Explore Your Emotional Guidance Scale – Listen To Your Feelings The Healthy Way

Explore Your Emotional Guidance Scale – Listen To Your Feelings The Healthy Way

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Let’s explore an interesting way to deal with negative emotions by discovering your emotional guidance scale. Do you remember all the warning systems that come with gadgets like your mobile phone, or your car that warn you about dangers like low battery, or no fuel?

Yeah, nobody likes when these signals go off. But we acknowledge that they are there for our own protection because they tell us when something is not right.

Your emotions work the same way.

Get Familiarized With Your Emotional Guidance Scale

Negative emotions tell you when something within your framework is not quite as it should be. This emotional guidance system, given you by nature, shows you when you are off your path, and that you need to care for yourself.

Here are some emotions of the low vibrational scale you might experience regularly:
Revenge, jealousy, Anger, blame, doubt, worry, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, hatred, pessimism, depression, grief, powerlessness and etc.

The positive emotional scale consists of these vibrations:
Enthusiasm, passion, joy, peace, love, optimism, hopefulness, contentment, and etc.

Paying attention to these feelings actually works to your advantage, if you know how to deal with them the right way.

It’s a call for you to explore them. See what they represent. Look for the thought patterns they reflect.

Each and every emotion you have is the result of a definition. It’s the result of a conditioned mental pathway that has been in your brain long enough to be molded and fixed into an automatic pattern.

If you have been working hard on your self-healing and find that you are STILL depressed, anxious, fearful, stressed, angry, and so on, on a regular basis for no apparent reason – Most likely, there are other undiscovered layers of negative programming you haven’t dealt with yet and that require healing.

Those emotions are simply clear, hard-to-miss signs that point out areas in your life that you still need to work on.

Don’t Add New Problems on Top of the Old Ones

But what do we do when these signs show up? What is the best approach to touch base with our pessimistic emotions? What is our usual coping mechanism whenever we get stressed, or depressed, or anxious, or fearful?

We ignore these feelings and their causes, that’s what.

Because negative emotions are extremely unpleasant, many of us rather avoid them and turn to quick-fix things.

These will give us temporary relief– food, drugs, alcohol, gambling and etc. Instead of facing the real problem head-on.

You may use those escape routes to distract yourself from the REAL issue. However, quick fixes create new problems on top of the psychological wound you already have.

And what happens is – you treat the obvious layer that is more apparent to you, and not deal with the real underlying destructive conditioning.

Would you actively ignore a blinking red light on your dashboard while you were speeding along the highway? Probably not. But that is exactly what ignoring your emotions is like.

So the first step is to stop escaping them and acknowledge your emotions’ presence.

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It Is Not Your Fault

Your eagerness to turn away from emotions is not entirely your fault.

Society demands that we do so, and we are all programmed from childhood to comply.

  • “Be a man, and stop crying!”
  • “Big girls don’t cry; stop being a baby!”
  • “Why can’t you smile and be happy like everyone else?”
  • “Must you get angry?!”

How many times did you get treated to instructions like these from your caretakers?

For many of us, it did not take long to notice as kids that adults reacted poorly to our negative emotions.

But in order to ensure our survival, keep our parents’ love and approval, we use defense mechanisms that backfire on us later.

We quickly learned to repress those emotions, and today as adults we still push back hard whenever they try to bubble up to the surface.

You learned to frown on these unpleasant feelings as a child. Your developing brain attempted to make sense of your caregiver’s negative response. So the child you were thinking “Mom knows best; if she says it is wrong to feel like that then she must be right”.

It’s time for you to understand that being angry, or jealous, feel powerless, or sad, does not mean something is “wrong” with you. These low vibrations are emotional guidance signals telling you hidden truths about your patterns, which are meant to be fully acknowledged and felt.

When you admit their existence and allow yourself to experience these sensations, you can uncover what is really going on underneath. That is the healthiest to get in touch with your emotions The emotional guidance scale is here to help you see what you don’t want to see.

If, for instance, every time you spend time in the company of someone who triggers uncontrolled unworthiness within you, see it as a great opportunity to explore why you feel this way.

Repressing Negative Emotions Only Causes Damage in the Long Run

Imagine you mistakenly put your bare palm on a burner while cooking a meal.

Just as looking away and ignoring your burning hand would not make the pain go away and could actually destroy your hand. Treating the symptoms and putting ice on the hand won’t help much either.

You have to LISTEN to the pain in order to deal with the root cause and take off your hand from the burner.

When your hand is burning, you can’t think, “If I just ignore what’s going on, then things will be okay”. OR, “my hand is in pain, there must be something really wrong with me”.

Cope With Your Feelings By Acknowledging Them

Turning a blind eye to your emotions will not make the underlying causes better and could actually make things worse.

You can view your emotional guidance scale like a pain response in your body. It’s a neat system; one that works when you pay attention to the message that your body sends you, no matter how bad it is.

Similarly, if your negative vibrational frequency persists, it is a strong sign that you have not addressed the memo which those emotions are trying to convey.

Remember: doubt, worry, fear, revenge, insecurity, guilt, shame, not good enough inner voices – are there for your own good. They simply want you to align with your source so that you can once again be on a path of well-being.

Looking the other way, telling yourself “I’m not giving into my pain”, doesn’t mean you’re dealing successfully with the negative emotions. It simply means you’re abandoning the clues your emotional guidance scale is trying to tell you about yourself. 

Instead, allow yourself to feel the emotions, enable them to pass through like a wave. That will actually help you clear the emotional blockages so you can move up the scale at superspeed.

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Feeling Good is Our Natural Emotional State

We were born into this world complete and whole.

And then toxic programming was downloaded into your brain – but this is NOT you.

Your destructive conditioning is like a software bug, and that’s why you’re your vibration is low because this programming CONTRADICTS your natural being, which is to thrive.

Here I explain exactly why your unconscious controls every result you get in life.

When we experience distasteful emotions too often than not, it is an indication that we are off the path and something needs to be repaired. When this happens, don’t ignore it. Face it.

I know you may be terrified to make things worse if you look inside.

Perhaps you’re scared that if you actually acknowledge your worry and unhappiness, terrible things will happen. Maybe you’re scared to fall into an emotional abyss and will never be able to get out.

But it’s not the case. Temporarily, it might feel awful. But as you observe the signs your emotional guidance scale sends you, you’ll finally be able to know WHY you react this way. You will reveal those hidden emotional blocks you were oblivious to all this time.

What Should You Do When Negative Emotions Wash Over You

Be Kind to Yourself

First things first, you have to stop dismissing your emotions and repressing them. Allow yourself to be present without judging yourself for having them.

I had a hard time coming to terms with my persistent low emotions.

Despite all the effort I was putting in, I still found myself sad most days. I would often think in frustration, “Ugh, why is this keep happening?! With all the effort I am putting in, I’m SUPPOSED to get better!”

I’ve been there. I know how frustrating it can be, but I want to tell you to stop. Right now. Stop judging yourself for feeling. Doing so is the opposite of self-compassion. It actually implies a lot of self-judgment and disappointment.

It also implies that you are not enjoying your journey of personal development. Most likely because you want all your problems gone in a flash, whereas dealing with these things take time.

Be Mindful of Your Vibrational Scale

The second thing you can do after you let go of judging yourself is to practice mindfulness and self-observation. This allows you to notice the notifications your negative mood is trying to pass across.

Therefore, observe the emotions and try to identify the issues that are taking you off your natural state.

The third step involves managing the reasons behind the symptoms or negative emotions. So, instead of trying to treat your misery or stress, you can ask yourself WHY you feel the way you do.

Like I mentioned earlier, our subconscious mind is structured in a certain way. Nothing will change until we replace the old deep-seated beliefs.

When you NAME emotions and seek the root cause, you uncover the limiting core beliefs that were cultivated in you long ago as a child.

How I Uncovered My Destructive Beliefs With The Emotional Guidance Scale

In my case, I noticed early on in my inner child work journey that I had a deep need for people to like me, even if they weren’t my friends.

After I abandoned the idea of trying to repress the feeling (which wasn’t working) and judging myself for it, I decided to investigate its source.

After much self-reflection, I was able to name this need I felt and said it out loud: “I need people’s love to survive”! And that was just one paradigm out of many which I was able to discover because I allowed myself to feel.

How was I able to discover this hidden paradigm?

I went all the way back to my past; that’s how.

Unfortunately, I grew up in an environment that was overly controlling. I got screamed at constantly, and I never could tell when, where, or even why, the next outburst was going to come.

My experience was constant insecurity and I learned to bury my needs in order to protect myself. I was scared to express myself because I could not stand being constantly yelled at.

As a child, when I got yelled at, it was like the adults’ love was snatched away from me, and that can be traumatizing for a child to say the least. After all, as a child, you need your parent’s protection to ensure your survival.

Unfortunately, I carried into adulthood this constant need for people to like me in order to ensure my survival.

I would never have made this discovery so crucial to my self-growth had I not learned to accept and deal successfully with my negative emotions.

Realizing Your Programming Doesn’t Heal It

And once I cracked this code — WOW! What a relief!

I could have chosen the “easy” way and ignored my negative emotional scale and never discovered those parts in me. But that would have hurt me in the long run.

Instead, I chose to go the hard way. I chose to look into the uncomfortable depths of my soul. It was painful to do so, but guess what: it was totally worth it in the end!

You can do the same.

Sure, it will be uncomfortable for a while. But once you are done pointing out the source of those emotions they will stop haunting you. You would have adjusted back onto the path of happiness which is your natural state.

Speaking of which, discovering those paradigms is only the first step, one that helps you understand your motives better. But healing yourself of their effect consists of something more.

It was when I decided to heal the negative emotions I was discovering in myself that I became so interested in subliminal messages. I explored their tremendous power to effect change in the lives of those who listen to them.

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These recordings helped me make giant strides in altering my disempowering emotions and healing my deep scars. And they can do the same for you too.

I’ve dedicated a huge part of my life to spreading the word about the proven, life-changing effects of constantly using this method.

If you are ready to deal with your emotions and build positive neural connections, find out the steps to rid yourself of destructive mental habits.

Along with the need to be mindful of your emotional guidance scale and constantly strive for self-growth, these tracks are the best thing I can offer you on your journey towards being a better you.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.