Understanding Introverts – The Truth Exposed

Understanding Introverts – The Truth Exposed

Introvert vs Extrovert

Introverts are perceived by others as shy, or unfortunately, in many cases, as strange people. This perception is of course incorrect, and I will expose to you the truth about the introverts, what guides them, how they interact with others, and what you can do in order to accept and understand them better.

Energy Resource – Introverted people are charged with internal energy, which means spending alone time with themselves, unlike extroverts, who get their “rush” from socializing and interaction with others. This doesn’t mean introverts don’t like to be in social settings; they do, but on their own terms.

Even the amount of time spent with others is different – while an extrovert can spend, for example, six hours with friends, an introvert is satisfied with just two hours. Does it mean introverts don’t like their friends? No, they just need to be charged with energy, because socializing for them can be exhausting.

Energy Allotment – Introverts invest their energy in people who they’re really intrigued by, and don’t spend their valuable time on random chit chats with unfamiliar people or acquaintances. In addition, if introverts sense you’re not truly interested in their company, they won’t make an effort to connect with you. Introverts need to feel their presence is acknowledged.

In addition to those traits mentioned above, how can you know if you’re in introvert?

If you have the personality of an introvert, you have probably experienced some kind of resentment toward loud extroverts who “steal” the show and demand all of the attention in social gatherings.

Other traits of an introvert include being detail-oriented; not feeling uncomfortable – even relishing – frequent silence when with friends; enjoying ‘me time’ without feeling depressed about it or lonely.

Many introverts are not aware of the fact that they’re introverted and they might experience feelings of not belonging and confusing that with shyness or weirdness.

How should extroverts behave when around introverts? Don’t be in their face. Or, put more gently, don’t push them to talk to you. If you see that they’re in their own world, let them be there.

In conversations, talk when you really have something to say and not just to fill in the gap. Ask them for their opinion – show interest in what they think and give them the chance to say it.

Most importantly, know it’s not about you, so don’t take it personally. They can be super friendly and charming, so just be patient enough to see the magic happen.

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