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Ease Your Anxious Mind

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De-stress And Calm Anxiety

Does it feel like your mind is always on the look for something to worry about? Even if things seem to fall into place, do you still find yourself nervous about nonsense?

Worrying over things doesn’t have to be a result of a deep trauma, but just a learned behavior. You may have concluded that being anxious about life events is the only way to react.

Your brain was simply trained to automatically release stress hormones in order to deal with circumstances, even the most simple ones because that the dominant behaviour it has observed. It doesn’t know any other option.

You Are Not Your Conditioning

But this is just your programming. It’s not you. This may be not even YOUR anxiety or YOUR stress. Perhaps you just carry the mentality of the ones who taught you to be anxious, and this approach is not even your baggage.

This powerful subliminal program is designed to ease your anxious mind. It can help you let go, release control, and just enjoy the natural flow of things, turn you from someone who reacts to things to a person who mindfully responds to situations. It can help you perceive life events as less scary than what they truly are.

If the constant anxiety you feel is a symptom of a much deeper cause – such as childhood trauma (or another trauma), then it’s recommended to address the REAL underlying issue. Therefore, I highly encourage you to read these two articles:

1. How to choose the right recordings that deal with my real problems
2. What can I learn from my negative emotions

However, this recording can definitely assist you to manage your symptoms and significantly reduce them, so you can finally experience peace of mind and find joy, instead of worrying about the “what ifs”.

The Affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’)

I allow myself to relax
I feel so peacefully calm
It is safe for me to relax
I feel safe to just ease my mind and unwind
It is safe for me to feel relaxed on a daily basis
I am an emotionally strong person who can relax easily
Life is wonderful; I focus my attention on the good things in life
It is easy for me to focus on positive thoughts
As I remain relaxed, I can deal with anything
I am my own anchor; I can handle anything
I will always feel safe, because I am a relaxed person
Life is meant to feel great
My happiness expands every day; happiness expands within me
It is safe for me to feel peaceful, now, and always
I am comfortable feeling peaceful and relaxed
My mind is wired to feel strong, balanced and grounded
My mind is wired to focus on happy thoughts
It is my nature to feel calm and peaceful
I can deal with anything as my inner peace grows stronger
I feel good about my life
Everything is okay now; everything will always be ok
Everything will always be ok because I have the power to deal with anything

The soundtrack of the video above is coded with powerful subliminal messages.
For maximum results download the original, uncompressed & conversion-free HQ file.

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