Subliminal Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Using Any Willpower

Subliminal Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Using Any Willpower

subliminal weight loss

Subliminal messages might be just the solution you’re looking for your weight loss goals if all of your previous efforts have failed. Let’s explore this a bit further.

You don’t know why it happens. You really put the effort in the last time around, but it didn’t work. And the worst part of it all is: you feel downright wretched that you failed to stay the course, even though you tried your hardest.

Maybe dieting and exercise just isn’t meant for you, you console yourself -you can’t help it!

You resign yourself to eating all the foods you know you should not be eating. You feel really guilty about it… but the craving is stronger than you. The last time you tried to stay away from these foods, you could only last one week before caving in.

You’re not alone. This is a familiar story for millions of people around the world who struggle to achieve weight loss every single day.

That’s why I’ve created the subliminal recording to lose weight – to help you dissolve the mental and emotional blockages that keep you overweight.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how determined you are at the beginning of your diet or detox protocol, you remain destined to crash and burn sooner or later.

Why Can’t We Lose Weight Despite The Endless Information That’s Available To Us?

We know what needs to be done; the information at our disposal. We know all the foods that are good for weight loss, and we know all those that aren’t.

The various workouts and exercises that will get us down to the size we want are widely available to us… and yet all this information can’t help us.

Lots of people struggle with losing weight and keep going for the same crappy food they know will work against their goals, no matter how much they make up their minds to abstain.

You probably have the same problem, and here’s why:

You entertain twisted definitions about food, healthy living, and yourself that stall your weight loss. In other words, your limiting cognitive concepts keep you stuck, trapped, and miserable.

You Go Around With Unhealthy Ideas Like:

  • “Yuck! Healthy food is not tasty.” weight loss subliminal
  • “It’s fun to eat fatty foods.”
  • “Exercise is so boring!”
  • “I enjoy sitting on the couch.”
  • “I’m not as overweight as other people, so I don’t need to start eating healthy.”
  • “My family is overweight, it’s in my genes” etc.

And a lot of these ideas are not even yours – they were fed to you by the media and those who live around you. They were nurtured by the very people who stand to gain by your belief in these concepts.

You learned these thoughts over time and now they form a strong part of your identity, actively shaping the way you think about food. And these patterns are obviously wrong or exaggerated at best.

For example, healthy food can be tasty but the media bombards us at every turn that greasy burgers on white bread buns “are life”!

Exercise is not boring, and you’re not fully enjoying spending the whole day on the couch while gorging down an entire can of ice cream, while feeling guilty about it – if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s normal to try and protect your deeply held views, but for any change to happen, you have to WANT to change. You have to first agree to enable yourself to let go of the grip of this conditioning, which is obviously hurting you.

weight loss meditationThe track contains subliminal messages for weight loss and holds the potential to untie so many knots in your subconscious which are blocking your weight loss desire. But the first step lies with your desire to change.

There is more to that though. False beliefs about food, healthy living, or your capability (“I can’t do it”) are only part of the problem.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a while now, here’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

Subliminal Weight Loss For Emotional Eating

The root causes of weight gain are usually much deeper than a physical addiction to food or specifically to sugar.

Allow me to explain.

Sure, being overweight your tummy is physically larger so you get hungrier and feel the urge to eat more, but that is not the main cause of your overeating.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that one of the strongest reasons why you struggle with weight loss is that you turn to food even when physical hunger is not there.

Sometimes you eat even when your belly actually feels full.

And that’s the problem; the true reason for your weight gain is that you know you don’t need the food, but you reach out for it anyway.
Why is that?

If you’re like most people struggling with weight, you often enough find yourself binge eating on the couch and watching Netflix.

But have you ever asked yourself –

“What exactly am I hungry for?”

“What does this food do for me?”

Finding truthful answers to that question is the first step towards dealing with the root causes of your eating problem.

Instead of fighting your urges (because that obviously doesn’t work), instead of telling yourself that compulsive eating is bad for you (we all know that), try to discover what “good” eating in this manner does for you.

Psychological Reasons You Struggle Losing Weight

Does food serve as some shelter which you can run to? Maybe a survival tactic you developed in your early years of childhood as a form of escape? What does food represent to you?

Face it; you’re addicted to eating because you believe it serves you in some way. It’s a story you tell yourself, so what is that story?

You can also use the subliminal programming for weight loss to reveal real triggers that keep you overweight.

Maybe food calms you and leaves you relaxed. Under what circumstances do you find you have an irresistible urge to eat? What triggers that urge to eat?

Do you run to the fridge whenever you’re unhappy?

Perhaps you prepare a snack whenever you do feel happy and want to reward yourself – maybe because your parents or caregivers rewarded you that way while you were younger?

Maybe your parents got angry whenever you didn’t finish your plate of food, which your brain interpreted as, “I must eat so people will like me”…and you’ve never stopped eating since.

Do you secretly think you need this bodyweight as armor to protect yourself?

Is your weight actually an aware desire to present a certain image and pass across the message, “You don’t want to mess with me?”

Getting to the bottom of these underlying issues are important, and here’s why:

Emotional Hunger Can Never Be Satisfied By Food

Trying to do so will not only fail to fill the void caused by the emotional hunger, but it will also add guilt and shame for eating so much.

What’s more, when you don’t address the underlying emotional problems that lead to your obesity in the first place, no remedy – whether counting calories, eating green salads, and dragging yourself to the gym – is going to last very long.

Sooner or later, your unconscious patterns, which are wired much more strongly than your new motivational spark, will catch up with the new behavior you’re trying to cultivate.

If you want to get results that actually last, you must embrace healthy paradigms about food, exercise – but most importantly about loving yourself as you are.

You need to embrace the fact that you are worthy, even without the weight, that you deserve to feel good about yourself. My subliminal meditation’s purpose is to support you on that journey.

Will Power Is Not The Answer For Weight Loss. It Never Is.

You can’t will yourself to do anything you don’t want to do. On the other hand, when underlying issues are revealed things become easy and you make statements like –

“Oh! That’s why I’ve been escaping to food for the last 25 years! Because that’s how I dealt with stress. But I don’t need to do that anymore. I can find healthier ways to address my worries”.

That’s what subliminal music for weight loss can do for you.

Subliminal Weight Loss Formula

The subliminal audio is designed to help you reveal those emotional root causes of your hunger so that you can address them, and eventually heal them.

You see, when you expose a mystery, you destroy its power over you.

When you practice this type of mind training, you untie those sticky knots in your brain’s wiring. Gradually, you can build new, healthier neural pathways. This weight loss subliminal program can also help you develop a deep desire to explore diet plans that are accurate for you.

Even if you don’t find the right one immediately, you will remain eager to explore until you finally discover the diets or food combinations that are good for your health and that work for you.

Many times these can be more powerful than a burst of motivation which soon fades away. This new mindset, if maintained regularly, will lead to a whole new you.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.