Stop Caring What Others Think

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Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

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The Full Guide To Stop Caring What Others Think

The only program you need to stop caring what people think of you. Make sure to read this guide all the way through. It will show you how to stop caring what others think, how to stop pleasing others, and how to start living your life authentically.

  •   Put yourself first. It doesn’t make you selfish
  •   Focus on your values and your standards
  •   Replace fear of losing with love of having
  •   Know your worth; you are deserving
  •   Let go of relationships that keep you stuck
  •   Tune into your center and inner-self

Whose Life Are You Living

As you finally release that ongoing voice in your head that asks, “what will others think” you will find that life can be a fascinating experience. It takes time and practice, and most importantly, changing your automatic thought patterns and the conditioning you have experienced since birth.

You might have heard your parents or friends say, “stop caring what others think.” This is easier said than done, but this concept is possible to master. Once you unlock it, it is simple to live by it.

Before we see how to stop caring what others think and the ways to develop this liberating approach, it is important to understand one thing:

You should care what others think… sometimes

It is impossible to completely detach yourself from people because we conduct our lives inside a circle of interactions with other people.

confidenceStop caring about what others think of you can also work against you. For example, not caring for your supervisor’s opinion can lead to your dismissal, and that is not serving you in any way (unless you don’t want this job).

On the other hand, obsessively worrying about what others think of you causes you harm. It drags you down into a maze of losing your self-identity.

Therefore, while you practice not caring what others think, it is necessary to keep that subtle balance between a strong and independent yet social individual and an anti-social lone wolf.

Like anything else in life, it’s all about wise, balanced, doses.

When should you stop caring what others think?

It will be almost impossible to count all the probable scenarios where you should stop caring what others think, because life is packed with endless situations and choices you have to make.

However, there are mathematical formulas that can be applied by different equations. So if we take this analogy, I can point out a few principles that will help you decide when to stop caring about what people say or think.

Check your motive regarding worrying what others think

Is your motive coming from a negative place? Are there emotions such as fear and need for acknowledgment, approval, love, and acceptance?

Neediness is not a healthy motive, for example. Let’s say you’re on a first date with someone you like – are you saying the things you think he might want you to say? Are you hiding your opinions that truly matter to you, just to make him want you?

stop caring what others think

On the date, instead of flowing and enjoying the moment, you are paying too much attention to trying to impress and not enough on being yourself.

On the other hand, if you have high self-worth, you will stay true to yourself, while respecting your date, and would be totally ok if he decided that you are a mismatch.

Check with yourself what you think about who you are

Once you feel whole about certain things, you will stop caring too much about what others think. You can be very self-assured about some things, like the clothes you are wearing; you never care what others think about your style.

But when it comes to different aspects – like how your hair looks, or if your jokes are funny – you can be extremely self-conscious.

For instance, you can get into an argument with a co-worker. After it is over, you will run this script over and over again, and obsess over questions like –

“Should I have said that? Was it smart? Does he hate me now? Will he tell everyone about this and they will be on his side”?

But if you have complete confidence regarding your stance in the argument, you will not feel the need to justify it. It doesn’t mean you don’t respect others’ opinions, but you are simply not allowing their disapproval to lower the value you attribute to yourself.

How to stop caring about what others think of you

Let’s see how to stop caring what others think of you and still manage healthy and harmonic relationships without perceiving yourself as a selfish or socially challenged individual.

1. Don’t fall into the assumption trap

people thinkWhen you are contemplating what others think, you tend to assume what they think. You think you know, but, in fact, you don’t. You start to believe in it, and your behavior will change according to the first assumption you had made.

The problem is, our brains will always try to justify this assumption; it will complete a gap of missing information and will build a whole fake story around this assumption.

For example, your college buddy didn’t say hi to you in the hallway. If you tend to worry about what others think, you might jump into conclusion that you must have done something wrong.

Then your brain will complete stories and find baseless connections between unrelated situations, such as “oh, he acted kinda weird at the party last night… and last week, he said he is too busy to go for lunch.”

Practice exploring other interpretations that do not involve you

When you don’t stop caring about what others think, you are so preoccupied with THEIR lives that you forgot about other probable options:

What if he didn’t see you? What if he was dealing with something else on his mind? What if he was in a hurry? Not everything is about you.

In fact, almost nothing is about you, it is about them, so don’t fall into the trap of quick assumptions.

To stop caring about what others think of you requires you to question your own thought patterns. Avoid making assumptions, because you simply don’t know. If you are not sure about something, ask.

what others think of you

If you are too embarrassed to ask, then direct a question to yourself – “Is it true? Could it be something else that has got nothing to do with me?” After you realize that there could be many answers, you’ll know it’s pointless to worry about what others think because basically, you have no clue.

Even when the situation DOES involve you, the person’s feelings and reactions have nothing to do with you, but with their own belief system. Remember the example of the argument with the co-worker?

If you stick to what you stand for wholeheartedly, it is not your business how the other person will interpret this. It is up to that person, his or her life experience, and his or her subconscious paradigms.

2. Know your personal values

You need to know what is important to you in your life, what you really value and eventually, what you are going to do. When you know who you are, if you have a strong sense of self, and what truly matters to you, it will be easy to stop wondering what others think.

The way others perceive you will become less relevant, because they are judging you by their own values, and this has nothing to do with you.

It could be that others will judge you because your principles do not congruent with their narratives. And that is their right. But it is also your right to have your own set of values and priorities to follow.

The standards you stick to will, at some point, upset some people, and there is nothing you can do about it. There is nothing that you should do about it.

They have the choice to get mad, accept it, respect it, or ignore it. No matter what path they choose, it is their choice and not yours.

3. You can’t please them all

It is impossible to meet everyone’s expectations and needs. Moreover, you really don’t want to do it. People pleasing will drain your energy and suck the joy out of you, as you systematically abandon your own needs just to maybe get validation.

Instead, focus on pleasing yourself. If you feel the need to please people in certain situations, ask yourself –

What is my motive? – Fear and need to be loved or a healthy desire to make progress?

caring what others thinkDeep down in your heart, you might carry a fear of social rejection. If you worry a lot about what others think of you, the fear of not receiving love and appreciation is dominating you. This fear is managing your life, and it is causing you to be enslaved by external validation.

So, not only you are getting further and further from yourself by neglecting who you are, you also cause yourself enormous suffering for things that are out of your control.

There will always be people who judge you, no matter what. You can’t avoid it and you can’t prevent it, but you can control its influence. You cannot control people’s thoughts, but you can control the meaning and the impact you give those thoughts.

The meaning of stop caring what others think of you is simply letting go of the need for constant outside approval. Focus on yourself, on your values, and learn to TOLERATE the anxiety that arouses when others do not like you for being true to yourself. 

As you practice allowing the anxiety to prevail, without trying to fix it right away, eventually, you will learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, despite people’s negative opinions of you.

Understand that you cannot please everyone, and the people who really matter will still be there, even if they do not share the same opinions.

This way, you will allow yourself to walk toward your personal and emotional freedom, without losing the social belonging you naturally need.

4. Mind your own business

If you constantly care what others think, you are abandoning yourself and putting all of your energy in someone else’s control. In other words – you give away your power. The ongoing struggle of dealing with how others perceive you will lead you to disconnect from yourself.

You are disconnecting from what feels true to you, relinquishing your values and current joy, and simply diving into another person’s head; like you have any control of their thoughts.

thinkEvery time you ‘catch’ yourself caring what others think, don’t fight it, but direct the attention back to yourself.

As you worrying how others see you, ask yourself – whose business am I dealing with? Do their thoughts belong to them or to me? Do I really feel comfortable with that person? Do I say it just to please someone, or because I truly believe in it?

Your consistent wallowing in their minds gives you a fake sense of control that you think you can influence. Your brain is tricking you, and gives you the illusion that if you care what others think, you can control what they think.

In summary, in order to stop caring what others think, simply direct your mind trips back to you and your business. It is not of your business how others perceive you; it is theirs.

Also, it is easier to do it by reversing the question, and ask yourself – “what do I think about this person or this situation?” Always bring your preoccupation back to you, your values and standards. Make sure to check in with yourself, this way, you will also strengthen your sense of self.

Train your brain to stop caring what others think

Stop caring what others think takes time to practice, and requires a constant effort. But what if you could speed up this process by rewiring your subconscious to carry a mindset of a true winner, who is completely independent of other’s opinions?

There is a powerful and scientifically proven method to do so (and any other change you aspire to achieve). This method is called subliminal messages.

Vortex-Success is the best source of brain reprogramming available online today. We offer cutting-edge formulas to shift your old conditioning into winning beliefs.

Tens of thousands of people worldwide are using our recordings and achieving great life-changing results.

caring what people think

Science has proved that in order to change your life, you need to alter your brain. It all begins with your thought patterns. This goes way beyond positive thinking; it is about rewiring your whole paradigm.

Caring what others think usually stems from a negative set of beliefs and fears; fear of failure, fear of success, growth, disappointment, not being loved, criticism, and more.

It comes from a low self-esteem that was built and designed during your childhood by your parents and other surroundings.

Design your new mentality

Our session to stop caring what others think will help you eliminate those inner voices that are sabotaging your life. It will help you step out of the movie that is going on in your head, the movie that you direct and play in.

This movie has got nothing to do with reality, but you are still watching it and hanging on to it – like it is the only option available.

This unique stop caring what others think formula will lead you to get rid of those past patterns that have been created despite your will. You don’t need them anymore; they don’t serve you in any positive way.

Instead, the powerful hidden suggestions will implant new conditioning, of a self-confidence individual who sticks to his or her standards and does not apologize for it.

The only thing that stops you from being who you are – the person you want to be – is the bad stories you keep telling yourself. Stories like “if I say this, she will not like me anymore”; “I shouldn’t have said it, now he thinks I am an idiot.”

This groundbreaking conditioning shifting technology will cut those paradigms that crave love and appreciation from others. Instead, it will guide you to put the focus on you, without the dependency for outside validation. You will be the only one who will provide approval to yourself.

You have the ability to alter your inner world, and subsequently, your outside world will change to match. The question is not whether you can do it, but – do you have the guts to become the limitless you?

Download stop caring what others think now. Connect to yourself again.

The affirmations

I focus on what I think of myself and others
I put myself and my values in the center
I am an evolved, and enlightened individual
I let go of worrying about what others think of me
What others think of me is their business only, not mine
Others can think whatever they want, I am all good with it
I am engaged with my own business only
I let go of the need to be loved by others
I love and appreciate myself, and that is the most important thing
I am worthy, valuable, and a deserving person
I let go of the need of acceptance and love of others
I am the only one who is authorized to approve of me
I explore my thoughts
I am aware of my thoughts
I am open to making positive changes in my life
My brain is conditioned to love myself at all times
I acknowledge all of my talents and abilities
I am a special and unique individual
I emphasize my uniqueness and take pride in it
I stand for myself and follow my truth
I radiate love and harmony
I live my life authentically
I am a confident, stable, strong, and genuine person
It is ok to express myself and my truth
It is safe for me to let go pretending
I please only myself, I let go trying to please others
It is ok for me to connect to my true self

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).