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If you want to get more money, lose weight or find the ultimate relationship, you need to change the coding in your subconscious mind. The unconscious determines 98% of your results in life, and the only effective way to get better results is to shift your limiting beliefs.

Subliminal Programming For Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Using Any Willpower

Subliminal messages might be just the solution you’re looking for your weight loss goals if all of your previous efforts have failed. Let’s explore this a bit further. You don’t know why it happens. You really put the effort in

3 Ways To Harness The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

3 Ways To Harness The Power Of The SubconsciousMind

Many books, articles and documentary movies have been dealing with the power of mind phenomenon. It’s interesting to see that even though the subconscious mind gained widespread attention from endless recourses, it is still a mystery for many people to

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How to program your subconscious mind for home business success

This post is very specific for those who have opened a small business from home or are in the process of opening one. You have an idea and you’ve made up your mind to take it to the next step

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Sacred Solfeggio healing frequencies

The ancient Solfeggio frequencies compose a phrase that was put by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo in 1999 in their book entitled Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. The source of those tones is in ancient musical scale,

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Binaural Beats – what are they and how can they help you

For many years, scientists have measured and assessed the influence that music has on brain waves. In various studies, combinations of tones and sounds were played for people connected to an EEG machine. The experiments proved that the beat range

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