigarette the credit of relaxation, but not the blame for causing you to feel extremely nervous and anxious in the first place.

These reasons and others are nothing but EXCUSES to justify your systematic, slow suicide you are putting yourself through.  Those reasons became your deep beliefs that give the cigarettes so much power and control over you.

The quit smoking meditation can replace these limiting beliefs with empowering ones.


I encourage you to explore more negative beliefs that have been rooted in your brain that support the continuation of smoking. Such as:

– I like the smell and the taste
– I like inhaling the smoke and feel it in my throat
– I like my cigarettes after meals

Write them down on a paper and start the exploring, challenging, and refuting process. Remember these automatic thoughts are nothing but a collection of patterns that haven’t been explored yet. They are nothing but false stories you tell yourself to avoid the unpleasant dissonance.

Questioning your own patterns will make the process of quit smoking easier than ever before!

Don’t worry, you will not go through this alone. The quit smoking meditation stands by your side in this process and rewires your mind to embrace new paradigms that support the stop smoking patterns.

Willpower Will Not Save You

Willpower has never been the answer to making changes. It took me time to really understand this.

Self-discipline is never the way! It never helped me quit smoking and it never helped millions of people around the globe who wanted to stop being slaves to external substances.

The quit smoking meditation is the opposite of using willpower
. It is about creating a change from within, by shifting your perceptions.

When you take the cigarette out of your mouth, you don’t take it out of your head, and the emotional desire to smoke never leaves your system.

Maybe some people have used willpower to quit, but is it truly quitting? Forcing yourself over and over again to NOT do things? Facing inner battles constantly? That is not really quitting that feels good.

meditation to quit smokChange is not about forcing yourself… change is not supposed to be accompanied by anguish, depression, and stress. Change is about growing, healing, evolving, and feeling better and better as days go by.

If change is all about good stuff, how come it is almost impossible to enjoy the process? How can you stop smoking easily without struggling, without anger, without gaining weight, without longing for cigarettes?

If willpower is not the solution, then what is?

Quit Smoking By Implanting Smoke-Free Patterns In Your Brain

Wrong perceptions of cigarettes are preventing you from quitting smoking… and unless you change them, you will continue to be a smoker. Constant exposure to the quit smoking meditation can establish non-smokers patterns within you. It is called – a brain wiring process.

You probably tried hard to quit smoking by forcing yourself to change your behavior, but not only did it not last long, it made you feel like a failure. You felt guilty every time you wanted to smoke… you were mad at yourself that nothing was changing even though you put so much energy into this.

When you finally change your automatic thoughts about cigarettes, by listening to the quit smoking meditation, not only will it be easy for you to stop smoking, but you will also –

– Never miss a cigarette in your life
– Never be jealous of other smokers – you will pity them
– Get rid of the need and cravings to smoke
– Feel completely indifferent to cigarettes without holding back
– Continue to drink coffee and socialize without the need to hold a cigarette

Stop smoking meditation

Feed Yourself With Nourishing Seeds Of Thoughts, Not With Nicotine

One of the most powerful and scientifically proven methods to shift your subconscious thoughts from scratch is by using subliminal messages. That is exactly what this meditation is about.

Hidden commands

Exposing your mind to a nonstop stream of empowering messages that are focused only on quitting smoking will re-design your conditioning. This groundbreaking technology is so easy to use that you don’t have to make extra effort to apply it!

Subliminal messages is a unique technique because it deals directly with your subconscious mind. The hidden hypnotic suggestions bypass your hearing threshold, and thus, bypass your resistance.

Don’t worry if you cannot hear the words while you relax into it, because your unconscious absorbs everything (*it is a million times stronger than your awareness*).

Spoken words of healing

In addition, the quit smoking meditation includes another recording that is similar in its effect to subliminal messaging. The second audio has spoken affirmations that are coded in the music.

The spoken commands are recorded in a form of multi-audio-layers, so you will not be able to understand the sentences. This way is also highly effective since it bypasses your resistance as well.

stop-smoking meditationImagine that you can expose your mind to multiple messages when you are going online, when you are taking a bath, when you go to sleep… imagine that you can create life-changing process while you keep doing the same things you are doing anyway in your daily routine.

This is exactly what I had in mind when I developed this quit smoking program (and all of the other programs) – to make it easy for you to finally change your paradigms.

This program does not fit everyone

I recommend not using it if you have no desire to quit smoking, if you have no intention to make a change, if you think that changes should just occur just like that, or if you are not committed to your happiness.

However, if you are tired of being a slave and have attempted to quit smoking before… if you take responsibility for your life and deeply want to change your results… if you don’t want to be a smoker for good, then this is for you.

With this quit smoking meditation formula, you will be bombarded with a stream of suggestions that, in due time, will clean your system of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, depression and those feelings of “I can’t do it.”

In summary, how this meditation is going to help you stop smoking?

1. The hidden hypnosis contains messages that, through repetitive exposure, will shape your mind to believe you don’t need cigarettes in order to live happily.

2. The quit smoking meditation will make you internalize that when you quit smoking, you actually don’t give up anything – you are only gaining!

3. The suggestions of this stop smoking meditation will neutralize your limiting programming that supports the huge impact cigarettes have on your life

4. There are two sets included: night (subliminals) and day (spoken, multi-layers).

The subliminal night session is accompanied by relaxing music that will put you in a meditative state, which will maximize the assimilation of the hidden suggestions. The daytime audio has an upbeat music, so you will not get numb while listening.

5. These sessions will program your subconscious mind to stop smoking and by that, in time, your cravings for cigarettes will be significantly reduced or disappear completely.

6. The quit smoking meditation will re-wire your brain to know it is safe to stop smoking and that feeling will minimalize the withdrawing symptoms.

7. Both sets of this meditation have no time limit. Listen as much as you want. The more you listen, the faster your old conditioning will subside.

The Affirmations Of This Meditation

Every day in every way, my lungs are becoming cleaner and cleaner
Every day my body push away the nicotine out of my system
I am completely free of cigarettes
I am emotionally detaching myself from smoking
I let go of the need for smoking; I am happy to expel cigarettes out of my life
when I let go of cigarettes, I’m only gaining!
When I am giving up cigarettes, I am winning my life big time
True winners are free of addictions; I am a true winner!
The withdraw of nicotine is simply my body cleaning itself out of toxins
I hate smoking!
I am disgusted by cigarettes, their smell, and taste
I find smoking repulsive!
I joyfully and easily release the cigarettes out of my life
I am a success story of someone who quit smoking
I feel healthy, happy and vital when I release smoking out of my life
the smoking belongs to my past
I am cleaning myself out of cigarettes now
I feel high self-confidence, even when I am quitting cigarettes
I feel a deep sense of self-satisfaction when I free myself from smoking
I allow my body to clean itself of the cigarettes toxins
I release any emotional need to smoke and become completely free!
I am getting out of the smoking prison and getting out from slavery to freedom
it feels so good to breathe fresh air when my lungs are clean
I am happy when I let go of cigarettes
it feels wonderful to live my life when I let go of smoking
I happily expel cigarettes out of my life
the cigarettes have always lied to me and made me feel bad
I am tossing the cigarettes far away from my life, heart, and mind
I love myself when I quit smoking
I relax better when letting go of smoking
it is easy for me to deeply relax when smoking is out of my system

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).