Wife Abandonment

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Wife Abandonment


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Wife Abandonment – My husband suddenly left me

You are going through a wife abandonment situation when your husband suddenly leaves; without notice, without discussion, he’s just gone. If you are feeling lost and hurt by this chain of events and this huge life turmoil, you have come to the right place for help. This relaxing session will help you go through this shattering period of abandonment.

  •   Heal your heart from this distressing breakup
  •   Get over your abandoning spouse
  •   Go on with your life by letting go
  •   See what happened to you as a positive event
  •   Know you are worthy and valuable
  •   Release self-blame and guilt
  •   Release obsessive thoughts regarding your abandoning husband

What Just Happened?!

Note: You don’t have to be married to suffer from wife abandonment.

The wife abandonment scenario describes a traumatic situation of a sudden breakup many women experience. One day, without any previous hints or signs, while you live under the impression everything is fine in your marriage, your husband notifies you, out of the blue – it’s over.

What a shock! You can’t even begin to digest it. You start crying, trying to understand why. A few seconds go by, and the shock deepens as you realize your uncontrollable sadness has no influence what so ever on the person in front of you.

He does not even provide you with any rational reason for his sudden departure and instead mumbles a few sentences that don’t make any sense at all.

He is leaving – the same day he notifies you – without empathy, remorse, or compassion. You stay all alone, in complete disbelief, and heartbroken. This is, in a nutshell, a case of wife abandonment.

The Signs Were Missing

You were happily married… or so you thought. Your husband told you how much he loves you. He texted you, called you, whispered in your ear at nights that you are his forever.

There were NO signs in the background before his announcement.
He kept telling you he loved you even the same week before he abandoned you, his wife, and the marriage, so suddenly and dramatically.

His unexplained departure left you scared, hurt, and deeply traumatized; trying to hold on to any explanation that would relieve the intolerable pain.

You Still Can’t Believe This

A few weeks go by, and your mind, heart, and spirit still do not process this massive reality change. You just can’t believe this is happening to you.

How could it be that the charming, loving, thoughtful, caring husband all of the sudden disappears and is being replaced by this emotionless monster?

wife abandonment

You realize, after a short while, that the person you lived with for so long has been abruptly changed, and you no longer know him, which is frightening. It undermines all of your solid foundations.

The self-assured and vibrant human being you used to be turn to feel worhtless, ashamed, and not good enough.

It makes you doubt your perception of reality and sense of judgment… it makes you feel stupid and pathetic. “How could I have no idea who is the person I was married to? How could I be such an idiot”?

You start feeling guilty and blaming yourself and for his ruthless behavior.

You are desperately looking for answers but don’t seem to find them. And you probably never will. The abandoning husbands NEVER give sufficient answers, never help you understand or care if you stay in the dark.

That is what makes the wife abandonment experience so extremely traumatic.

This is a script which your husband has already emotionally left you a long time ago, most likely had an affair, and was just waiting for the moment that was RIGHT FOR HIM to desert you and live his life with the new woman.

By the way – the new woman might have no idea he did that to you, as he most likely fed her lies that you and he were already going through divorce.

This is a script he continued to pretend; that every single day, everything was fine. He put on the mask of that nice, considerate husband, and didn’t let you think for a moment that he is planning to leave you.

And then, bam! He pushed on the earthquake button, and the secure ground you were walking on has vanished!

“I’m leaving.” He said, with a frozen expression that you have never seen before. This is the wife abandonment experience.

The Obsessive Thoughts Spin In Your Head

“Why? How? How could it be that he doesn’t care? He never stopped telling me he loved me… if I only knew what I did wrong, I would change it and bring him back… was this marriage one big lie? Did he ever love me?”

You ask yourself questions like these over and over again, with tears that can’t seem to stop falling. You’ve turned from the married woman with shared dreams into an abandoned, bewildered, shattered woman.

That turnaround occurred in the most abusive and offensive way possible and you became a shell of your former self. Your life is at a standstill. You are in a state of complete shock and disbelief.

marriage abandonment

He took all of the dreams you had about your marriage and threw them away without blinking an eye. Without caring for your well-being and your emotions.

Wife abandonment is traumatic, earth-shattering, and heartbreaking. You realize that the person you thought you shared your life with was hiding his true face and the relationship you thought you had was based on endless lies.

Was Your Marriage Even Real

While you are trying to put the pieces together into a reasonable picture, you realize this picture doesn’t even exist. It was all fiction. He doesn’t care about your agony nor your deep pain.

His response is – “I’m in a different place now. I don’t know what the big deal is… why can’t you just accept that I no longer love you? Just move on.” His horrible reaction to your shock is even more surprising than the abandonment itself.

You just can’t seem to grasp his real self now – ice-cold, malicious, dismissive, person.

And it makes you feel more lost, wretched, insecure, and needy.

It is very possible that the shock of the out of the blue abandonment has made you lose trust in people, and men in particular. It might take a while until you begin to date again, and that is absolutely normal. Try to be compassionate toward yourself.

Take all the time you need to heal from this horrific experience.

What’s Wrong With Him

In a regular divorce, when wife abandonment is not involved, things make sense. You both talk about it and know exactly why you chose to end the marriage.

But most importantly – you both have the time needed to process the events and get used to this tremendous change.

Of course, the breakup is still painful, but the unbearable trauma of sudden, unexplained abandonment is not part of this scenario.

But it is important you understand that not everyone treats others like this. You see, people with compassion, and those who are truly capable to love and feel – would never do such a thing.

A husband that would walk out on his wife that loves him, all of a sudden, without empathy, explanation and consideration, probably suffers from a serious disorder. Sociopath? Narcissist? Borderline? Might be.

This is a person who is emotionally numb and hides it very well, or worse, doesn’t even aware he has a problem.

Do Not Blame Yourself

This is not your fault. It is not you. It is him. He is the one who is cold-hearted. He is the bad guy in this story. It is not about something you did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say.

You were abandoned by the man who misleaded you with love stories and backed them up with words and actions that never meant anything to him.

This is the man who you never really knew; who lied to you, manipulated you, and ditched your marriage when he found another victim. This is a man who couldn’t care less about your well-being and welfare.

This is a man who dumped you (and your children if you have any) and left you wounded, all by yourself, without a reasonable explanation.

You Can’t Seem To Let Go Of Him

husband suddenly leftYou might miss him now; miss the sense of security, stability, and safety you used to have in your marriage. You might miss those mutual moments of being part of a couple…

You might miss him when you want to call him and tell him a funny thing that happened to you at the grocery store… and this is okay.

It is natural to feel this way. Don’t feel guilty or bad if you can’t get over him just yet. Moreover, don’t listen to those who push you to move on. They don’t understand and never will know how it feels to be abandoned by a person you trusted wholeheartedly.

A Powerful Tool For Gradual Recovery

I want to offer you a meditation I created to heal the wife abandonment chaos you went through. It doesn’t matter when it happened.

If you still feel this scar and the sharp pain in your heart, the wife abandonment program is for you.

The meditation contains subliminal messages with relaxing background music. These are hidden affirmations that bypass your consciousness and reach your subconscious mind.

The hidden suggestions bypass your hearing threshold, so you cannot reject or resist them. The absence of resistance is the feature that allows them to be absorbed in your subconscious easily.

Listening to this is designed to rewire your brain and create new conditioning to replace what was created in your brain following the wife abandonment experience. Right now, you are probably wallowing in your pain.

“I will never heal, the suffering will remain forever, I will never believe in men again, I miss him, I want my old life back…” are just some of the sentences you may be obsessively repeating in your head.

Help Yourself Heal

This meditation program will help heal your heart and reduce your ongoing suffering. It will also direct you to find the positive in this shattering experience.

This wife abandonment meditation session can help you go back to being the strong, independent woman you used to be.

abandoned wife

You will internalize, at the deepest level, the sense of self, security, and safety that can only stem from within and not from external sources.

The wife abandonment audio will help you build your self-esteem that was crumbled by the person you exchanged vows with. As time goes by, you will feel complete, grounded, balanced and connected with your higher self.

Moreover, the suggestions will help guide you as you let go of your husband, and release from your mind and heart the hopes you had about your relationship.

It will open your heart to the amazing experiences that are on their way to your path. Shortly, you will be able to find your center once again.

The Sun Will Shine Again Even If You Cannot See It Now

Little by little, the gloomy fog will dissipate and be replaced by sunny days. The sharp physical pain will subside. You will be able to taste food again, and the music on the radio will no longer fill you with emotional turbulence. You will direct all of that energy to… being yourself again.

This is not a replacement for therapy or medication. It is important you go to therapy. It’s recommended to see someone who deals with trauma and spousal abandonment to help guide you back to the road of happiness.

I also want to refer you to Vikki Stark’s amazing book – ‘Runaway Husbands’. This book was written by a psychologist who was abandoned suddenly by her husband of 21 years!

She knows exactly what you are going through. This book deals with the wife abandonment syndrome; analyzing it and offering you effective ways to heal your broken heart.

Here is another great book you must read by Susan Anderson ‘From Abandonment to Healing‘. Make sure to read both of them AND get the professional help you need, in addition to using this healing meditation. Equip yourself with all the tools you need to thrive through this.

Always remember that just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, that doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you’ve ever imagined.

The sun will shine again. It always does.

Download ‘Overcome Wife Abandonment’ now. You are worth it.

The hidden suggestions to heal the wife abandonment strike

I fully forgive myself for the divorce
I let go of guilt from my heart, mind, and soul
I will rebuild and develop in positive directions
The way my ex left me only betters my life
The way my ex ended our marriage only takes me to better places
I choose to make the most of this divorce
The universe always works for my highest good
I am on my way to wonderful places of genuine love
My heart is healing every day that goes by
I am stronger than ever before
I let go of my ex and look forward to what comes next
I deserve all the best things in the world
I am worthy of respect and appreciation
This divorce empowers me, I am free
I deserve the best
The way I was left reflects my ex’s personality, not mine
The way I was left has to do with my ex’s personal issues
I am moving forward, stronger, confident, and secure
I find in myself the feelings of love, confidence, and protection
I am happy now
My happiness comes from within
I happily release the ex from my heart
I joyfully open my heart to true love
I feel complete now; I am whole

These Exclusive downloads are available to Premium and Ultimate members only (unlimited downloads plans).