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What would your life look like if you would feel truly confident? Wouldn’t it be awesome to live authentically and be real with people? Learn more here.

Why Believing In Yourself Is a Must If You Want To Achieve Anything Great In Life

Have you ever talked yourself out of what was clearly a great opportunity because you simply didn’t believe in yourself? Perhaps you ran across the woman or man of your dreams at a party, but your feet simply wouldn’t move

Stop Chasing People Who Don’t Want You

Stop chasing after people who dont want you

It’s time to stop chasing people who don’t want you. It’s time to stop obsessing about people who are not willing to create space for you in their life. You know what it’s like: you see this person and they

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People Pleasing: Why You Bend Over Backwards And How To Stop It

People Pleasing

Hello, my name is Edith, and I want to share with you how I stopped people pleasing. Today, I’m a recovered people pleaser. But back then I would put everybody’s needs ahead of my own; my family, my neighbors, my

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Developing a sense of Self – Put Yourself First

Strong sense of self

Here are some questions anybody with a strong sense of self should know how to answer: “Who are you?”, “What is your identity?”, and “Why do you like what you like?” Ask these questions to a random stranger on the

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Why You Never Feel Good Enough

feel good enough

Your life can be so difficult when you walk around burdened with the feeling that you have to live up to somebody else’s standards. You walk around with your head down – and why shouldn’t you? You think you are

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The Root Of Shame

Have you ever wondered why you feel ashamed? Not feeling proud of who you are, afraid to be seen, or tending to be apologetic for almost everything? I want to explain the root of shame through a case study. Little

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How The Need To Be Liked By Others Does Just The Opposite

Need to be liked by others

Let’s talk about the giant pink elephant in the room. We all see it, but too embarrassed to mention it – the need to be liked by others. This need for others to love us is quite annoying. It takes away

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An Easy Way To Increase Your Self-Confidence Right Now

You’re not sure of yourself. You feel you don’t believe in your capabilities. You want to push forward your business, but fear stops you. The emotions that rule you are worry, hesitation and stress. You want to find the love

Comfort Zone – Break Through Your Glass Ceiling

Break Through The Glass Ceiling

We all would love to create changes in our lives. We all would love to evolve and reach places we haven’t been before. But there is one thing that stops us… our comfort zone.

How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

We all, at one stage or another in our lives, stopped and asked ourselves, “What do others think of me?” It is impossible to detach from dealing with that question because we conduct our lives inside a circle of interactions

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Understanding Introverts – The Truth Exposed

Introvert vs Extrovert

Introverts are perceived by others as shy, or unfortunately, in many cases, as strange people. This perception is of course incorrect, and I will expose to you the truth about the introverts, what guides them, how they interact with others,

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Why what others think of you doesn’t matter at all

Believe In Yourself

Do you know this feeling when you are around people and you find yourself thinking, “What do they think about me right now?  How do they see me? Did I behave OK?  Did I sound smart?  Maybe stupid? Should I

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What is self love and self acceptance

What does self-love or self-acceptance mean, exactly? What if you are not happy with your current situation, but you are told by new age books to “just accept yourself”? It’s very confusing because you want to accept who you are,

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10 things winners don’t do

People with positive mindsets know exactly how to manage their feelings, their thoughts and actions in a way that will bring them abundance and success. Being a winner and mentally strong is not just to say to yourself, “I think

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6 foundations of self confidence according to Nathaniel Branden

  Before we look deeper into the 6 foundations, let’s examine how Nathaniel Branden perceives self esteem and self confidence. Nathaniel Branden is groundbreaking and is the pioneer in the self confidence field. He discovered that when you deeply understand

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What is self confidence and how does a lack of it affect your life?

Self confidence has a wide definition and isn’t fully agreed upon among researchers. I’ll provide you the definition I agree with the most: Self confidence is an internal emotional force that enables you to execute your true abilities. Each and

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Ways to develop high self esteem and self confidence

There are two types of self esteem that influence your level of self confidence. Type A: basic self esteem – it means that the experience of feeling valuable is not related to the success or failure you’ve been faced with

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